Swiss Countryside Photos to Inspire you visit Switzerland

Because I am a person from the province, I have always dreamed of working in the city. All my life before, I am aiming to be in a modern and beautiful office. To be on the highest floor of a tall skyscraper and observe the stunning concrete jungle down below.

That all changed when I finally got a job where we work at the office I dreamed of for years. Although I was happy that I work in a beautiful office, I somehow did not get the exact sensation that I was looking for. In fact, I even felt more stressed working and living in a big city.

Years passed, and so many things happened. I was introduced to traveling. I saw unimaginable places, jaw-dropping natural wonders. In those places, I realized that they are all I need – a refuge from the “real” life we have in our country. Since then, I have never wanted to stop traveling.

Switzerland is one of the countries that I am always looking forward to visiting, particularly the Swiss countryside. Switzerland’s countryside for me is heaven. It has stunning mountains, pristine lakes, photogenic towns, lush meadows, and fairytale castles – everything that defines the paradise in my head.

Countryside of Switzerland

In this blog post, I share with you the photos of the Swiss countryside. These are the photos that keep me inspired to visit Switzerland. I hope they inspire you as well.

If you’re wondering where I got these photos, I bought them together with a package in Canva Pro. It’s a comprehensive resource and a handy tool for expressing your creativity. But yeah, I hope someday I capture these places and things on my own.

Pictures of Swiss Countryside Meadows

Let’s start with the “simplest” and “freest” thing we can do or visit in Switzerland: its alpine meadows. It’s where I can literally spend a day just sitting and strolling.

The grasslands in Switzerland are exceptional. They are nestled in the snow-capped mountains. It’s a place to be for enjoying nature and scenic sights without many people. The best part? It’s free!

There are a plethora of beautiful grasslands in Switzerland. But the most beautiful meadows lie in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Canton of Bern.

View of Lauterbrunnen from the meadows of Wengen, Wengen, Switzerland
View of Lauterbrunnen from the meadows of Wengen

Of all the photos that I’ve seen, this picture of Lauterbrunnen valley from Wengen‘s rolling grasslands captivated me the most. Based on the direction of the sunlight, I can say that this photo was taken during sunrise.

Seeing this photo compels me to visit Wengen. Like, my whole Switzerland trip would not be complete if I’m gonna miss Wengen.

Lauterbrunnen Valley Meadows, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Lauterbrunnen Valley Meadows

Just a train away from Wengen, we can arrive at Lauterbrunnen town located down below the valley. A few minutes of walking from the town center to the south will bring us to the grasslands watered by the waterfalls produced by the thawing snow from the mountains.

The word Lauterbrunnen came from the word “many springs,” which tells about the numerous waterfalls found here. In total, according to, 72 waterfalls can be found in Lauterbrunnen valley. 

Meadows of Murren, Lauterbrunnen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Meadows of Murren

We’ll arrive at a cable car station to another town with spectacular grasslands in Switzerland if we continue walking further south for an hour from Lauterbrunnen. This cable car station (Stechelberg) will lead us to Murren, where the photo from above was taken.

Switzerland Countryside Animals Photos

When we visit the grasslands in Switzerland, we can see animals such as cows and goats too. They are the source of the delicious milk and cheese we drink and eat.

I included their photos here because I haven’t seen anything like Switzerland’s Blackneck goats and Guernsey cows ever in my life.

Goat in Swiss Alps, Switzerland
Goat in Swiss Alps

The cattle, the meadows, and the stunning mountains in the background create a very unusual scene – especially for someone like me who has never been to any alpine environment.

If you’re like me who want to see animals like these when we come to Switzerland, I suggest we visit the towns of Gimmelwald or Zermatt.

Cows in Bernese Oberland, canton of Bern, Switzerland
Cows in Bernese Oberland, canton of Bern

The Cow Culture, the tradition of earning a living by making cheese, is kept alive by the families living in Gimmelwald. From their town center, we can hike for a few kilometers to come where these cows are. They’re freely roaming around in undisturbed, vibrant flowery meadows in the highlands.

