10 Beautiful Places In Munich (That Makes Munich Beautiful)

For me, Bavaria is the most fascinating German state to visit. It is full of beautiful places straight out of a fairytale. Everything I want to see is here. From preserved medieval towns to castles, magical lakes to breathtaking mountains!

One of the best places we can start our travels in beautiful Bavaria is Munich. It is the capital of Bavaria and the largest city in southern Germany. If you want to know what makes Munich “beautiful,” like the state where it belongs, you are at the right place.

This post will not only tackle things about why Munich is beautiful. You will also find helpful information for visiting the beautiful places in Munich. I also added must-find discoveries in Munich within the paragraphs as a bonus!

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We define the beauty of a destination/city in many ways. Some consider the actual appearance, and some try to look into a profound sense. They also look at the city’s culture, people, and general experience.

In this post, I give my opinion on why Munich is beautiful, considering these aspects. The beautiful places, Instagrammable spots, and unmissable destinations will be the thorough explanation.

I included visiting information for each place mentioned to make your read productive. You can make this post your “things to do list” when you come to Munich. So, bookmark this post or pin it on Pinterest.

Without further ado, let’s answer the question you’re here for: Is Munich Beautiful?

Is Munich Beautiful?

Munich is a beautiful place to visit for the wide range of experiences awaiting you. It has fascinating museums, lovely parks, fun festivals, charming churches, gorgeous palaces & more. But, if you’re looking for a city with a quaint cityscape, consider seeing Nuremberg instead.

Like I said a while ago, we can rate a city’s beauty in many ways. In the case of Munich, you may find it more beautiful during festivals like Oktoberfest. Starkbierfest, Christmas Market, and Kaltenberg Knights Tournament are worth mentioning too.

It depends on what kind of traveler you are, to be frank. This is why you should see the 10 beautiful places in Munich below. They will tell you what kind of beautiful things awaits every traveler!

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10 Munich’s Beautiful Places Not To Miss

Believe it or not, you can spend 3 days on a trip to Munich, and there are still tourist attractions you can visit! Yet, I do not recommend staying in Munich that long or more. 2 days are enough.

More stunning and magical destinations are only an hour or a few hours away from the city. And in those places, it’s best to spend more time. There is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mittenwald, Berchtesgaden and Oberammergau.

But if there are places in Munich unmissable to see before going to other towns, they are the places below. These places are reasons why or how I can say Munich is beautiful. Here is a list summary:

  1. Marienplatz and Neues Rathaus
  2. Peterskirche
  3. Asamkirche
  4. Munich Residenz
  5. Nymphenburg Palace
  6. Schleissheim Palace
  7. Westpark
  8. English Garden
  9. BMW Welt
  10. Olympiapark

I arranged the beautiful places in Munich in the list in no particular order. The discussion should go with the flow.

But before that…

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Marienplatz and Neues Rathaus

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 1

Beautiful Place in Munich 1 Marienplatz

Let’s kick off our list of beautiful places in Germany with Marienplatz. This is still the main square of Munich since its foundation in 1158. For centuries, it hosted many tournaments and markets, including Christkindlmarkt.

Marienplatz’s stunning structures, glamorous shopping, and history-rich landmarks give Munich a beautiful impression. Many things you can already see when you visit Marienplatz. But it will be the buildings in the square that will awe-inspire you the most. 

In Marienplatz, you can find Neues Rathaus (north of the square) and Altes Rathaus (east). Fischbrunnen and Mariensäule in the middle of the square. The city’s two most prominent churches are visible from Marienplatz also.

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Neues Rathaus

You gotta hold your jaw because it’ll drop once you see Neues Rathaus’ facade in Marienplatz! This building, completed in 1905, exhibits exceptional Neo-Gothic architecture. It will take minutes to marvel at its facade alone for its very intricate design.

Beautiful Place in Munich 2 Neues Rathaus Tower
Beautiful Place in Munich 3 Neues Rathaus Gate
Beautiful Place in Munich 4 Neues Rathaus Facade
Beautiful Place in Munich 5 Neues Rathaus Courtyard

Neues Rathaus’ impressive facade shows elaborations depicting Munich’s history. Statues of princes, knights, bishops, and saints interplace the windows. But, among the decorations, it is Glockenspiel which you’ll find most interesting.

