30 Reasons Why You Should Visit Taiwan (See Pictures!)

Is Taiwan worth visiting? Yes, it is. In this blog post, I included all the photos I think can convince anybody to visit Taiwan.

Many do not know where Taiwan is. Actually, some even mistakenly think of Taiwan as Thailand! They are both in Asia, but they are totally different countries. Taiwan is a small island country in North-East Asia, south of Japan, East of China, and north of the Philippines.

The land size of Taiwan might be small. Yet, it is jampacked with tons of attractions that you will not regret going to, especially when you visit Taiwan in the best season, which is spring.

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Taiwan - Why Visit Taiwan

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The spirituality and the nature-orientedness of the destinations in Taiwan are the ones that made the most significant impact on my travels. The temples and shrines might be added up to it. But actually, it is my peaceful encounter with nature that really made the big deal. I totally fell in love with Taiwan, mainly when we went to Sun Moon Lake.

Taiwan also gave me a lot of discoveries, both from Chinese and Taiwan’s aboriginal cultures. Taiwan got its modern culture too! Visit Ximending, and you can experience one of the liveliest spirits of Taiwanese people.

Lastly, it is worth visiting Taiwan because its transportation facilities are nearly flawless! The bus and train systems are also very well integrated into smartphone apps, making travels to all parts of Taiwan very easy to learn.

So, to make things more understandable, let’s now talk about these 30 pictures that will explain why Taiwan is really a must-visit place:

Reason 1: Taiwan has an impressive airport.

Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan

Like the airports in Taiwan’s neighboring countries, one of Taiwan’s airports (Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1) is a marvel of architecture. It often makes visitors drop their jaws once they come to the arrival area. The floor reflects the series of columns of windows that create a simple but mesmerizing trick to the eyesight.

Check out picture-perfect places in Taipei that give awe, like this airport.

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Reason 2: The train stations in Taiwan are a work of art.

Dome of Light, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In one of Taiwan’s train stations, you will find the largest glass artwork in the world. It is called Dome of Light and is located in Formosa Boulevard Transfer Station in Kaohsiung, at the intersection of red and orange lines. You will see approximately 4500 glass panels in the Dome of Light integrated at its 30-meter diameter body showing the stages of human life concerning 4 elements:

  • water (beginning of life)
  • earth (growth and prosperity)
  • light (creative spirit)
  • and fire (death, destruction, and rebirth)

Sometimes people wonder if this station in Kaohsiung is just a train station or an art museum.

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Reason 3: Cherry Blossoms occur in Taiwan.

Cherry Blossoms, Tianyuan Temple, Taiwan

Like Japan, Taiwan also has a beautiful spring with cherry and plum blossoms seen in many parts of the country. Here is the list of destinations in Taiwan you can visit where cherry blossoms exist:

  • Yamingshan National Park
  • Tianyuan Temple
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
  • Wuling Farm
  • Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Alishan
  • Tainan Police Station

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Reason 4: Taipei 101

Zhongshan Park, Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan

The icon of Taiwan. The world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010. Though Taipei 101 is not already the tallest structure in the world today, it is still a marvel of architecture and engineering that Taiwan will always be proud of. Here are the best spots where you can photograph Taipei 101:

  • Elephant Mountain / Xiangshan Six Rocks
  • Zhongshan Park / Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • Agora Garden
  • Tiger Mountain Peak

Many are inspired by Taipei 101, and to some, it is the primary reason they think of Taiwan as a must-visit place.

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Reason 5: Taiwan is home to beautiful pagodas.

Ci'en Pagoda, Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan

You can never find any pagoda anywhere else as grand as the pagodas in Asia. Amazingly, Taiwan houses one of the most beautiful Pagodas, the Ci’en Pagoda. What’s the best thing about it? You can also climb it and have an overlooking view of the lake near it.

If you are like me, who likes nature and high-altitude places, you will surely love Ci’en Pagoda. Though going there might take a little effort, the view from the top is just incredible, and it is something you will never regret.

