Zurich Switzerland: 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zurich

Zurich, the largest city and financial center of one of the most expensive countries in the world – is it worth visiting? 

In summary, I think:

Yes, Zurich is worth visiting as it has a plethora of museums, history-filled streets, and city events in which you can learn so much about the culture of Switzerland. Ecstatic nightlife and mouth-watering cuisine shall be a portion of the overall experience in Zurich too. However, if you’re mainly looking for phenomenal natural sceneries, better go straight to the Swiss Alps instead.

Actually, it’s hard to describe Zurich in just one paragraph and use that paragraph as a basis if to visit Zurich or not. This is why I give you a list of 15 reasons why to visit Zurich you will find below. 

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With over 400,000 residents, Zurich is considered one of Switzerland’s major cities, alongside Basel, Bern, and Geneva. Often, travelers start their journey from Basel and Geneva, but Zurich usually gets the spot.

Zurich is chosen as the starting point of a trip to Switzerland because of its numerous flight connections overseas and train links to other European cities. Its proximity and direct train ride to Lucerne, a charming and scenic town in the Swiss Alps, is a relevant factor too.

Actually, other travelers, even I, recommend that if you’re planning to visit Switzerland in a short time, it’s better to skip the cities and go directly to the Swiss Alps. Needless to say, the views there are “heaven,” and it’s just the best you can see or experience in Switzerland.

However, that does not mean that you should skip seeing the rest of Zurich and head straight to the mountains as soon as you arrive in Switzerland. It’s not always the case. 

One situation is if you have plenty of time and money. Second, if you love doing things or the reasons to be in Zurich. So, without further ado, here are the 15 reasons why you should visit Zurich:

  1. Zurich’s Numerous and Interesting Museums
  2. Parks and The Beautiful Views of Lake Zurich
  3. Scenic Views From Uetliberg (Zurich’s Mountain)
  4. Lindenhof & The Old Town Zurich
  5. Zurich’s Gorgeous Churches
  6. The Fun Festivals in Zurich
  7. Fun and Beating nightlife in Zurich
  8. The Cuisine and Restaurants in Zurich
  9. One of the Best Shopping Experiences in Switzerland
  10. Zurich’s Charm and the Little Things You Can Discover
  11. Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zurich
  12. Family Fun at Zurich’s Zoo
  13. More things to Do in Lake Zurich
  14. Zurich is Irresistibly Instagrammable
  15. Zurich Has Easy Access to The Best Destinations in Switzerland

There are literally tens of activities in Zurich. It’s a relatively large city, and it offers many-to-mention experiences, even though not as big as New York or Paris. But the 15 reasons below are the main ones that will compel you to come to Zurich.

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Reason 1 | Zurich’s Numerous and Interesting Museums

There are no cities in Switzerland where you can find as many museums and galleries as Zurich. It has more than 100 museums to introduce and give you comprehensive insights into the life of every Swiss.

The tremendous amount of learning and fascinating new discoveries home in these museums are reasons to visit Zurich. See a wide range of collections, from art to photography, design to architecture, culture, history, and science! 

In the old town of Zurich alone, you can go museum-hopping with the 20 museums. It seems they’re just located on every other street! Zurich will look like a “utopia” if you are a museum-type traveler.

Overall, there are 69 museums in the modern city. The rest are located in the Zurich region, 10 to 30 minutes away from the city center. However, there are three museums in Zurich I recommend. They are the Swiss National Museum, the Wow Museum, and Kunsthaus Zürich.

The Swiss National Museum is just the place to be if it’s learning about everything about Swiss history and the people you want. Check out the artifacts dating back to the founding of the first Swiss civilization, collections of items showcasing the ingenuity and craft of Swiss people, and more!

If you brought your kids or want to unleash the kid inside you, try visiting the Wow Museum. It’s a fascinating place full of illusions, and surely you’ll get fun perceiving things that trick the mind. It’s not only about fun but also topics about virtuality and diversity.

Lastly, Kunsthaus Zürich. It is a haven for art enthusiasts in Zurich and home to more than 100,000 artworks ranging from paintings to sculptures, prints to drawings. Though it emphasizes Classical Modernism, some of the artworks in the Kunsthaus Zürich date to different ages, with the 13th century as the earliest.

