10 Things To Do In Domme, France – Is It Worth Visiting?

From romantic beaches to breathtaking landscapes, historical cities, and charming little villages—southern France has nearly all kinds of beautiful destinations I can think of. One of them is called Domme.

Domme is a medieval hilltop village known for its honey-colored houses. It is one of the best attractions in Dordogne that is recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in France

If you wonder whether Domme is worth visiting or not, you arrived at the right post! Here, I share the 10 best things to do in Domme. Through them, I’ll make it obvious if Domme is a go or no go for you.

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In this blog post, you will not only discover the fun activities and beautiful tourist attractions in Domme. I added tips and visiting information that you may use if you decide that you want to visit Domme.

Is Domme Worth Visiting

Before we get to the main discussion of the things to do in Domme, let me first give you a quick summary of whether Domme is a good idea or not. Is Domme worth visiting?

Domme is a preserved medieval village, definitely a beautiful destination to see. It has picturesque streets, quaint houses, and hidden gems that satisfy every visitor’s wanderlust. Most importantly, Domme is surrounded by natural attractions, castles, and more lovely villages—all adding to the worthiness of a visit to Domme.

Domme France, Aerial view of Domme
Aerial view of Domme

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10 Things To Do In Domme

Now, let’s tackle the details! Without further ado, here’s the list of 10 things to do in Domme:

  1. Explore the medieval village
  2. Enter the hidden cave of Domme
  3. See the breathtaking view of Dordogne from Domme
  4. Discover the secrets of the gates of Domme
  5. Have fun in the Dordogne River
  6. Marvel at the nearby castles
  7. Visit more beautiful villages
  8. Soar to the sky and marvel at Dordogne
  9. Wander at the Water Gardens of Carsac
  10. Take pictures in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac

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Activity #1 Explore the medieval village

Domme France, Flower decorations in Domme village center
Flower decorations in Domme village center

Domme is one of the most beautiful villages in France. If there’s something in Domme that everyone primarily wants to see, it’s the preserved medieval village. There’s no doubt!

That said, exploring the village and beholding its quaintness is one of the things to do in Domme, unmissable on your itinerary when visiting Domme. Domme, dubbed the “Acropolis of Périgord,” feeding your wanderlust will be fun!

Stroll in the streets full of houses straight out of a movie set during the middle ages. Their honey-colored masonry and Lauzes-style roof, unique to Périgord, are things you’ll love marveling at. 

In spring or summer, the vines covering some of the houses in Domme bloom. These and the charmingly alike architecture of the buildings in Domme make a scene hard not to photograph!

Here are some of the scenery awaiting you in Domme:

Domme France, Flowering plants in Domme
Domme France, Beautiful houses in Domme
Domme France, Honey colored houses in Domme
Domme France, Vine covered houses in Domme

Walking around, you can discover cozy cafes, creperies, and restaurants.

By the way, if you like wandering in places like Domme because of its quaint look, I think you will also like Colmar. It’s one of the best places to fulfill your escapism desires! See how it looks from my post about Colmar.

Some of these restaurants, like Cabanoix et Châtaigne, have quaint courtyards where you can dine. They offer quality French cuisine, and you can expect your eyes and tummies to be more than satisfied.

The medieval town of Domme isn’t huge. You should be able to see its best parts in less than half a day. In that duration, you can already see notable landmarks, eat in a lovely cafe, and take selfies and photographs. 

