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Hi, I’m Eljon, the person who writes this blog. I’m a Filipino engineer and traveling has changed my life in many ways. I’ve learned so much and I’m really thankful for that. Now, I am a full-time travel writer, aiming to help others have the same kind of amazing experiences that I’ve had.

Me and our greatest natural heritage
Our architectural heritage and me inside it.
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A Blend of Mountains, Architecture, and History

I’ve traveled to several places in search of inner peace. Three types of places have really stood out to me: mountains, buildings with amazing architecture, and places that are important in history. I’d love to share what I know about these places, both the ones I’ve visited and the ones that continually inspire me.

The Story Behind Engineering Travels

From being a “dying soul” to a purpose-driven guy. Travel is the catalyst. Here is my story.

Today, I am a travel writer with a deep fascination for Europe. My goal is to document everything about Europe as I explore the meaning of my Catholic heritage that has flourished on this beautiful continent.

You can check out my passion project, This is where I continue to write about various destinations across Europe. Engineering Travels remains a space where I compile my thoughts and knowledge about creating worthwhile journeys.

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From Preparations to Reflections