Blackneck Goats, Zermatt, Switzerland
Blackneck Goats

The Blackneck goats, however, are seen Zermatt. During summer, they are brought down to the town, and they make a procession led by a shepherd. However, most of the time, goats stay up in the mountains. We can only get a glimpse of these animals by hiking or riding a cable car.

Photos of the Houses in Switzerland’s Countryside

Aside from meadows and the animals, another reason why we must visit the Swiss countryside is the beautiful and quaint townhouses. They simply and primarily make each town extraordinary.

Chalets, Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland
Chalets, Zermatt

Just look at the flower-decked chalets or wooden houses in their towns. If you’re like me, who has seen enough galvanized iron roof sheet houses, chalets like these are already a thing to behold.

Traditional wooden houses, Grimentz, Switzerland
Traditional wooden houses in Grimentz

These wooded houses will surely make you feel that you’re in a medieval movie or fairytale. They will give you a throwback experience in the 15th to 18th century when life could be so simple and peaceful. We can find most of the wooden houses in the towns within the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais

Countryside houses in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland
Countryside houses in the Canton of Ticino

However, there are also houses made from bricks and stones in the Swiss countryside. Look at this photo of a village in the Canton of Ticino. They look like the houses that came straight out of a movie featuring middle ages legends and stories.

Swiss Countryside Chapels Photos

Christianity is the identity of Europe that we can observe even from its smallest town. Almost every city, town, or village in Europe has its own church or chapel.

In some parts of Switzerland’s countryside, chapels are constructed at the most scenic portion of their town. They made sure that anyone who will go to these chapels and pray will see the peaceful views.

Intentionally or not, the spots where these chapels were constructed will surely help the faithful find inner peace and some quiet moments to commune with God.

Tous les Saints Chapel, Sion, canton of Valais, Switzerland
Tous les Saints Chapel in Sion

Tous Les Saints is the first chapel I discovered in Switzerland when I started exploring Switzerland using my laptop. It is already 700 years old by now. You can check my plan on how to visit Sion and Tous Les Saints from my previous post. 

Chapel in Bettmeralp, Switzerland
Chapel in Bettmeralp

Then, when I created my list of 15 towns in the Swiss Alps, I learned that Bettmeralp has a picturesque chapel situated on a small hill overlooking a valley. The chapel also has magnificent views of the Bernese Oberland from the south.  

Chapelle de la Motta, Bulle, Gruyere, canton of Fribourg, Switzerland
Chapelle de la Motta

And oh, check out this Instagrammable Chapelle de la Motta in Bulle, Gruyere. The two trees beside the chapel and the chapel are so dramatic. 

But wait until you see the castles have their own chapel. These castles are really compelling to see and visit. Not only are they historic and Instagrammable, but they are also the realization of your fairytale fantasy.

Castles in Swiss Countryside Pictures

Most of the books we read when we were kids, the literature we studied during high school… they say something about castles.

Let’s also mention the fantasy movies that we watch now… they too incorporate castles into their stories.

That is why castles, for us, are so magical, historic, and charming. They are a thing from the past that we will always be curious about.

Coming to Switzerland can satisfy our curiosity about the castles. It will also make us feel that we’re a kid again – our human nature suppressed by our age and adult responsibilities.

Schloss Oberhofen, Switzerland
Schloss Oberhofen

Oberhofen Castle touches Lake Thunersee with its tower. It is a very Instagrammable thing you must not miss taking photographs. Then, on the other side of Lake Thunersee, you can find another castle built in the town of Spiez. 

Switzerland has many castles. But the Oberhofen Castle near Thun really makes an appeal to me. You can know more about Oberhofen castle from my list of things to do in Thun.