Domme France, Le Moulin du Roy
Le Moulin du Roy

Within half a day, you can see:

  1. Le Moulin du Roy — The mill at the northwest corner of Domme. It is an excellent place to practice photography. Otherwise, you may skip it.
  2. Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption — a 16th century church with honey colored interiors. There are a few biblical scene frescoes you can admire inside. It is one of the buildings in Place de la Halle, the market square of Domme.
  3. L’Oustal du Périgord /Paul Reclus Museum — another attraction located in Place de la Halle. Come here to see some artifacts depicting the history of Domme and Perigord. Discover the tools the locals used in their livelihood, agriculture, sewing & tapestry industry, and making bread. 
Domme France, Facade of Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
Facade of Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption
Domme France, Inside Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
Inside Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption

Sharing and caring! 🙂 Do you love visiting churches and admiring their spectacular architecture? Here are the ones I REALLY recommend you must see in France (Click the links to open in a new tab):

  1. Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. (Learn more about it and the 10 unmissable places in Paris)
  2. Notre Dame de Reims. It is where the coronation of the kings of France occurred. (Discover it and the reasons to visit Reims)
  3. La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon. It has one of the churches in southeastern France with the best interiors. (Check out my article: Reasons to visit Lyon)

If you want a guided tour of Domme, hop on the White Train that starts at Place de la Halle. You can book your tickets from domme-perigord.com.

The train tour lasts for 20 minutes. Within that time, you’ll go to different parts of Domme, specifically the Governor’s house, House of the Mint Drummer, and the gates and viewpoints in Domme (which we’ll discuss next).

Audio guides are available in different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch). The 6 EUR/adult free for the train tour includes entry to the museum.

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Activity #2 Enter the hidden cave of Domme

Domme France, Domme main hall and entrance to the caves
Domme main hall and entrance to the caves

A while ago, I mentioned that Domme has a hidden gem. Guess where. In the houses? Nope. Museum? Not also. Perhaps in the church? Wrong, still!

So, where? It is located underneath the village—literally. This gem, which is another unmissable thing to do in Domme, has an entrance found right in the middle of Place de la Halle. 

The cave is perhaps one of the attractions in Domme that gives the village a unique characteristic. For me, it is the fantastic “twist” from the medieval flair everywhere in Domme.

Domme’s cave contains spectacular stalactites, stalagmites, colonnades, and translucent draperies. They are a million-year nature’s wonder in the making and should make you jaw-drop, especially if it’s your first time to see them.

The path in the cave is well maintained, and a visit should be pleasant and interesting unless you have claustrophobia. The interiors are also well-lighted, so you’ll see the details of each rock formation very well and walk safely.

Usually, the cave tour lasts 45 minutes, covering 450-meter (1480 feet) long rock galleries. The path inside the cave will lead you to an elevator that will bring you to the scenic viewpoints of the village.

If you are interested in learning geography, the tour inside the cave will let you discover fascinating things about it. They are conducted in French, but you’ll be given a booklet written in different languages.

Note. Although it’s pretty spectacular inside, taking photos is prohibited as it will delay the tour. It’s good because it will let you focus on the most essential thing: to enjoy the visit and stay inside the cave.

The temperature averages 13 to 15 degrees Celsius (55 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit) inside the cave. Please bring appropriate clothes when you want to visit Domme Caves. 

The last time I checked the official website of Domme Caves, the entry fee was 9 EUR/Adult. Tours are conducted every 30 to 45 minutes. See the exact details from the previous link.

I just want to share. If there’s a city where you can find hidden gems and curiosity injuring little things. It’s Strasbourg you must see. Here are more reasons why you should visit Strasbourg.

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Activity #3 See the breathtaking view of Dordogne from Domme

Domme France, View from Domme

It’s not only the beautiful architecture in Domme and its hidden gem that makes Domme a beautiful attraction. It’s also because of its location.

Perched on a rocky outcrop, 250 meters above sea level, travelers visiting Domme can find panoramic views of the surrounding vistas. Where are these vantage points? They are located in the northern portion of Domme. 

It is the same area where you’ll emerge after the elevator ride from the caves.

If you’re in the Place de la Halle, take the path in front of the Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption. The path will lead you to a small park where the viewing deck is

At Domme’s viewing deck, you’ll see a panorama of the Dordogne valley and a breathtaking overlooking view of the Dordogne River. 