Reason 2 | Parks and The Beautiful Views of Lake Zurich

Two factors that make a city beautiful are the blue and green spaces where locals and travelers can relax. In the case of Zurich, yes, the city has them, and these open areas are one of the good and inviting things here. 

Though Zurich is considered a pricey destination, you can always take advantage of these free-entry parks and gardens. Like, instead of eating in an expensive restaurant, have a lovely picnic as you enjoy the surrounding sceneries of trees, rivers, and a lake.

Some parks are situated near Zurich’s main attractions. One of them is Platzspitz Park, located just beside the Swiss National Museum. After hours of exploring the museum, you can grab your snacks out of your bag, then eat and relax right away in the park’s lovely spots.

Rechberg is another park situated just beside a primary tourist attraction in Zurich, which is the Kunsthaus. Compared to Platzspitz, Rechberg looks more elegant thanks to the Baroque design of the garden. Again, if you’re planning to have a picnic, this can be a better choice.

Well, if you’re gonna ask me which park within Zurich city center I like the most, I’d definitely choose Lake Promenade. It has a lovely beachcolorful flowers during summer, and a pleasant view of the Alps. Have a stroll with wild swans or just sit on the grass and watch the glittering Zurich Lake – it’s really refreshing!

Sometimes you can encounter street artists performing or inline skaters gliding fast along the paved path. That’s free entertainment, yeah!? 

Reason 3 | Scenic Views From Uetliberg (Zurich’s Mountain)

What is to see in Switzerland in a day? If you are choosing between Switzerland’s primary cities, no doubt, it’s Zurich! It’s a bundle of cultural discovery and lovely scenic views.

Not only is Zurich blessed with a picturesque lake but also a mountain of its own. Rising up to 870 meters (2,850 feet), mount Uetliberg lets you have an overlooking view of the entire Zurich. The sceneries include Lake Zurich, reaching as far as the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps to the south.

I think the view from Uetliberg is just a reason to be in Zurich, particularly when you only have a little time in Switzerland. Apparently, Uetliberg is just an advantage of Zurich over other cities in terms of tourism. Together with Lake Zurich, Uetliberg makes it effortless for them to get a glimpse of relaxing nature.

Getting to Mount Uetliberg is simple. There are some hiking trails to access the peak. Nevertheless, you can always take the train straight from the city center if you have no time to hike. 

Though the sea of clouds does not frequently happen from low-elevation peaks, you can still witness this spectacle from Uetliberg if you’re lucky. The view above the clouds is awe-inspiring, and it tends to make everyone who’s beholding it they’re in heaven. 

Anyhow, captivating sceneries from the top of Uetliberg are also present during the afternoon and sunsets. It’s really romantic, though. If I were you, I do not forget to include Uetliberg on my Zurich itinerary.

Reason 4 | Lindenhof & The Old Town Zurich

You do not have to leave Zurich city center and go to Uetliberg to see panoramic views. Right in the heart of Zurich, in a part of the old town called Lindennhof, there are already shutter-presser sights to behold. For me, it’s another part of Zurich that makes it worth a visit.

The Lindenhof park perched on a hill west of the Limmat river is an “overlooking” vantage point for the old town (“Altstadt”) Zurich. It’s a lovely park with trees and benches to allow you to relax after strolling in Altstadt and its museums.

It can be touristy at times, especially during peak season. If you’re a photographer who wants to capture the best views of Altstadt or a traveler who wants peaceful moments, I suggest coming at sunrise time. Depending on the weather, mists haven’t left the city during sunrise, giving a magical view of the surrounding.

What’s cool about Lindenhof park?

You can encounter locals playing chess in the park. It’s not an ordinary chess game, though. The chess pieces are lifesize, and you really have to move your body to play it. Well, you can play or just watch others play. 

Sometimes, it is these encounters that make city travel so fascinating. When we discover little but specific details about a city, we spark more wanderlust within us. Have you felt it before, too?

By the way, Lindenhof park is just a 5-minute walk from the WOW museum. After playing around in the museum, I think Lindenhof park is the best place to visit next to rest and relax.

