Best Sources of Travel Inspiration: Inspiring & Meaningful

Have you ever come across an inspiring travel vlog on Youtube that made you smile or has almost made you cry in your search for any travel inspiration? At the back of your mind, there was a twitching thought that told you to travel as well, right?

Because of that vlog, I know you wished to be enjoying yourself as well. You wanted to feel better or be distracted away from all the negativities. You poor thing, I know life has been pushing you to your limits lately. Stressful work, relationship problems, anxiety attacks – they keep coming.

Inspiration - Sources of Travel Inspiration

Traveling, I believe, can help you overcome these challenges. It makes you grow, mature, and become stronger. It helps you discover your strengths and know who you are.

I bet the words I mentioned above are words you heard from those travel vlogs, aren’t they? Other travelers and their travel vlogs are our travel inspirations nowadays – as they share stories we can relate to, adventures we want to experience, and delight or growth we desire to have.

Yet, we have other sources of travel inspiration. Some of these sources of inspiration for travel bring even more value and meaning than just being happy and pleased. I listed 7 of them below:

Social Media

Yes, this is the most common place where travel inspiration exists. It has all sorts of inspiration to travel, yet what you’ll find here is mostly superficial. Usually, the contents you’ll see here are just pictures and videos of people having fun and enjoying their lives. Some just share content to flex their lifestyle and adventures but do not mean a thing or do not blow a meaningful impact.

Well, I do not generalize completely. There are few people and entities sharing content about places and experiences for a cause. The causes I regularly see are the ones that provide awareness for environmental issues, support local tourism industries, and promote the beauty of a culture or place.

I urge you to follow accounts that work for the three causes I mentioned because they are the ones that shall give you more value for your travels. Top 3 social media platforms you can get travel inspiration: PinterestYoutubeInstagram.

Vlogs & Blogs

Vloggers and bloggers are usually the people from social media who give more value to your travels. They share videos and written content containing epic views and stories that lure us to travel.

Elina Osborne and her PCT videos inspired me the most of all the vloggers out there. If you like the mountains too, her storytelling about her realizations on the trail will make your eyes teary. People like her give me the inspiration to travel.

Not only do these shows or bloggers and vloggers tell stories, but they also explain and give tips that should help you in your travels. They share their first-hand experiences in their blogs and videos with the locals, in the wilds, in the city. These will help you gain ideas on how you’ll make your travels worthwhile and successful.

I like watching vlogs because they are like mini-movies or mini-documentaries. And they directly show the beauty of a destination. Besides, they entertain us with different kinds of a gimmick which, sometimes, are truly fascinating.

Vlogs to Watch

  1. Drew Binsky
  2. Ankit Bhatia
  3. Vagabrothers

Blogs to Read

  1. Bucketlistly
  2. The Poor Traveler
  3. Nomadic Matt


Unlike vlogs, movies could be our travel inspiration even if they are not about or made for travel. Movies are mixtures of stories and visuals that touch us and carry us away – this is why they make us crave to travel and have adventures.

Films visually give us ideas. Ideas of experiences that we want to turn into stories of our own. Intimate and adventurous experiences; are the ones that add value to our lives. Something that is not just amusement or fun. Moments that stay as memories – the ones we could cherish when we are old and when our hair is gray.

After watching a movie, I know you have also asked yourself: What does it feel like to be the person in the film? What is the feeling of being at the extreme and overcoming challenges? Or, falling in love with the “special” person at the front of the magnificent sight?

Recommended Movies

Into The Wild

“This is one of my all-time favorite movie based on true events. It has so much spiritual significance to it, this should not be missed. Even without any dialogue, there are many beautiful scenes in this movie, accompanied by a powerful soundtrack. The beauty of nature and freedom of being lost in it is captivating and beyond words. Being deep in the Colorado Rockies, I know this feeling from experience, and it has brought me to blissful tears on many occasions.” – Just Jimmy (Review from Amazon)

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A Good Year

“A wonderful story highly applicable in our workaholic society that reminds us of what’s important in life. Russel Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney, Didier Bourdon and the rest of the primary cast will make you believe. No special effects, no animation. Just tremendous storytelling as we discover what we’ve become often leaves behind the joy of life we once knew, but can rediscover. Makes me cry tears of joy everytime.” – Jon R. Wallace (Review from Amazon)

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Lost In Translation

“A wonderful story highly applicable in our workaholic society that reminds us of what’s important in life. Russel Crowe, Marion Cotillard, Albert Finney, Didier Bourdon and the rest of the primary cast will make you believe. No special effects, no animation. Just tremendous storytelling as we discover what we’ve become often leaves behind the joy of life we once knew, but can rediscover. Makes me cry tears of joy everytime.” – Jon R. Wallace (Review from Amazon)

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Books – they exactly tell you what the character feels. It is my favorite source of inspiration for traveling (well, it ties with the songs) because they narrate all the happenings occurring to the person in the story. Books tell what does the person sees and feel.