The views aren’t as beautiful as the ones you’ll find in Chamonix (French Alps), Moustiers Sainte Marie (Verdon National Park), or Eze (French Riviera). But they can be lovely and romantic, especially during the golden hour and sunset.

Domme’s viewing deck of the Dordogne valley near the Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption can be packed with tourists during peak hours. You may ditch the people while getting the same view from the public garden west of the village.

From Église catholique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, you’ll need only 5 minutes to reach Domme’s public garden. Often, most tourists aren’t familiar with the spot, so you’ll thank me for this!

Domme France, View of the Dordogne River from Domme
View of the Dordogne River from Domme’s public garden

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Activity #4 Discover the secrets of the gates of Domme

Domme France, La Porte Des Tours
La Porte Des Tours

Before you see the beautiful houses, enter the cave, and behold the breathtaking views of Dordogne valley, it’s Domme’s gates and walls which you will find first. 

This is because Domme is a bastide, which means a fortified town. There’s no easier way to enter the medieval village than the roads passing through its gates. 

When you visit Domme, you may notice that the streets in Domme intersect at right-angles. It is one of the design characteristics of a medieval town following the strict architectural principles of a bastide.

Did you know? Domme was built in the late 13th century by King Philippe the Bold, who aimed to protect French territory way back in his time. This also explains why Domme was built on a hilltop overlooking the Dordogne valley.

The viewing decks where you can see the panorama of Dordogne valley were actually the bastions of the rampart of the bastide. You can imagine medieval guards spotting approaching enemies from afar from these places!

Domme’s ramparts and bastion, together with the impressive gates, are the primary defensive features of the bastide of Domme. They must have kept the residents of the Domme safe from invaders.

Fascinatingly, even the cave in the middle of Domme’s medieval village also served as the bastide’s protective feature! Believe it or not, the residents took refuge in the cave when the Domme was attacked.

And by the way, the imposing gates of Domme served different purposes in the past. 

Not only do the gates of Domme were the places where guards stood their posts to keep the enemies out of the village. But, they also became a prison for Templar Knights

Templar Knights, in very simple words, is a religious military order formed during the age of the crusades. At first, they were criticized for their ideas but then soon were accepted and continued to thrive for centuries.

In their prison gate tower, these Templar knights left several intriguing graffiti you must see when visiting Domme. 

The several graffiti that these Templar Knights left in the towers are pure mysteries, and no one knows precisely what they mean. However, based on the images formed, they are symbols depicting items and figures in the world of Christendom.

Did you know? A big story twist happened in the world of Christendom in the 14th century. It was when the papacy was moved to Avignon, where they built the largest Gothic Palace in Europe. Learn more about Avignon here.

For example, the gate tower’s entrance carvings form a large cross surrounded by four smaller crosses. It is believed to be the Crusader or Jerusalem’s Cross, an emblem on the knight’s armor used during the first crusade.

Jochen JahnkeCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nevertheless, these carvings are a testament to the calling and zeal of the imprisoned Templar Knights to their order, Christianity, and God. Come and see mysteries!

Today, three gate towers of Domme remain preserved. You can find the Templar Knights graffiti in La Porte des Tours, the main entrance of Domme located on the eastern wall. It’s where you’ll enter if you arrive by bus or if you park your car on P1.

If you want to enter La Porte des Tours and see the graffiti, you may inquire at the tourism office at Place de la Halle. See the office’s opening hours on their official website.

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Activity #5 Have fun in the Dordogne River

Domme France, People canoeing in the Dordogne River
People canoeing in the Dordogne River

Beautiful scenery only starts at Domme’s viewing decks, overlooking the Dordogne River. Believe it or not, much more is waiting for you at Dordogne River

And if you love to have a “chill” sightseeing-adventure trip? The Dordogne River is the place to go to. For me, this is the most fun unmissable thing to do in Domme (or in Dordogne).