Schloss Spiez, Switzerland
Schloss Spiez

Spiez and Oberhofen castle looks very similar. Their main towers are rectangular, and they tend to have pointed roofs. If you want to see another castle dissimilar to Spiez or Oberhofen Castle, you can try Stockalper Castle.

Stockalper schloss, Brig, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Stockalper Schloss in Brig

Stockalper Castle was built in Brig during the mid-17th-century. It was the “largest” private construction in Switzerland during that time. The teardrop-shaped perhaps is the most unique part of this castle.

You might also want to check Stockalper Palace in Brig, its courtyard is pretty Instagrammable! Check it out in my other post about things to do in Brig.

Lastly, if you want to see the most visited castle in Switzerland, you must check my post about The 10 Best Reasons Why Visit Montreux. There, you will discover another castle called Chillon Castle. Similar to Oberhofen, it sits by the lake, as well.

Pics of Beautiful Lakes In Swiss Countryside

In the previous section, we see Oberhofen Castle was built just beside the lake. It became a landmark that permanently turned Lake Thunersee much more beautiful and photogenic.

But actually, the lakes in Switzerland are naturally beautiful. Especially those that are situated in the mountains.

One that we must see is Lake Oeschinensee near Kandersteg in the Canton of Bern. If we come at the right time and in the right weather, we can see this exact heavenly scenery.

Oeschinensee, Kandersteg, Bern, Switzerland

Lake Oeschinensee is just indescribable when it reflects the towering mountains. If photos don’t give justice to actual scenery, how much awe can the Lake Oeschinensee give in person?

Bachalpsee, Grindelwald , Switzerland

Another beautiful lake that will truly inspire you to visit Switzerland is Lake Bachalpsee in Grindelwald. Situated at a higher altitude, it gives an ethereal view of the nearby peaks reflected by its waters.

Riffelsee, Zermatt, Switzerland

Ultimately, we must not skip seeing the lake that reflects the most beautiful mountain peak in Switzerland. From the town of Zermatt, we can see Lake Riffelsee reflecting the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn – the Toblerone.

Photos of The Mountains in the Countryside of Switzerland

From the previous section, we saw photos of the lakes in Switzerland that reflect the mighty mountains. Now, we then appreciate the beautiful mountains seen from the towns in the Swiss countryside.

Actually, whenever I heard Switzerland, the first thing that comes into my mind is the snow-capped mountains. I really love the mountains, and they are my primary inspiration for all the places I’ve been to, and I’m looking forward to visiting.

Switzerland’s southern territory is full of mountains… or AWE-INSPIRING mountains. In fact, I cannot decide which mountains are to include here. They are all beautiful, so I just picked random photos.

View of Wetterhorn from Grindelwald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
View of Wetterhorn from Grindelwald

Wetterhorn is the first mountain that I want to share with you. Look at that almost 90-degree incline! You can see this mountain from Grindelwald. Its shape and size make it look like a titan rising from the ground.

View of Jungfrau Mountain Range in Mannlichen, Wengen, Switzerland
View of Jungfrau Mountain Range in Mannlichen

From Grindelwald, we can take a cable car to Mannlichen to see the mountains shown in the image above. There, in Mannlichen, we can see the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau facing south.

Mannlichen is also accessible from Wengen. The travel time from Wengen to Mannlichen is much shorter compared if you’re coming from Grindelwald.

View of Matterhorn from Zermatt, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
View of Matterhorn from Zermatt

This section will not pass without mentioning Matterhorn. Yes, it is the icon of Switzerland, present in the logo of the ever delicious Toblerone chocolate. It’s just funny that I did not immediately recognize Matterhorn on Toblerone’s logo (even if I’ve eaten Toblerone hundreds of times already).

Regardless, Matterhorn is really a natural wonder. It baffles me every time I look at it, wondering how it was formed. This magnificent mountain can be directly seen from Zermatt, located in the canton of Valais.

Photographs of Swiss Countryside Trains

One of the most amazing things about Switzerland is its network of trains. It’s advanced, scenic and it goes both above and under the mountain.