Glockenspiel is the clock chimes in Neues Rathaus. And it is a spectacle in Munich, unmissable on every visit! When it chimes, the figures in it will move. It is one of the most “European” experiences awaiting you in Munich, without a doubt!

You must not miss the chiming of Glockenspiel. It happens every day at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. If you visit Munich from March to October, you can also see Glockenspiel chiming at 5:00 pm.

The awesomeness of Marienplatz only starts at the facade of Neues Rathaus. If you’re not afraid of heights, you can also climb the tower to see a splendid view of Munich. The 85-meter New Town Hall tower has an elevator to the top – worry not if you don’t like climbing stairs!

Visitors have access to some of the New Town Hall rooms. Marveling in its majestic interiors is like wandering into a scene in a Harry Potter movie. Neues Rathaus’ vaulted ceiling & ornate windows are straight out of a fictional film.

Believe me, the rooms of Neues Rathaus will fascinate you as much as the facade will. One worth mentioning is the small conference room of the Magistrate. Its chandeliers, wooden seats, and the painting of the coronation of Monachia emit an enchanting aura.

Wait until you visit Neues Rathaus’ courtyard or when you look at it from the windows. You’ll discover that there’s a labyrinth printed on the ground. And it will make you think about what kind of mystery lies in Neues Rathaus.

Neues Rathaus Visiting Information

You can also learn something about the city and its history when visiting Neues Rathaus. You can find exhibitions in the Town Hall Gallery. The Town Hall tower gallery is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Entry for a 15-minute visit costs 6 EUR. You can learn more about Neues Rathaus from muenchen.de (official website)

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Beautiful Place in Munich no. 2

Peterskirche is the closest beautiful place in Munich you can visit after Marienplatz. This is Munich’s oldest church dating back earlier than the city’s foundation year. Peterskirche’s 90-meter tower is affectionately known as “Alter Peter” (Old Peter) amongst locals.

Before you enter Peterskirche, you’ll doubt if it is one of the most beautiful places in Munich. Neues Rathaus facade eclipse Peterskirche’s unadorned exteriors. But, let’s judge not so quickly! 

Visitors can climb the 90-meter tower of Peterskirche. And then see the breathtaking view of Munich’s skyline! The tower’s vantage point offers an overlooking view of Marienplatz and Neues Rathaus also.

Beautiful Place in Munich 7 Peterskirche and Marienplatz

The interiors of Peterskirche are breathtaking too! Marveling at the ceiling painted with frescoes and ornate with stuccoes satisfies wanderlust. The golden sculptures and white walls create an elegant impression.

Beautiful Place in Munich 6 Peterskirche

If it’s a sunny day, you’ll see sunlight entering the Baroque choir of Peterskirche – it looks heavenly! 

We can consider Peterskirche’s choir a must-see because of two things. It’s where we find the 300-year-old high altar. Most importantly, it is where we can see one of Munich’s best-known ecclesiastical art treasures. The golden statue of Saint Peter.

Peterkirche Visiting Information

Entry to the church is free. But to climb the tower, you’ll need to pay 5 EUR for admission. Kids and teens 6 to 18 have a 2 EUR admission fee only. Based on muenchen.de, Peterskirche is open from 12:00 am to 4:30 pm daily.

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Beautiful Place in Munich no. 3

Beautiful Place in Munich 8 Asamkirche Facade

Another place in Munich you can find “real” beauty lies after a 5-minute walk from Marienplatz. Along Sendlinger street, you can find a small church called Asamkirche. And it is a travel “gem” we can consider. 

Unlike the church of Saint Peter and Neues Rathaus, Asamkirche isn’t very easy to spot. It does not have a facade as grand as Neues Rathaus or a size that’s as large as Peterskirche. But, definitely, it is a humble church to surprise you when you enter.

So, what is Asamkirche, exactly? Asamkirche is a mid-18th-century baroque church in Munich built by the Asam brothers. The two brothers constructed it as their private church, but it became public after negotiations. Today, it serves as an epitome of southern German Late Baroque buildings. 