Along the Dordogne River, you can find not only tranquil spots like lush forests, duck farms, and walnut orchards. You can also expect to see more hilltop castles and honey-colored villages!

So, what’s the adventure about in the “sightseeing-adventure trip” I’m referring to? Kayaking or canoeing in the Dordogne River. 

Yes, that’s right! People can kayak or canoe in the Dordogne River. In fact, the Dordogne river is famous for these water activities/sports because of its gentle current. The non-turbulent water flow allows people to relax and enjoy the views as they row or just go with the flow.

Domme France, A small beach in the Dordogne River
Domme France, Spectacular views in the Dordogne River
Spectacular views in the Dordogne River

Are you worrying because you do not have your kayak or canoe? Worry not! 

There are canoe and kayak rental services along the river banks near the river’s tourist attractions. Domme is one of these tourist attractions, and you can find a few canoe and kayak rental services in the port area near the bridge.

Note that the port area is nestled between Domme and Cénac-et-Saint-Julien. The canoe and kayak rental services often call their base station in the port “Cénac-et-Saint-Julien” rather than “Domme.”

You can start exploring the Dordogne River as you receive your kayak/canoe and safety gear from the rental services. The payment depends on the length of the river you want to sail. Often, their terms are called “routes” with different start and end stations.

If you can, try the route that starts in Domme/Cénac-et-Saint-Julien and ends in Beynac. Beynac is also another beautiful village in France that, I’m sure, you’ll also love to see! It usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to finish the route

Domme France, View of La Roque-Gageac while canoeing in the Dordogne River
View of La Roque-Gageac while canoeing in the Dordogne River
Domme France, View of Beynac while canoeing in the Dordogne River
View of Beynac while canoeing in the Dordogne River

On your way to Beynac from Domme via the Dordogne River, you can spot the beautiful village of La Roque Gageac and its Château de la Malartrie, Château de Castelnaud, Château de Fayrac, and Château de Beynac. You’ll go under three bridges throughout the trip.

To get back to Domme, you can ask the canoe or kayak rental service for the return trip via shuttle or bus. Canoé Randonnée Dordogne is a highly rated canoe and kayak rental service you can try. 

If you need full assistance visiting Domme and Beynac (no more hassle planning and booking), check out this tour. It includes a walking tour in Domme and Beynac, with a boat ride in between.

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Activity #6 Marvel at the nearby castles

Domme France, Golden hour view of Chateau de Castelnaud from the Dordogne River
Golden hour view of Chateau de Castelnaud from the Dordogne River

As we have discussed previously, there are castles near Domme, which visitors can see as they sail a kayak or canoe in the Dordogne River.

And suppose that you are fascinated with everything from the middle ages (like me). In that case, visiting these castles is also a thing to do you should not miss on your journey to Domme.

Of the four that I mentioned previously, the two I recommend you should see are Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and Château de Beynac

Domme France, Golden hour in Beynac Castle
Golden hour in Beynac Castle

These two castles are in proximity to Domme. But you may want to consider the mode of transportation to reach them:

  • If you don’t have a car, going to Château de Beynac from Domme is much easier and more fun. Because you can rent a kayak/canoe and sail to Beynac to visit the castle.
  • On the flip side, Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle can only be quickly accessed from Domme if you have a private car. You can also get to this castle from Domme by hiking for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

For me, it is okay not to visit both as they share similar characteristics regarding their appearance. Both castles date back to the 12th century and have almost identical architecture.

Also, these castles both sit on a hilltop overlooking Dordogne valley. Whether it is Château de Beynac or Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle you pick, you can still see lovely views.

The only major differences are the exhibits inside these castles. Of course, the programs offered during the tour of each castle will also differ.

From what I can see, if it is discovering a significant piece of history you want, choose the Beynac Castle.  It is a notable site in Dordogne that bears witness to some important events during the Hundred Years’ War. Here, you’ll learn a part of Richard I the Lion Heart’s story and the lords of Beynac.