Reason 5 | Zurich’s 11-to-12-Centuries Old Churches

Yes, I know, Europe is loaded with gorgeous churches, and some are far more beautiful than Switzerland’s. But, if the churches are concerned about finding which city in Switzerland you must visit, Zurich definitely has the edge. 

There are 15 known churches in Zurich. However, there are 4 churches that I think are notable enough to be a reason to visit Zurich. 

The “Great Minster” or Grossmünster is the first church I’ll mention for being Zurich’s primary landmark. It is a 12th-century reformed church you can see as you stroll along the Limmat river.

Legends tell us Grossmünster was built over the graves of Saint Felix and Saint Regula, the patron saint of Zurich. Its two spectacularly designed spires can be seen from a distance.

Centuries-old churches are impressive, especially when we think that some are older even than some other nations in other parts of the world. Agree? 🙂

Frankly, it seems there’s not much special about Grossmunster aside from being Zurich’s landmark and its iconic twin towers. But you can climb one of its towers to see a breathtaking view of Zurich.

From Grossmünster across Limmat River lies another notable church, called Fraumünster. It is one of the structures along the Limmat River that makes Zurich a very picturesque city. If it’s sunny and the Limmat River is calm, you can see this church and its pointy spire’s inverted reflection on the water. 

North of Fraumünster, we can find the church of Saint Peter, a church with foundations dating back to the 9th century. It’s another remarkable church and the oldest in Zurich, made well-known by its massive clock face tower. Saint Peter Church’s clock face, with a diameter of 8.7 meters, is the largest in Europe – how awesome is that?!

If you plan to do church-hunting in Zurich, be sure not to forget to visit Enge Church. This church, perched on top of moraine hill, is considered an architectural marvel in Zurich, manifesting the city’s 19th-century liberal Protestantism

From the mosaic and wooden floors to the dome above, its overwhelming elegance is a thing you must see. In my perspective, it seems like a church and a castle combined. It’s no doubt why people regard it as the most significant Neo-Renaissance church in Switzerland.

Reason 6 | The Fun Festivals in Zurich

Despite the influence of globalization and the advancement of modern technology, culture is still one of the most attractive features of Europe. Zurich, settled for over 2,000 years, has developed its own culture, and it is not only engraved in the city’s structures. 

You can see and personally experience Zurich’s culture from 30+ events happening throughout the year (February to December). These events are the fun festivals, parades, and exhibitions which I think are reasons to visit Zurich.

Frankly, I think the culture has evolved. Some have stayed and preserved… but the newer cultural events are just more fun.

If you’re planning to visit Switzerland and you’re thinking of starting your trip from Zurich, you can set the dates in line with these festivals. Indeed, the events will add to the overall fun you can get from Switzerland. 

You can see all the events in Zurich, their dates, and other information from the city’s official website. However, there are three events in Zurich which I think you’ll love to see the most. They are ZüriCarnevalStreet Parade, and Sechseläuten

The first I’ll mention is ZüriCarneval (Zurich Carnival), a high-spirited, colorful, and musical event portraying different cultures (often European) in carnival style. It’s best to catch the event if you’re traveling with kids. They will surely love the lively parade of people in a costume accompanied by bands playing musical instruments. 

ZüriCarneval usually occurs in late winter or early spring but depends on the local/global situation. It was supposed to happen last March 4 – 6, 2022, but thanks (sarcastic) to the pandemic, it was postponed. Check the ZuriCarneval’s webpage for more information.

Another event happens in Zurich during Spring. It is called Sechseläuten, which means “The six o’clock ringing of the bells” in English. This time, it’s all about an authentic Swiss tradition celebrated in Zurich on the 3rd Monday of April. The city has been celebrating the festival since the early 20th century.

Among all the events in Zurich, the most enjoyable event to experience is the Street Parade. It is the world’s largest techno party, and the vibes in this event are super fun and crazy!

During the Street Parade, the streets of Zurich and Lake Zurich’s basin get filled with people – all dancing and partying! Usually, organizers build 7+ party stages where hundreds of DJs mix and play epic electronic music. It happens every summer – check Street Parade’s official website for announcements and exact information.