The real deal about Asamkirche lies inside itself. The interiors are magnificent. Almost every inch has embellishments, murals, frescoes, you name it! Asamkirche will leave you speechless, I’m sure.

You would not doubt why it is so beautiful as I say that the Asam brothers are both artists. Egid Quirin Asam is a sculptor, and Cosmas Damian Asam is a painter.

It is fantastic how the Asam brothers created the church. Notice the chancel area – it’s the most impressive part of Asamkirche if you ask me. The light effects from the windows are superb, especially the one above the altar.

Beautiful Place in Munich 9 Asamkirche Portal
Beautiful Place in Munich 10 Asamkirche Interiors

Asamkirche Visiting Information

Asamkirche is open daily from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. There is no entry fee. It is a consecrated church, so you can attend Holy Masses if you’re a Catholic. Holy Mass occurs on Sundays at 10:00 am. See more information from alterpeter.de.

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Munich Residenz

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 4

The lavish palaces are another significant reason Munich is a beautiful city to visit. These architectural masterpieces are not only a marvel to behold. But they also manifest admirable cultural identities.

And often, these palaces contain time-transporting qualities. And it is an experience some of us are eager to have. Especially those travelers who grew up in younger countries with a shorter history.

Beautiful Place in Munich 11 Munich Residenz
Beautiful Place in Munich 12 Munich Hofgarten in Munich Residenz

Munich Residenz is one of these beautiful palaces awaiting visitors in Bavaria’s capital. Believe it or not, it is Germany’s largest city palace. You can expect to find as many discoveries proportionate to the palace’s size. 

Pure magnificence. Those are the best two words I can describe Munich Residenz. From its architecture to the royal artifacts, from room decorations to the gardens. It’s a place that won’t help you stop fantasizing you being a royal.

Munich Residenz was the former seat of the Bavarian Royalties back in the day. And they built the palace to impress any other visitors during their time. The extravagant over-decorated walls and ceiling of the Residenz are only some of the proof. 

The elaboration depicts the length of time Munich Residenz has been existing. With Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassicism’s influence, can you guess how long already? It’s more than 600 years already, dating 1385.

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Beautiful-Must-See Places in Munich Residenz

Munich Residenz is vast. If there are parts of the palace you should not miss, they are the Antiquarium, the Treasury, and the bronze hall. Herkulessaal or the New Hercules Hall is worth a mention too.


Of the places in Munich Residenz I mentioned, Antiquarium captivated me the most. This 69-meter-long hall has renaissance art decorating the entire room. Statues line up at the sides, while paintings cover the walls and the vaulted ceilings.

It reminds me of the Sistine Chapel you can see from visiting Rome. The room is pretty photogenic if you ask me. Stand in the middle of the hall to see the beautiful proportions and repetitions.

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Munich Residenz Treasury will make your medieval fantasies real. You’ll love it, especially if you’re a fan of movies or TV shows set in the middle ages. Because, like what its name suggests, the most precious items of the Bavarian royals are here.

The actual crown of the kings of Bavaria is in Munich Residenz Treasury! If you haven’t seen something so precious before, visiting Munich is your chance. There is also the crown of an English Queen, Toison of the Golden Fleece, and more stunning royal articles.

The Treasury has ultra-expensive artworks also. One worth mentioning is the Statuette of Saint George, a 50 cm figure dating back to 1586. It depicts Saint George killing the dragon. And it has gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, pearls, and other precious stones.

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Bronze Hall

The royal artifacts aren’t the only precious items you can find in Munich Residenz. You got to see the over forty bronze sculptures of mythical characters in the Bronze Hall. It has one of the richest, most prestigious collections of European Bronze art you’ll ever see.

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Munich Residenz Visiting Information

You can check the official website of Munich Residenz to learn more about the palace. It will seem that a day would not be enough to see everything in the Munich Residenz if you read their website. 