I just want to share. Beynac reminds me of Rocamadour. These places both resemble each other. And both have quaint villages and castles you’ll love to see. However, Rocamadour is more special. Find out why from my post about Rocamadour.

You book your visit to Beynac Castle through its official website. All the visiting information is indicated on their website. 

If you are interested in discovering different kinds of medieval weapons, Château de Castelnaud is the place to go. It has exhibits ranging from swords to crossbows to trebuchets!

And depending on the program that the staff prepared for the castle’s visitors, you may witness the different demonstrations of the things practiced in the middle ages during your visit. Examples are blacksmiths making new weapons and a soldier firing a trebuchet.

If you want to know more or book your visit to Château de Castelnaud, you may check their official website. I suggest you join a guided tour so you can see a siege lesson when you visit. It’s fantastic.

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Activity #7 Visit more beautiful villages

Domme France, A beautiful house in Beynac
A beautiful house in Beynac

In addition to the castles along the Dordogne River, visiting Domme’s nearby villages is also a must-do! Like Domme, these look charming and picturesque. I bet they’ll turn your wanderlust to “wanderlove!”

You’ll just love wandering either on foot, on a boat, kayak, or canoe. However, I recommend getting off the water and exploring the villages on foot to enjoy seeing these places.  

Domme France, Houses in La Roque-Gageac
Houses in La Roque-Gageac

Of course, you can’t see most of the beautiful little details of these villages while on your boat/kayak/canoe. Also, let’s say you want to take photos or selfies—that would be very difficult while you’re on the water! At the same time, you’ll be more focused on balancing and rowing the boat.

If you are okay with driving/renting a car/hiring a driver, I suggest you do it. It will provide you with a lot of flexibility with your itinerary (I find it hard to use the public transport around Domme). Most importantly, it will give you much time to explore Domme and other villages.

I’m suggesting all these because there are specific times of the day when you should be on a particular spot in these villages. Like the viewpoint in Beynac, located 5 minutes away from the castle. You should be there during sunset/golden hour!

Why? Because that spot is a gem!

swipe the 360° image below to see more views

 There, you’ll get a beautiful angle of the Dordogne River passing through Pont de Fayrac (bridge), with the hills of Dordogne in the backdrop. Also, you’ll see Beynac Castle at the same spot, so going there is like hitting two birds in one shot. The sunset view up there is magical.

Aside from Beynac, another village you can visit from Domme is La Roque-Gageac. It is much closer than Domme, and I find it more charming and picturesque than Beynac. 

Well, thanks to its location at the foot of the towering cliff. The honey-colored houses in La Roque-Gageac blend in with the face of the cliff, which for me, looks enchanting! 

Here are some of the beautiful scenes you may find in La Roque-Gageac:

Domme France, View of La Roque-Gageac cliff, castle, and houses
Domme France, Beautiful houses in La Roque-Gageac
Domme France, Beautiful houses in La Roque-Gageac
Domme France, Beautiful houses in La Roque-Gageac
Domme France, Beautiful houses in La Roque-Gageac
Domme France, Beautiful houses in La Roque-Gageac

Also, how La Roque-Gageac was architectured and built seems to fit its location perfectly. 

When you visit La Roque-Gageac, you must not forget to look at Château de la Malartrie from a spot (44.8256, 1.1826) near the ramp. The view there is irresistible to photograph! The castle, houses, and river form a beautiful composition. 

During mid-day, there are kayaks and canoes parked near the ramp. I think it’s best to get there early in the morning when there are still fewer other tourists (or at sunset) if you want to take photographs.

Lastly, like Domme and Beynac, La Roque-Gageac also has a viewpoint of the Dordogne Valley. It is in Fort de La Roque-Gageac, located above the village and carved into the face of the cliff.