Reason 7 | Fun and Beating nightlife in Zurich

No – wild partying does not only happen in Zurich during its Street Parade. Actually, it happens every night! And if you want to feed the party beast inside you, then it’s visiting Zurich you must try! 

Honestly, it’s hard to believe that Zurich has epic nightlife, particularly during the day when it is the medieval and adorable city attractions you mostly see. Did you know that Zurich has more bars per capita than any other city in Europe?

Zurich Tourism recommends 230+ bars and nightclubs you can choose from. Find what fits your vibe, personality, or trip! The choices range from traditional to cool & trendy, cozy to lively, cultural to LGBTQ+*, and more!

Itching to dance and party all night? Zurich clubs and discos hype all kinds of people of all generations. Some are playing Jazz, Latin, house, hip-hop, rock, party beats, and more!

Join an ecstatic night with live music playing in different venues in Zurich. The city is also known for its concert culture, and I think it’s a reason to visit Zurich! My type? Helsinki – it’s chill, open, laid-back, and plays alternative music.

If you’re undecided about which club/bar is to visit or if you ever want to do bar hopping, you can try visiting Niederdorf, Langstrasse, and Zurich west. It’s here you’ll get some kind of real modern city vibe, contrasting to Zurich’s district 1 (old town).

Although Switzerland is considered one of the safest countries, Zurich is generally safe – I still remind you to take care of yourself and your belongings when you visit these nightlife districts. Just don’t forget to keep an amount of common sense in you before you drink the liquours!

Reason 8 | The Cuisine and Restaurants in Zurich

Another reason to visit Zurich is the countless restaurants/takeaways/delivery you can find in the city. You can find tens of hundreds of restaurants in Zurich; people who travel for food are bound to satisfaction! Tourists with a limited diet (vegetarian, etc.) will find Zurich a friendly destination for its wide range of food choices. 

Of the restaurants in Zurich, more than 350 are recommended by the tourism office. You can expect them to offer you a quality meal! But when we speak of dining experience, as of 2022, you can find 11 restaurants in Zurich rated 1 to 2 Michelin stars.

A third of Zurich Tourism recommended restaurants serve Swiss specialties like Raclette and Fondue. More than 50 of them offer Italian dishes, another 50 for the Mediterranean meals. Zurich has a considerable number of Asian restaurants too!

Most importantly, if you’re vegetarian and vegan, Zurich has 20+ restaurants you can select from. 

Tip, you must not restrict yourself from looking for restaurants within Zurich’s old town. There is a lot you can try in other districts of Zurich, and they won’t disappoint you as well! Google Maps and Tripadvisor have reviews and ratings by actual customers to help you decide where to eat. 

Reason 9 | One of the Best Shopping Experiences in Switzerland

Fashionistas, rich kids, and travelers who love to shop for souvenirs and gifts shall enjoy Zurich as much foodies will do. Zurich has almost everything, from luxury stores to flea markets! It’s cliche, but Zurich is definitely a shopper’s paradise we can consider – and I think it’s enough to be a reason to visit Zurich.

Though Zurich is known for high-end shopping, it does not mean that average travelers like me can’t enjoy the fancy shopping districts of the city. Of course, we can always window shop or admire the city’s glamorous vibe.

Sometimes it may feel that there’s a need to dress up to the max before we can walk around the city’s expensive districts. Zurich is Switzerland’s most luxurious city after all, but according to Switzerland Insider, most people don’t care if you wear expensive clothes. The important thing is to be yourself or make yourself look decent.

Bahnhofstrasse is one of the districts that I’m about. It’s not only Switzerland’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenue but perhaps of the entire continent! Sophisticated shops and high-end brands are here, like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Rolex, Versace, etc.

Together with boutiques, jewelry shops, and art galleries are cozy cafes you can rest when you get tired of wandering or shopping around. Bahnhofstrasse starts from Bahnhofplatz (“Station Square”) and ends at Burkliplatz on Lake Zurich. The avenue stretches for 1.4 kilometers, and strolling from one end to another takes 20 to 30 minutes.