Are you planning to visit? All that you must know are on this page from residenz-muenchen.de. Below is the summary of the entry fee and opening hours of Munich Residenz

Section of Munich Residenz Entry Fee (Adult) in EUR
Residence Museum 9
Treasury 9
Combination ticket
Residence Museum + Treasury
Cuvilliés Theatre 5
Combination ticket
Residence Museum + Treasury + Cuvilliés Theatre
Court Garden + Fountain machinery FREE
Entry fee to different parts of Munich Residenz

Munich Residenz is open daily aside from some public holidays. The Residence Museum and the Treasury are open daily from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (the last entry is 5:00 pm) from April 15 to October. From October 16 to March, they open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (the last entry is 4:00 pm).

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Nymphenburg Palace

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 5

The second palace to define Munich’s beauty is Nymphenburg Palace. If Munich Residenz is where the royals stay to rule the kingdom, it is here then where they unwind and relax. This 17th-century Baroque palace is one of the premier royal palaces of Europe.

Beautiful Place in Munich 13 Nymphenburg Palace

Did you know that Nymphenburg Palace’s facade width surpasses France’s Versailles Palace? Marveling at its magnificent front will take you several minutes, literally! The width approximately reaches 700 meters or 2000 feet.

What’s so fantastic about Nymphenburg Palace is that it’s more than just a palace. It has a vast park in front and behind it. The park has lovely canals and gardens – the “royal idyllic” scenes are beyond belief!

This palace park is full of beautiful things to discover. From exquisite porcelain exhibits to ceremonial sleighs… surprising royal possessions await you to behold in Nymphenburg Palace. The palace compound also has a picturesque lake, temples, and impressive castle pavilions!

Looking at the map, it appears that Old Town Munich can fit inside Nymphenburg Palace and the park. Exploring and enjoying moments in the compound may take you a whole day.

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Beautiful & Unmissable places in Nymphenburg Palace

To save time, you must create an itinerary. Then, find the shortest path from one attraction in Nymphenburg Palace to another. Here is the list of unmissable places visitors should not miss in Nymphenburg Palace:

  1. Great Hall
  2. The Marstall Museum
  3. Amalienburg
  4. Badenburg & Badenburger See
  5. Schlossgartenkanal
Great Hall

The great hall is the most impressive part of Nymphenburg Palace. Fun fact. It is the part of the palace that has remained unchanged since it was first built. Gazing at its frescoes and architecture should transport you straight to the 1700s.

The frescoes in the great hall’s ceiling depict the Olympian heaven. Surrounding it are golden splendid Rococo stucco work. Together they form a sight to behold, jaw-dropping, especially on a bright sunny day.

The Marstall Museum

To the south of the Nymphenburg Palace central pavilion, we can find the Marstall Museum. It is a museum of carriages and sleighs, and here you can find the most luxurious carriages and sleighs ever. You must see the golden carriage; it’s straight out of a fairytale!


Amalienburg is the closest unmissable place, located in the park’s forest. It is another palace in the Nymphenburg – an epitome of beautiful rococo architecture. The stucco works decorating the halls and rooms of the Amalienburg are stunning.

Mesmerizing beauty awaits in the Large Salon of Amalienburg. It is also called the Hall of Mirrors, located in the middle of Amalienburg. Its mirrors, bright windows, and exquisite Rococo decorations never fail to mesmerize visitors.

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At the shore of the largest lake in Nymphenburg Park, Badenburger See, we find Badenburg. Like Amalienburg, Badenburg boasts magnificent stucco work and ceiling frescoes. They depict classical mythology with “elements of water,” as its name suggests.

Bath Castle is the direct translation of Badenburg in English.

Beautiful Place in Munich 14 Badenburger See

Unlike Amalienburg, Badenburg sits on a lovely idyllic view beside its lake. You’ll love hanging out on the benches while observing the surroundings. The temple of Apollo is visible from the shores near Badenburg.

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North of Badenburg, beyond Badenburger See, you can find the Schlossgartenkanal. It is the very long canal in the middle of the park, dividing the park into two.

Beautiful Place in Munich 15 Schlossgartenkanal Nymphenburg

If you stand in the middle of the canal, you’ll find a “symmetric” view of the park. You will see the central hall of Nymphenburg Castle in the middle.

You can have the pleasing view at Brücke über Schlossgartenkanal or in Grosse Kaskade. You’ll see leading lines made by the canal and trees from either of the two. They make an eye-pleasing view we only often see on a postcard.