Domme France, View of Fort de La Roque-Gageac from the port
iew of Fort de La Roque-Gageac from the port

Fort de La Roque-Gageac is accessed using a dizzying staircase that starts at the upper part of the village. Up there, you’ll see a different perspective of the Dordogne valley and its meandering river. 

Today, poles were added to the fort to keep it from collapsing. Printed on the columns are pieces of history that tell about La Roque-Gageac and Dordogne. Do you want to visit? You can find the visiting information on the official page of the fort.

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Activity #8 Soar to the sky and marvel at Dordogne

Domme France, Hot Air Balloon in Dordogne

Previously we tackled the different places where you can see breathtaking views of the Dordogne valley. Indeed, the views are breathtaking, right?

However, in Dordogne, going to these vantage points is not the only way to behold the beautiful scenery of the valley. Another way is by not stepping on the grounds of Dordogne—by flying!

You can find several companies in Domme offering aerial tourism activities. There are hot air balloon rides, free-fall experiences, and even ULM (Ultra Light Motorized) aircraft flights

These activities may cost a fortune. But suppose you want something memorable and like to live your life to the fullest. In that case, these experiences or things to do in Domme can be your chance to do so.

The first aerial activity in Domme, which I think is also a bucket list, is riding a hot air balloon. The company/service offering this experience is Montgolfiere du Perigord

I think the hot air balloon is an excellent idea for a birthday or anniversary celebration. You can book a private flight to have that special moment alone above the castles, villages, the meandering Dordogne river, and sometimes, a sea of clouds. It is going to be an absolutely magical experience!

Of course, you won’t be flying the hot air balloon by yourself. A trained pilot will do all the flying and navigation. 

If you like to take the sightseeing experience in Domme and Dordogne in a more adventurous way from the sky, the ULM flight is what you must try. This exciting activity in Domme is offered by Air Chateaux.

With Air Chateaux ULM flight, you will be roaming Domme, seeing the best attractions in Dordogne. You and the pilot will be hovering above and circling around the castles, letting you behold these places from a different perspective.

Château de Castelnaud, Château de Fayrac, and Château de Beynac are just a few of the places on the itinerary of the ULM flight. Actually, if you like, the pilot can bring you above Domme and discover its bastide architecture from above.

ULM flights usually last 15 to 60 minutes, visiting 6 to 11 attractions, depending on your selected package. You can learn about Air Chateaux and its services from its official website.

Lastly, if you’re a traveler looking for extreme adventures, visiting Domme won’t leave you empty-handed! Chute Libre Dordogne, a company that gives free-fall experiences from the sky, will provide one.

Chute Libre Dordogne will bring you up 3500 meters (11482 feet) to the sky. It should take 20 minutes to complete the ascent from the ground, slowly giving you a bigger and bigger picture of Dordogne in one view.

A tandem jump begins as soon as the plane reaches enough height. For 40 seconds, you’ll experience free-fall at a speed of 200 km/h. 

After 40 seconds, the parachute spreads out, and you’ll stay in the air for 3 and 7 seconds. This is an experience you’ll never forget, especially since there’s a graduation ceremony at the end of the jump.

Here’s the website of Chute Libre Dordogne if you want to learn more.

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Activity #9 Wander at the Water Gardens of Carsac

Domme France, A bridge in Water Gardens of Carsac

For nature lovers, there’s another place you can go to enjoy aside from the Dordogne River. The place is called the Water Gardens of Carsac, 20 minutes away from Domme by car. 

In a nutshell, the Water Gardens of Carsac is a lush 3-hectare garden filled with beautiful water lilies, lotuses, and more tropical aquatic plants from Asia and America. It is also called Les Jardins D’eau and is considered one of the remarkable gardens of the Perigord. 

Domme France, Aquatic plants and flowers in Water Gardens of Carsac.jpg

During your visit to the Water Gardens of Carsac, you’ll find more than 30 varieties of lotuses and 55 varieties of water lilies. Believe it or not, some plants grow as big as humans.