Ci’en Pagoda is located in a beautiful dreamy lake in Taiwan called Sun Moon Lake.

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Reason 6: You’ll find an immense Buddhist monastery in Taiwan.

Fo Guang Shan Monastery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

In Kaohsiung City, you will see a 300-acre Buddist temple called Fo Guang Shan temple, your massive gateway to the world of Buddism in today’s modern times. Here you can find eight perfectly mirroring monastic structures alongside the 480 gold-painted Buddas. This place is really worth going to, especially if you desire some space and peace, even for just a day.

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Reason 7: Hotels in Taiwan manifest their culture.

Grand Hotel Taipei, Taiwan

Unlike most modern cities where hotels look uncultured, Taiwan differentiates itself from these cities with the Grand Hotel Taipei. It is an iconic hotel that, even at first look, will make you feel that you are really in Asia.

Its architecture, especially the Tou-Kungs and the red pillars, and the colorful beams are really eye-opening. But don’t just stay outside; book accommodation here, and you’ll see the grandeur of its interiors.

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Reason 8: Shrines reflect the admirable character of the Taiwanese People.

Martyr Shrine, Taipei, Taiwan

There are many shrines in Taiwan, and you would not believe that most of them are just shrines. Why? Because they possess utmost grandeur and exquisiteness, which seem to equal the ones in the palaces.

The shrines just show Taiwanese deep respect and gratitude to their ancestors and countrymen who have sacrificed their lives for the prosperity of Taiwan. It is the admirable trail of their people. When you witness it in person, it can make you a better version of yourself.

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Reason 9: Temples in Taiwan have scenic views and architecture.

Chih Nan Temple, Taiwan

What compares better to a beautiful temple with a scenic view of the city and mountains from its doorstep? In Taiwan, there is a temple called Chih Nan Temple that gives them all to you. It is a perfect place to stand in awe or regain your inner peace.

What’s more fun? You can arrive at Chih Nan Temple through a gondola in a ropeway. There’s also a tea town near Chih Nan Temple called Maokong, where the best of the finest teas are found. It is a perfect combination to get a super relaxing East Asian getaway in Taiwan.

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Reason 10: Taiwan has charming mountain towns.

Jiufen, Taiwan

For those anime lovers and fans of Spirited Away, they must visit Jiufen. It is a town in a seaside mountain area in Ruifang District of New Taipei City, where the authors of The Spirited Away got their inspiration. It will be an actual experience of living in the story of that anime.

We could see Jiufen as a cozy, old, but definitely, charming town if you are like me, who isn’t familiar with Spirited Away. It has narrow streets decorated with red Chinese lanterns, making even a simple stroll in the area an enjoyable activity to do.

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Reason 11: Feel alive in Taiwan’s modern cultural hub

Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is not just about temples, shrines, old streets, and nature. One that can surprise you in Taiwan is the Ximending neighborhood and shopping district, located in the Wanhua District of Taipei.

This is the part of Taipei I liked the most! The food, street performances, shops, and the modern global culture I saw from Ximending put me in an awe-struck state.

This place is so beautiful and amusing that I had nothing in mind but to check every corner of Ximending during our visit here. I really loved what I experienced here. It’s like my Millenial spirit was drugged to bliss in Ximending.

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Reason 12: Gems in Taiwan’s countryside.

Penghu, Taiwan

Even though Millions of people visit Taiwan, I had never heard of Penghu until I researched it. That made me realize that Taiwan really has an underrated countryside. It isn’t just simple countryside, but a “pearl” that everyone else should start checking out.

Penghu County is different from any other place in Taiwan because it is separated from the main island. It is a small archipelago west of Chiayi City. We can find unusual Chinese stone-made houses, beaches, and a whistling sea cave called Fongguei Cave.

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Reason 13: Trails in Taiwan are so scenic.

Elephant mountain, Taiwan

Taiwan is a country that sits on a mountainous island. Its location lets the locals and visitors enjoy many scenic places associated with cliffs, gorges, and mountains almost everywhere in Taiwan. One famous mountain which has a very scenic trail is called Elephant Mountain. There, you will see an overlooking view of Taipei with open viewing decks for Taipei 101.