If you’re tight on budget, you can still find affordable souvenirs at the end of Bahnhofstrasse at Burkliplatz flea market. Items on sale vary from antiques to electronics, men’s clothes to women’s accessories. However, the flea market is only present every Saturday from May through November.

Ultimately, Bahnhofstrasse and Burkliplatz flea market aren’t the only two you can shop until you drop. Zurich has 11 more department stores and shopping malls. All the things you’ll need before you leave Zurich either to go home or to the rest of Switzerland should be available in this city.

Reason 10 | Zurich’s Charm and the Little Things You Can Discover

Personally, I like nature travel more than city travel. But you know, the cities can be full of surprises. And honestly, to me, it’s those things that make traveling to the city so exciting.

Zurich is no exemption. Being the largest city in Switzerland, you can find new discoveries not written in most guides! In my perspective, I believe those things are a reason to be in Zurich. 

One of the things you may see surprising in Zurich is Fraumunster. Outside, Fraumunster looks like just an ordinary historical attraction in Zurich. But it is not the case anymore once you get in.

I must mention the mini-courtyard between Fraumunster and Stadthaus Zürich. The architecture is so superb and just so adorable! Fraumunster’s honeycomb glass windows, gorgeous arcades, and fancy window frames shall make you feel like visiting a castle.

Enter the Fraumunster’s cloister to behold the impressive murals that seem to tell the history of early Christians in Zurich. Not to mention the church’s organ, which is considered the largest in the canton of Zurich. It has nearly 7000 pipes designed to impress anyone who will hear and see it.

I believe Zurich’s Instagrammable and cute narrow lanes will make you smile, like Augustinergasse near Lindenhof. This colorful street, with flags of Switzerland, is an absolutely shutter-presser scene not to be missed! It will give you an insight into Zurich’s rich history.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen a police station that looks like a piece of art; in Zurich, it is your chance! The entry hall (Giacometti-Halle) to the police station near the WOW museum has frescoes painted by Giacometti. The ornamental-designed ceiling is such a lovely little spectacle to discover in Zurich.

Reason 11 | Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zurich

Shopping, nightlife, what else makes Zurich famous? Chocolates! Apparently, chocolates are also a reason to visit Zurich.


Because chocolates are deeply engraved in the city’s history. Did you know that for nearly 200 years now, Zurich has been creating chocolates and spreading sweetness to the world? The first chocolate factory was founded in Zurich by Rudolf Sprüngli-Amman in 1845.

Though Zurich wasn’t the first place in Switzerland to have the first chocolate factory, Zurich still became Switzerland’s one of the best destinations for chocolates too. The chocolate makers, Lindt & Sprüngli, are taking the lead.

In Zurich, you won’t only be able to shop for chocolates but “interact” with them. In 2020, Switzerland’s newest and most modern chocolate museum opened in Zurich. It’s called Lindt Home of Chocolate, and indeed, it’s a reason, too, to be in Zurich!

In Lindt Home of Chocolate museum, you will find the largest Lindt Chocolate Shop measuring 500 square meters floor area and exciting and spectacular chocolatey goodness. Most importantly, a tour of the museum will make you learn so much about the Swiss cultural heritage of chocolate.

A tour won’t only be about Lindt but also other Swiss chocolate makers. However, a giant Lindt chocolate fountain shall welcome you as you enter the venue.

Entry is 15 EUR, but with all the free chocolates you can eat inside and all the knowledge you can earn, it’s worth it! Everything from the chocolate ingredients to history and the manufacturing process – all be covered during the tour. 

Reason 12 | Family Fun at Zurich’s Zoo

Previously we discussed chocolates which I think kids will love so much when visiting Zurich. Another attraction in Zurich to fascinate your little ones is the Zurich Zoo. It is a reason to visit Zurich, especially if you are traveling with your kids!

Zurich Zoo takes care of more than 4000 animals of 380 species from all parts of the world, living in enclosures close to their natural habitat. Observe wildlife grazing, crawling, and flying in savannah and rainforest-like replicated environments. The zoo has its aquarium too!

If you haven’t seen penguins, alpacas, or flamingoes, this is your chance! Actually, after you visit Zurich Zoo, it’s gonna feel like you’ve traveled the world. Especially during summer, the atmosphere in the zoo is near-reality in Africa, South America, or Asia.