Brücke über Schlossgartenkanal is the bridge in the middle of the canal. Then, Gross Kaskade is the artificial waterfall near the canal’s western end.

During summer, visitors can ride a gondola that tours the visitors along Schlossgartenkanal. The experience can be so romantic. It is, especially the moment you pass by a group of swans. It’ll feel like the movie The Notebook from 2004.

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Nymphenburg Palace Visiting Information

Different parts of Nymphenburg Palace and Park have various opening hours. It goes the same with the admission fees. You can find all the exact information on the Bavarian Palace Administration website. Below is the summary:

Destination Months Week Hours
Nymphenburg Palace and Marstallmuseum – From April to October 15
– From October 16 to March
– Monday to Sunday
– Monday to Sunday
– 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
– 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Amalienburg, Badenburg – From April to October 15
– From October 16 to March
– Monday to Sunday
– Closed
– 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
– Closed
Palace Park (Main Gate) – From January to March
– From April to October
– From May to September
– From November to December
– Monday to Sunday
– Monday to Sunday
– Monday to Sunday
– Monday to Sunday
– 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
– 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
– 6:00 am to 9:30 pm
– 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
Nymphenburg Palace Opening Hours
Destination Admission Fees (Adult) in EUR
Nymphenburg Palace 8
Marstallmuseum 6
Combination ticket “Parkburgen” 5
Nymphenburg Palace Admission Fees

Teens and kids below 18 are free of charge.

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Schleissheim Palace

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 6

Munich is a beautiful place because it does not only have two elegant palaces but three! What’s surprising? The third palace has three palaces within itself. This palace is Schleissheim Palace.

Beautiful Place in Munich 15 Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace is the summer home of the House of Wittelsbach Bavarian Royals. It is definitely the most beautiful place in Munich’s suburbs. Like Nymphenburg Palace, Schleissheim Palace also has its elegant garden and must-see museums.

The history of Schleissheim Palace started way back more than 400 years ago… when William V built a Renaissance country house and hermitage near Dachau. Developments were gradual until the 18th century, when Zuccalli built the third palace.

Today, authorities mention Schleissheim Palace as one of Bavaria’s most beautiful baroque palaces. Splendor and awe await visitors in its impressive halls, chambers, and gardens. There are many to see that visitors may need an entire day to see all three palaces in the complex:

  • Old Schleissheim Palace
  • Lustheim Palace
  • New Schleissheim Palace

Schleissheim Palace also houses the State Gallery of European Baroque Painting. You can expect to see hundreds of baroque paintings when you visit. It includes the works Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, Joachim von Sandrart, and more.

The most fascinating parts of Schleissheim Palace are the New and Lustheim Palace. To see beautiful architecture and artworks, they’re definitely the place to spend more time with. You’ll also love strolling in the extensive garden between the two palaces.

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Lustheim Palace

Like Nymphenburg Palace, you can find Schleissheim Palace’s garden (Schleißheim Court Garden) very Instagrammable. It also has canals and fountains, perfect for that stunning photo! Have that shot at the end of the canal, where the beautiful symmetric view of trees with Lustheim Palace at the end is.

On the easternmost side of the Schleissheim complex, we find the 17th-century Lustheim Palace. It is the second palace built inside the complex. And together with the garden, they form an Italian villa with elegance everywhere!

Of how Lustheim Palace acts like a baroque court garden’s Point de Vue? It’s one of the fascinating architectural features it has. Come inside Lustheim Palace to see the grand collection of Meissen porcelain.

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New Schleissheim Palace

Opposite Lustheim Palace is the New Schleissheim Palace. It is the grandest structure in the complex. And definitely the most unmissable part of the palace complex.

You’ll understand why even with a simple glimpse of its 300-meter wide facade. Did you know? This magnificent building is one of the best examples of German baroque architecture. Also, like the previous palaces, you can expect to see indescribable beauty inside.

You should see the Grand Gallery and the Grand Baroque Staircase Hall for some epic examples of German Baroque architecture. The wide staircase and the four-state apartments are also worth mentioning. The frescoes and the details shown by the stucco work in the new palace are also beyond imaginable!