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Reason 14: Road trips in Taiwan will take your breath away.

Mount Hehuanshan, Taiwan

Since Taiwan is a mountainous country, it offers many spectacular mountain views to hike and visit by car. Taiwan is a developed country, and you can expect that its roads, even in the mountains, are well polished and safe.

Actually, there is a mountain which you can go your way up to the top (almost) by car. It is called Mount Hehuanshan. But I suggest hiring a professional driver who knows the roads well to drive for you instead. For your safety, of course.

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Reason 15: Rock formations in Taiwan are out of this world.

Yehliu Geopark, Taiwan

Yehliu Geopark is one incredible place in Taiwan full of rock formations carved by nature in a million-year interaction of the land and the tides. It is an excellent place to appreciate the creativity of nature.

Here, you will see rocks that seem like animals and parts of the human body. The super intriguing and unusual formations that you must not miss out on checking in Yehliu Geopark are the Honeycombed Rock and the Ice Cream rock.

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Reason 16: Taiwan has its own Grand Canyon

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

On the eastern coast of the main island, you will find the Grand Canyon of Taiwan. It is called Taroko Gorge. It is another wondrous work of nature formed by millions of years of erosion.

The sights I saw between the giant rocks literally made my mouth open for some minutes during our stroll along the trails. Taroko Gorge is one of the unique places in the world in Taiwan that defines why Taiwan is worth visiting.

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Reason 17: Falls in Taiwan are both tranquil and majestic.

Shifen, Taiwan

More mountains mean more waterfalls. Yes, Taiwan has a lot of waterfalls. The falls in Taiwan might not be as grand as the Angel and Niagara waterfalls, but they are undeniably majestic and tranquil too. You should see Shifen Waterfall, Taroko Gorge Waterfall, Qingshan Waterfall, and Maolin Valley Waterfall.

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Reason 18: Going to a lake in Taiwan seems like a dream.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Taiwan has an alpine lake in its center called Sun Moon Lake. It is just one gorgeous lake where you can witness dream-like sunrise and sunsets reminiscent of fantasy movies.

Sun Moon Lake is also an excellent place to relax and meditate. The paradise-like view of the lake surrounded by lovely mountain ranges induces peace and calmness in anyone who sees it.

There are also tons of activities that can be done around Sun Moon Lake. Here, you can climb a pagoda, explore the lake using a bike, visit an aboriginal village amusement park, and admire the temples. Activities are so plentiful that it could take you two to three days to experience them all.

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Reason 19: Parks in Taiwan are really photogenic.

Dahu Park, Taipei, Taiwan

In Taiwan, especially Taipei, you can find parks that look quite like tourist attractions already. They are undeniably photogenic, more if you visit them during the perfect time when you should see them. Here is the list of parks that will really interest you:

  • Zhongshan Park – Here, you can capture Taipei 101 without obstruction; plus, you can shoot Taipei 101 with a mirror effect with the lake. 
  • Dahu Park – Stay for the afternoon here and watch a lovely sunset together with the gorgeous moon bridge.
  • Daan Forest Park

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Reason 20: Taiwan’s bridges are mesmerizing.

Crescent Bridge, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei’s bridges aren’t just bridges. Some of them are a work of art! At night you can just go by the riverside and nearby parks to watch the light effects of the bridge. See them glow with different colors! And do not forget to bring cameras to capture stunning photographs of the bridges like this photo shown above.

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Reason 21: There are hot springs in Taiwan to make you feel relaxed.

Beitou Hotspring, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the countries in the Pacific that sits in the Ring of Fire. No, you should not be scared about it. Because of that, there are hot springs in Taiwan, which are actually very beneficial to our health.

Hotsprings are proven therapeutic because of the minerals from the water that they contain. With a hot dip in its hot springs, a journey to Taiwan shall make you one relaxed and refreshed traveler.

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Reason 22: The farms in Taiwan are just EPIC!