Indeed, the best part is – it’s not just a typical zoo, where the animals are caged which is totally depressing. As the animals live in an enclosure similar to their natural habitat, they appear better and more energetic. In effect, you will feel enthusiastic instead and excited to see more animals. 

Zurich Zoo is a whopping 10-hectare (25-acre) zoo. To quickly visit other enclosures, you have to ride a mini-train. The zoo is in continuous development. There will be Zoo aerial cableway, a coastal ecosystem for sea birds and otters soon, and many more improvements.  

If you are interested in visiting Zurich Zoo, you may check their official website from this link. The opening hours and all the visiting information are posted there. Be sure to check for recent announcements!

Below is a comprehensive introduction to Zurich Zoo. Have fun watching!

Reason 13 | More things to Do in Lake Zurich

As you may have realized from the previous discussions, Zurich is a city not to bore you with a long list of things to do. However, the list does not end at the attractions that can only be reached with trains and cars.

You can ride a boat from the Limmat River to Lake Zurich and explore the beautiful places on the lake, which are also a reason to be in Zurich. One of these is the Monastery Island of Ufenau, where you can meet monks, see medieval churches, and glimpse what the Switzerland countryside looks like. The island, surrounded by the turquoise waters of Lake Zurich, is an idyllic place you must try visiting.

Very close to Ufenau Island lies the picturesque town of Rapperswil, dubbed the “City of Roses.” Rapperswil has its own castle, and sometimes it is reflected on the surface of Lake Zurich together with the quaint houses along the shore. Its colorful flowers during summer and its medieval flair make up the overall enticing charm of the town.

Rapperswil and the Monastery Island of Ufenau are located near the other tip of Lake Zurich to the south. It takes about 2 hours by boat to get there, though. 

Reason 14 | Zurich is Irresistibly Instagrammable

Previously I showed you how Zurich is jam-packed with attractions and things to do, encompassing almost all kinds of activities for all sorts of travelers. It may already be needless to ask at this point, but did you know Zurich has numerous buildings with superb architecture?

Yes, Zurich has many. Some of them are designed so exquisitely that visiting them without taking photos feels regretful. They’re just so damn Instagrammable!

If you’re one of the hobbyists or just a wandering soul with a camera on hand, these buildings in Zurich are enough to be a reason to come and see Zurich. Especially since Zurich has a mix of medieval and modern architecture, you get more choices of what to see and photograph. 

For the beautiful medieval structures, you can check the previous sections of this blog post mentioning the churches and different landmarks of the city. By the way, the Swiss National Museum has excellent architecture too! For modern architecture, you may check the buildings listed in the post from ArchDaily.

Here are some you can use as inspiration:

Reason 15 | Zurich Has Easy Access to The Best Destinations in Switzerland

Lastly, the reason to visit or stay in Zurich is simply: it is a strategic place to be your home base. Though staying in Zurich may be a bit expensive, we benefit from the conveniences (i.e., transportation) it offers. Most importantly, Zurich is near and has train connections to the best destinations in Switzerland.

Absolutely, it’s simple to get to other attractions from Zurich through public transportation. But if you need guides (so you do not get into any trouble), or you want to meet new people from group tours on a day trip from Zurich, check the offers by GetYourGuide. You can also find skip-the-line passes, free public transport rides, and a lot more below:

Discover the places which you can visit after Zurich:

  • Lucerne – the nearest beautiful town with mountains, lakes, and historical landmarks
  • Canton of Bern – Here lies the majestic Jungfrau region. Slightly farther than Lucerne, more natural attractions.
    • Interlaken – Town between Lake Thun (fairytale lake) and Lake Brienz. It is also where the adventure begins!
    • Grindelwald – Here, you can find the “best adventures” and hikes.
    • Lauterbrunnen – Heaven on earth valley with small rustic villages
    • Kandersteg – The town nearest to the two of the most magical lakes (Oeschinensee & Blausee)

Check out the cities/towns nearest the Swiss Alps or other beautiful villages in Switzerland to discover more destinations in Switzerland.

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