Travel Safe: Get Protection and Avoid Digital Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing has been a problem for many cities in the world. It usually happens in a crowded places like on public transportation, tourist attractions, and more. Pickpockets attack these places because it is where most of the disoriented and distracted people are going and staying.

Sometimes, pickpockets work in a group. There are people who distract the victim, and there is another one who executes the attack. However, digital pickpocketing does not happen like the normal pickpocketing we know.

Tips - Digital Pickpocketing

What is Electronic or Digital Pickpocketing

Digital pickpocketing can happen even when you are not in a crowd. You are vulnerable to it still, even if you are keen and alert to your surroundings. Irrelevant if your bags are sealed and shut – you can be a victim of a thief doing digital pickpocketing.

The technology we use to purchase things in a store as we tap our cards on the counter is the same technology behind digital pickpockets. This technology is called RFID. You will know if your card has an RFID if there is a wireless logo printed on it.

The Tech Behind the Crime

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a wireless technology that uses electromagnetic waves to communicate digital data between your card and a reader. When you tap your card, the reader acquires the digital information embedded in it thru RFID – allowing a purchase transaction to happen without any contact.

As the technology improves, RFID card readers become smaller and easier to carry on a hand. Thieves have found ways to configure them not only to be stealthy but capable enough to steal your card’s information, even if it is in your bag.

They could just bring these modified readers near your purse or pockets, and they instantly got your card details – a digital pickpocket has occurred. The thing is, there is no way to sense that a digital pickpocketing attack is already happening to you. Therefore, you should be proactively protecting yourself against it.

Be Safe From Digital Pickpocketing

Your best protection from digital pickpocketing is RFID blocking accessory. Note that it is not only the details from your credit card that could be stolen; your details from your passport too. Here is the list of the products which you can use to safeguard your cards, passports, and other IDs. 

Slim Leather Wallet

  • Smart RFID Protection. It blocks only readers that access your debit and credit cards (13-15MHz signal) and not hotel card keys (125kHz signal). 
  • Minimalist style, small and slim. (Length: 4.4″ Width: 3.1″ Height: 0.1″) 
  • Lightweight. (Weight: 1.05oz)
  • Unisex design. Perfect for all gender.
  • Made from different kinds of leather. A perfect gift for travelers.
  • 8 slots easily load your driver’s license, credit cards, debit cards, and membership cards, making your work and travel more convenient.

Read more details on Amazon.

RFID Blocker Sleeves

  • Lightweight and compact RFID protection solution (best if you already have your wallet)
  • Tear and water-resistant
  • Specially coated paper with a unique conductive layer helps to protect personal information on credit cards up to a frequency range of 13.56 MHZ

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RFID Passport Wallet

  • RFID protection solution for your cards and passport (Best for frequent travelers)
  • Internal zippered pockets.
  • Slim form (Length: 8″ Width: 5.5″ Height: 0.3″)
  • Linear dimension (Length: 13.8″)
  • Lightweight. (Weight: 1.76oz)

Read more details on Amazon.

In Summary…

Over the years, new technologies have made our life more convenient. With just a tap of our cards, we can already purchase food, goods, or any merchandise we want. However, evil-doers exploit these technologies. We should be aware of it as it happens in real life! Having a simple shield for our cards and passports will surely help us avoid being robbed electronically during our travels.

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