Cingjing Farm, Taiwan

Also, in mountainous central Taiwan, you can find a very scenic farm called Cingjing Farm. It is a place in Taiwan that does not exactly look like Taiwan but is more like Europe.

Here you can see and interact with sheep, horses, and other cattle roaming around the lush green fields with a stunning view of a mountain range in the background. It will be a whole new experience, especially if you haven’t lived on a farm before.

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Reason 23: A lovely forest in Taiwan has trains passing through it.

Alishan Forest Railway, Taiwan

What makes the forest in Alishan more beautiful is the dramatic, old-fashioned good-looking train that passes through it. A ride on it feels like a travel back in time. But if you decide just to walk, it will be definitely fantastic too as you can watch the train pass by with lush evergreen trees and cherry blossoms all around you.

See the other nature destinations in Taiwan that give Alishan-like vibes.

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Reason 24: Mountaintop sunrise in Taiwan is stunning.

Sunrise Alishan, Taiwan

If you have never seen the spectacular phenomenon of a sea of clouds, then it is your chance to witness one in Alishan. It is the formation of overcast clouds which you see from above it.

You will surely drop your jaw when you catch sight of a sea of clouds in person. The feeling when I saw it? I felt like I was in heaven! This is one of the biggest reasons why Taiwan is worth visiting.

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Reason 25: Trees in Taiwan are almost 2000+ years old.

Xitou Nature Education Area

Nature lovers, behold! Taiwan could be the paradise you are looking for. Trees in Taiwan, especially in the central mountainous region of the country, are already 2 Millennium old and now 40+ meters in height. They are a wonder that will make you realize how short our life in this world is.

You can find these ancient trees in some parts of Alishan and Xitou Forest, where you can find thousands of bird species living as well. This is the place perfect for improving your well-being through forest bathing.

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Reason 26: Taiwanese streets are neat and tidy.

Taiwanese Streets, Taiwan

Taiwan was given the name “The Garbage Island” during the 80s and the 90s. But, now, it is one of the cleanest in the world! During my travel to Taiwan, I did not see any litter in the streets or even overflowing garbage bins. I was so impressed.

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Reason 27: Discover the Aboriginal Tribes in Taiwan

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

The aboriginal tribes in Taiwan are more than just a bonus in your journey here! They are the unique distinguishing factor between Taiwan and China. Besides, their food, stories, and villages are like a gem to discover.

I suggest that you try the food in Taroko (Taroko Village Hotel). The meal we had there was delicious and was prepared with art. It’s gonna make both your eyes and tummy satisfied.

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Reason 28: Drink the world’s best milk teas in Taiwan

Milk Tea, Taiwan

Teas are very beneficial to our bodies and mind. And in Taiwan, you can find and taste the best of them. Why? Because Taiwan is the home of the best tea origins in the world! I know a group of friends who traveled to Taiwan because of their tea, particularly Bubble Milk Teas. Perhaps, it is also one main reason why Taiwan is worth visiting.

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Reason 29: Food in Taiwan is definitely worth a try.

Xiao Long Bao, Taiwan

If the Taiwanese have the best-tasting drinks, they also have yummy meals. If you are a food enthusiast, Taiwanese food is just one irresistible and compelling factor why you would go here. The mouth-watering food that you must try in Taiwan aside from Xiaolongbao is the following (based on CNN Travel):

  • Braised pork rice
  •  Beef noodles
  • Oyster omelet
  • Slack Season danzai noodles
  • Pan-fried buns
  • Gua bao
  • Pineapple cakes

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Reason 30: Night Markets are fun and full of cheap souvenirs.

Dongdamen, Night Markets, Taiwan

Last but not least are the night markets in Taiwan. The night markets in Taiwan are full of everything! They have food, drinks, souvenirs, clothes, and imported goods at a budget price.

One that I will recommend is the Dongdamen Night Market in Hualien City. You won’t only enjoy shopping there, they have performances, and you can play carnival games and watch the light shows. It’s a complete package!

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Why Visit Taiwan
Why Visit Taiwan

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