One caveat that reading books give is that you need to be imaginative. However, it does not really matter – especially if it is the emotion, impression, or realization from the travels of a character are that we seek.

Of all the travel books (or ebooks) I’ve read, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is what I would always recommend to everyone. Because, in my opinion, it is the book that defines the real encounters and meaning of traveling – that is, finding our personal legend.

Books to Read

The Alchemist

“To put it simply, this book changed my life. The author is overtly religious, and even though I am not, I admire the messages of this story in my own way. I think that this book would have had a profound influence on me no matter what state (good or bad) my life was in when I read it, and I would recommend it to anyone. There were many parts that I read over two or three times — not because I didn’t understand, but I was so amazed that I found myself wanting to experience a passage again.

The vendor that I purchased from, Bullet’s’ Bonanza’s, was extremely kind and professional, including a personal note in the package. I would gladly do business with them again.” – Kayleen Brady (Review from Amazon)

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A Woman Alone

“This book was just as it states, travel tales. Most of the tales involved the people and places the women experienced. The book didn’t claim to be a travel guide or a compilation of funny tales, but failed. It was a story of what can happen to the average traveler if she opens her heart to experiences. The stories exposed me to sites off the beaten path, and places ignored on the beaten path.

I loved the “I’m going to try it just because it’s there.” attitude most of the women had. Then once in the process of their adventures self-doubts came into play, but they continued on anyway. I also liked the fact that many discussed that traveling alone isn’t always a natural act. Many times the women were self-conscious or aware of their unique solo travel arrangements.

It was fun to read a story or two before drifting off to sleep with the wonders of different cultures and places in my thoughts.” – Legend of a Cow Girl (Review from Amazon)

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The Art of Travel

“I loved this book. A great mix of philosophy and humor. There are some parts that were a bit boring but once I reached the end, I couldn’t help but start over again. I’m going through with a highlighter this time because there are so many special passages that just made me stop and marvel. Perfect travel companion!” – Amber Boop (Review from Amazon)

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Perhaps this is the easiest and the most accessible travel inspiration we can use every day to avoid losing our desire for traveling. Wherever we go, or whenever we want to, we got music to spark the wanderlust within us. Well, how does it happen?

Do you remember that rainy day when you are going home from work? You are on a bus sitting in a window seat and listening to slow music while staring outside blankly. Yet deep inside, you daydream that you are the character in a music video of the song you listen to.

That is how music could inspire you to travel! Music triggers your imagination. It is the heat that kindles or rekindles the flame of your passion for travel.

Secondly, we all know that songs are inspired compositions. They could be a story, a message for someone, etc.

When we listen to the lyrics, we gather the pieces of the artist’s inspiration. Then as we hear its melody, we allow the artist’s feelings to come inside us. Together with the lyrics and melody, songs move us to make something happen.

If the song is about making memories in a beautiful place and you want to make more memories, listening to the music shall play the potential to increase your desire to travel. Below is a sample of a travel song that I always listen to. It is one of the travel songs I have been listening to for years now.

Friends & Family

If you have a friend or a family member who is traveling, well, it’s now the time to make a cup of coffee, sit, and talk to them as you both listen to your favorite travel songs in the background; and if they away chat them or send an email. They are one of the most dependable sources of travel inspiration.

What makes them different from travel bloggers and vloggers is that they can answer your travel questions immediately when you ask them. They would also give you warmer advice compared to the strangers out there on the internet. Besides, when you contact them, they could be your free personal guide to where they are traveling.


Local events could be another source of your travel inspiration. These events could be a program prepared by foreign and local governments served in your city or neighborhood, a launch of a travel-based initiative, or other conventions that are related to the tourism industry.

Events could give you the inspiration to travel by showing you new places in their campaigns. Probably they would invite you to discover this and that, like food, experience, and culture.

Moreover, what’s great about attending events is that when you have no friends or family members who like traveling, you can meet other people who do. You can make them your friends or your travel buddies if you find them trustworthy. Converse and talk with them.


Ultimately, it is the story that initiates the start of another story. The stories that we see from the vlog, the song, the movie, and our friends; the story that hides in the photos we see on social media; the story that we read in our books and blogs – are the elements that inspire us to travel and make our own story of adventure.

We would want to know things we will do on travel. We would desire to be curious about how it could affect us as a person. We know that we seek growth; we crave meaning, satisfaction, and happiness – and that’s the main reason we look for inspiration to travel.

With these travel inspiration(s) fueling our wanderlust, we became more enthusiastic and decided to book that ticket and fly to those beautiful places. Places that we know we will enjoy. The enjoyment which will make us happy.

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Sources of Travel Inspiration
Sources of Travel Inspiration

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