Actually, it’s “very hard” to pick which room is the best – as every room in the new Schleissheim Palace has a marvel to show. If we speak of interior decorations… the Victory Hall and Chapel of the Electress are the ones you should not miss seeing.

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Schleissheim Palace Visiting Information

Schleissheim Palace complex has different parts, and each has various opening hours. Please check the palace’s official website if you want to know all the visiting information about the Schleissheim Palace complex. Below is the summary:

Place Month Week Hours
Schleissheim Old and New Palace, Lustheim Palace – From April to September
– From October to March
– Tuesday to Sunday
– Tuesday to Sunday
– 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
– 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Court Garden – January, February, November, December
– March, October
– April, September
– May to August
– 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
– 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
– 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
– 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Schleissheim Palace Complex Opening Hours
Place Entry Fee (Adult) in EUR
Combination ticket 10
Schleissheim Old Palace 4
Schleissheim New Palace 6
Lustheim Palace 5
Schleissheim Palace Complex Entry Fee

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Beautiful Place in Munich no. 7

The green and blue spaces within the city are also one of the reasons why Munich is a beautiful place. It is – not only for local residents but also for travelers. They are where travelers can relax for free and find beautiful spots for photography.

The parks in Munich aren’t so ordinary. It is the reason why they are so fantastic! Later, you’ll discover.

Beautiful Place in Munich 17 West Park Thai Temple
Beautiful Place in Munich 18 West Park
Beautiful Place in Munich 19 Westpark Theatron

The WestPark is one of Munich’s best and biggest green and blue spaces. It covers an area of 720,000 square meters of land. And yes, it’s a destination with many attractions.

It’s a vibrant recreation area, with lots of things you can discover. Some travelers even feel that they have traveled to Asia after visiting the WestPark. The most “likable” thing about the WestPark? Everyone can find something they can enjoy.

If you are traveling with your kids, bring them to the playground. There are even water games they can play in summer. During winter, they can do Tobogganing on the slopes of the artificial hills in the park.

For art lovers and people who want to pick up little discoveries along their travels, worry not! The WestPark has artwork fountains and sculptures to bring you fascination while strolling.

Check out the Japanese-style “Good Day Fountain” or the kinetic art “Spherical Fountain.” Or see the 17th-century historic farmhouse, “Bayerwaldhaus.” It has a beautiful traditional garden too.

A while ago, I said that travelers who visit the WestPark feel that they also travel to Asia. It’s all because of the Asian ensembles built in the park. These Asian-style structures will give you a glimpse of Thailand, Nepal, China, and Japan.

I bet culture-seeker-travelers will find the pagodas and other Asian structures very surprising. And if they are lucky, they can watch cultural events in WestPark.

First, there is a Buddhist Vesakh festival in May. Some nights “Kino, Mond und Sterne” open-air cinema takes place. A Musical Wine Festival occurs in the WestPark also.

WestPark is a foodies’ delight also!

The park’s beer gardens and cafes will make their tummies and eyes “satisfied!” You can find them beside Mollsee (artificial lake). And the lovely views match the taste-bud tickling specialties.

One famous restaurant in WestPark is Wirtshaus am Rosengarten. The sell Bavarial specialties like Kaiserschmarrn.

West Park Visiting Information

You can visit WestPark anytime you want. It is open for everyone 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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English Garden

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 8

I can’t say “more beautiful,” but English Garden is Munich’s more extensive, most famous park. Believe it or not, it is even bigger than New York’s Central Park! Measuring 375 hectares (910 acres), it is also one of the largest inner-city or urban parks.

Beautiful Place in Munich 20 English Garden
Beautiful Place in Munich 21 English Garden Lake

Munich’s English Garden has around 78 kilometers of cycling and jogging paths. Aside from triathlons, you can spot many amateurs and athletes practicing their sports if it is not winter.

Of course, it’s not only beautiful green fields and trees you can find here. But also surprising attractions and adventures (kind of). Locals and other travelers can surf in the park’s streams and balance on a tightrope between the trees.

Yes, there are adventurous things you can try in the English Garden of Munich. This, together with the other things you can find in the garden, makes one of the things that makes Munich a beautiful city. Aside from relaxing nature, the park has unique tourist spots and cultural events “nice” to see.