However, their trains are not created equal! Some are faster than others, some are more modern. But what you must see is the nostalgic steam train that passes the countryside towns in Switzerland.

Train in the Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland
Train in the Canton of Graubunden

These quaint trains fit with the picturesque view of Switzerland meadows, and of course, the houses in their countryside. For me, these three plus the scenic view of the mountains are enough to complete my whole trip to Switzerland.

Steam Train, Furka-Bergstreck, Obergoms, Switzerland
Steam Train

There are three places I know where we can get an epic throwback train ride. The first is in Oberwald in the canton of Valais. The second is in Realp in the canton of Uri. These two towns are connected by the steam train that I am talking about.

The steam train creates a loud hissing noise and locomotive’s rhythmic noise, reminiscent of life during the first industrial revolution. It’s the sound of the train and the scenic locations it will be passing that will really make the whole train ride fantastic!

Historic Train, Davos, Switzerland
Historic Train, Davos

Davos is the third town I know where we can get a memorable train ride. Though the train is modernized, the path it takes makes the whole ride experience worth it. 

Just look at the bridge where the train passes through. Somehow it also gives a throwback feel because of the stone arches underneath. It is a marvel of early engineering – a sight to behold.

Pictures of Epic Roadtrip in Swiss Countryside

The progress of a nation is defined by the kind of public transportation it has. In Switzerland, there are countryside towns which the trains can reach while cars can’t. Though some instances are intentional, it is truly astounding that every corner of Switzerland is accessible by public transportation.

However, we cannot neglect the roads in Switzerland. In fact, they can give us one of the most scenic drives we can ever have in our entire life. (I literally spent hours watching videos of scenic drives in Switzerland, and I can really say that these roads are exceptional!)

If we have the fortune, a road trip to the Swiss countryside could be one of the best things that we can do in Switzerland. Just in my opinion!

Furka Pass, Switzerland
Furka Pass

The passes in the Swiss Alps are truly wondrous – and they’re really breathtaking! One that we must not miss is the Furka Pass that starts from Oberwald. Driving Furka pass will let us visit the Rhone Glacier and the iconic Hotel Belvédère. 

St. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland
St. Gotthard Pass

Another road that will really make our eyes shine while driving is the Saint Gotthard Pass. Here we will come across the most dramatic curves, tunnels, and bridges in Switzerland. The zigzag roads will let people on both sides of the car enjoy the scenic views on the way to our next destination.

Grimsel Pass, Switzerland
Grimsel Pass

Ultimately, the Grimsel Pass. It is the only direct road that connects the canton of Bern and the canton of Valais. What makes it so compelling to visit is that it traverses the Bernese Alps – and you know what it means! Spectacular views of the peaks of the alps.

Switzerland’s Countryside Towns Center Pictures

Well… at the end of the day, after exploring the meadows, roads, mountains, and lakes in the Swiss countryside, our last destination will always be the towns. It is where we will be recharging our bodies for another day of travel. Dinner, hotels, spa, what else?

Lauterbrunnen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland
Leukerbad, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Town Center, Zermatt, Canton of Valais, Switzerland
Town Center, Zermatt

But, actually, I just realized that the town center should be the first place that we should explore when we visit the Swiss countryside. I know that it’s hard to resist the feeling “I must be visiting the spectacular far-flung destinations already,” but you know:

  • The countryside towns like Lauterbrunnen and Leukerbad are already beautiful… the touch of nature from these towns is inevitable to see. Besides, we don’t skip the town centers, even if we are pure-breed nature lovers. Based on my experience, there could be things that will really surprise us when we discover them.
  • The countryside towns could be busy, but they’re lovely, colorful, and full of life. Look at Zermatt in the photo below. The flags, the flower-decked chalets, merchandise, and people… they give me a sense of excitement that there is really something to see here. Excitement is an incredible feeling that we always need when we are traveling.

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Swiss Countryside
Swiss Countryside

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