Fun fact. Well, I’m not sure if this is a fan fact, but… did you know that the English Garden is one of the places in Germany where people can take a bath without their clothes? It’s been legal since the 1960s, and it’s one of the reasons why this park is famous even outside the country.


Munich’s English Garden is so expansive. Most of its parts are natural. But some are only artificial. Like, its mini-lakes and their islands, streams, and waterfalls.

One of the artificial streams in the English Garden is an attraction, by the way! Eisbachwelle is the place, and it offers year-round surfing in the Eisbach River. Other must-see attractions are:

  • Monopteros
  • Japanese Teahouse
  • Chinese Tower
Beautiful Place in Munich 22 English Garden People

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English Garden forms a vertical stripe on the map. You can find the four attractions I mentioned in the southern part of the park (also the most visited by the crowd). Among them, Eisbachwelle is the easiest you to get to.

Beautiful Place in Munich 23 Eisbachwelle

Eisbachwelle is on the southmost corner of the English Garden. And it’s only a few steps away from the National Museum bus stop and tram station. You can stay on the bridge or the river bank with other spectators to watch the surfers do their tricks.

A law in 2010 allowed only experienced surfers to surf in Eisbach. Bathing is also not allowed. The water is usually freezing cold, so you might not want to swim/bathe in Eisbach.

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Japanese Teahouse

A short stroll from Eisbachwelle is the Japanese teahouse. It sits on a beautiful island in a Japanese-landscaped-garden lake, like the ones you can find in Japan. In some months, visitors can witness tea ceremonies in it. (see urasenke-muenchen.de to learn more)

If there are no tea ceremonies, you can still enjoy the peacefulness of the place. Sit at the benches around the lake and watch the swans swim and splash around. The scene appears more so-Japanese when you see the cherry blossoms (during spring) on the island where the teahouse is.

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To the north of the Japanese teahouse, you can find a wide-open field picnic ground. Here you can spot Monopteros, a 19th-century Greek temple built for Ludwig the first. This temple stands on a small hill… thus, you can see it right away, even from the middle of the picnic area.

Beautiful Place in Munich 24 Monopteros

With its elevated location, Monopteros lets you see overlooking views of the park. A part of Munich’s skyline is visible from the temple, like the church towers and more. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Munich to watch the sunset, though you’ll be sharing the moment with a crowd.

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Chinese Tower

A short walk to the north of Monopteros lies the parkland plaza where the Chinese tower is. The area has beer gardens and cafes – lovely places to refill the tummies after strolling in the English Garden. See chinaturm.de to see the opening season/hours of the restaurants on the site.

Beautiful Place in Munich 25 Chinese Tower in English Garden

The Chinese tower is actually a wooden pagoda with 5 tiers. It does not look as grand, as colorful, as the ones you can find in China. But it’s one you can admire as one of the unique things found in Munich.

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BMW Welt

Beautiful Place in Munich no. 9

What makes Munich a beautiful city to visit is the mixed experiences it offers its visitors. It has natural, cultural, and modern attractions. It is a “worthy” travel package deal, not to mention the stunning day trips you can do from the city.

Beautiful Place in Munich 27 BMW Welt
Beautiful Place in Munich 28 BWM Welt

The best modern tourist attraction you can find in Munich is no other than the BMW Welt. Based on its name, I know you already have an idea of what’s found inside. In a nutshell, it is BMW’s exhibition site, event venue, and adventure museum packed with “cool” things to try.

Note that BMW Welt is separate from BMW Museum. Aside from these, there is also a BMW factory, but it is only accessible during weekends.

Did you know that BMW Welt has more visitors than the world-famous castle Neuschwanstein? This is why it is now Bavaria’s most visited tourist attraction. During BMW Welt’s first 12 months of operation, it immediately received more than 2.2 million visitors.

BMW Welt is fantastic inside and outside. Its building architecture is an eye-catcher for visitors or even those only passing by. BMW’s main office situated very close to BWM Welt, also looks incredible!

The beautiful building is only a “small” factor why visitors flock to BMW Welt. Of course, the real deal of a visit to BMW Welt – the cars they create and sell.

In simplest thought, BMW Welt is a “giant” car show letting you see all the fancy vehicles they have created. Not only that! They also exhibit the futuristic cars they plan to make in the coming years.

BMW Luxury cars are also exhibited inside BMW Welt. They promote it not only as a luxury but with added extra creativity and a dose of “emotion.” You can expect to see a wide range of BMWs, from Mini to Rolls-Royce motor cars, BMW iX, etc.

If you are a car enthusiast and a fan, this will be your paradise! You cannot only touch and sit in BMW production models. It is possible to rent one of their cars to drive it on your own for only 75 EUR per hour.

Beautiful Place in Munich 26 BMW Welt

BMW Welt Visiting Information

Are you planning to visit BMW Welt? It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 am until midnight. But the vehicles are only attended starting at 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. Entry to BMW Welt is free.

BMW Museum and BMW Welt have different opening schedules and hours. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. Lastly, the entry fee is 10 EUR, and the last admission to the museum is 30 minutes before closing time.

Before you go, please look for announcements from bmw-welt.de. They announce changes in the schedule without prior notice. Better to have it checked!

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Beautiful Place in Munich no. 10

A beautiful futuristic city fuses modern architecture with nature. A good example is a city we currently discuss in this post, Munich. And if there’s a futuristic place that makes Munich beautiful, it has to be Olympiapark.

Olympiapark is very young compared to other attractions in Munich. It dates back to the mid-late 1900s for the 1972 Summer Olympics held in the city. Today, it hosts several events, which category range from cultural, social, and religious gatherings.

This 85-hectare park is home to a lake, beautiful green spaces, and more leisure spots. Of course, Olympiapark has sports buildings and event centers too.

What’s surprising about Olympiapark? It has a giant aquarium called Sea Life. More than 3000 animals of 260 marine species are in it.

You’ll admire the architecture of the sports buildings in Olympiapark, I’m sure! They will, especially the Olympic stadium with a unique tent roof. Behold its spectacular entirety from the Olympic tower that overlooks the entire park.

The Olympic tower in Olympiapark stands as Munich’s tallest building at 291 meters. Climb to its observation deck 190 meters above the ground for a breathtaking view of the city and beyond. For a fancy date, you can try the revolving restaurant on top!

Visitors on top of the Olympic tower can also spot the Olympic hall from the view deck. The olympic hall is an enormous building that can host up to 15,500 spectators. Inside the hall, international artists’ concerts, world-class performances, and high-class sports events happen.

You can see all the upcoming events in Olympiapark from their website, olympiapark.de. Don’t forget to read the announcements and requirements before visiting the park!

Olympic hall does not have events every day you can watch when you visit Munich. But Olympiapark offers you leisure activities best to try if you have plenty of time in Munich. You can play minigolf, rent a boat, inline skate, swim in an Olympic pool, and more!

Beautiful Place in Munich 29 Olympic Park Architecture
Beautiful Place in Munich 31 Olympic Park Fields
Beautiful Place in Munich 31 Olympic Park Golden hour

Do you want adventurous experiences from Olympiapark Munich? Worry not, because the park offers some. Guided tours in the park allow visitors to climb the roof of the Olympic stadium. Then you can ride the zip line back to the ground!

Olympiapark Visiting Information

Olympiapark has various opening hours for different attractions in the park. They update the schedule frequently, so it is better to see the timetables from their website (olympiapark.de). Entry fees for the different places in the park are also indicated on the page.

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It’s not hard to understand why Munich is worth visiting with all the beautiful places in it. Munich is a must-add to your southern Germany itinerary (trip to the Bavarian Alps) because of them!

I recommend checking out the links (affiliate) I shared below if you plan to travel to Munich. They should make your trip to Munich much more convenient! Some of them can also be insightful about the city’s culture, history, and many more.

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  3. Airport Transfer by Bus. A convenient way of getting to the city from Munich airport. The bus departs every 15 minutes, available all week.
  4. Discover All Guided Tours. This link will show you all the best tours in Munich. The guides will help you visit all the best attractions in the city while learning their history, etc.

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