What makes the Water Gardens of Carsac unique are the 500-meter (1640-feet) wooden footbridges forming a labyrinth. They pass through the garden’s pools, streams, and waterfalls, where these flowery aquatic plants live.

Domme France, Wooden foot bridge in Water Gardens of Carsac

Aside from the plants, you may see frogs on top of the lilies as you stroll the wooden labyrinth. They’re cute while they’re asleep. But they can be jumping around at times! You will also find a bunch of koi fish, though.

If you plan to bring your kids, they’ll like the controllable water jets in the garden. They can be controlled by the mobile application of the garden.

Domme France, A beautiful aquatic flower in Water Gardens of Carsac

Do you love taking photos? The Water Gardens of Carsac offers you numerous photo opportunities, especially during the flowering season. The pond’s water is usually calm and still, reflecting the plants, bridges, etc., in the garden—you would not miss taking photographs of those!

It’s usually magical in the Water Gardens of Carsac from May to September, the flowering season of the aquatic plants and the opening days of the garden. Learn more from the official website of the Water Gardens of Carsac.

Domme France, A beautiful aquatic flower in Water Gardens of Carsac

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Activity #10 Take pictures in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac

Domme France, The castle and boxwood plants in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac
The castle and boxwood plants in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Last (but not least) is the most beautiful garden you’ll ever find in Dordogne—the Marqueyssac Gardens or Les Jardin de Marqueyssac. It is located approximately 15 minutes from Domme by car, right after you pass by La Roque-Gageac.

In Les Jardin de Marqueyssac, you’ll find one of France’s most mesmerizing arts of gardening. It has 150,000 hand-pruned boxwoods that will keep your jaws dropped on the ground as you stroll in some of its 6-kilometer (3.7-mile) garden trails. 

Domme France, Boxwoods in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

The hand-pruned boxwoods are in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are boxwoods literally shaped like boxes and rectangles. Others appear otherworldly, like green blobs thrown away in an organized manner. They’re beautiful.  

I was speechless when I discovered this garden. I think no words can fully describe or give justice to the beauty of the awe-filling scenery in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac.

Domme France, Gorgeous pathway in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

There are also peacocks in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac, and you can meet them as you stroll around. When you come to the garden, I hope you see the peacock open its beautiful train (peacock’s tail). It’s a cool spectacle to witness.

Perched on a rocky spur, the garden overlooks the Dordogne Valley. You can also expect to see scenic views from the garden. It has a vantage point where you can take selfies where it’s the Beynac Castle in the backdrop.

Domme France, Boxwoods in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

swipe the 360° image below to see more views

Les Jardin de Marqueyssac is also the perfect viewpoint of La Roque-Gageac! It’s just you will have countless lovely things to see, not only views and boxwoods. There are cute Perigord-style huts and treehouses. Also, a chapel and a castle.

You may also try the garden’s 200-meter-long Via Ferrata, 100 meters above the ground. Adventurers will be provided with all the necessary safety gear. It’s definitely a unique and adrenaline-pumping way to see Dordogne valley.

Domme France, Boxwoods in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

This post has mentioned many places where you can/must catch the sunset in Domme/Dordogne. But, Les Jardin de Marqueyssac is another you should also consider.

When the sun is near the horizon, it creates a dramatic effect on the boxwoods in the garden, emphasizing their shapes and edges. You can witness this magical moment at the bastion, the part of Les Jardin de Marqueyssac near the castle.

Domme France, Green tunnel in Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

When it is summer, you would like to stay until the night in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac after you watch the sunset. There are candlelight evenings that absolutely turn the garden into a real fairytale, and you must see it!

If you want to visit the garden, you may check the official website of Les Jardin de Marqueyssac for practical information. The updated admission fee, opening hours, and more are there.

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Other Beautiful Places Like Domme

Domme and Dordogne are definitely one of the most beautiful places in France. However, it is not the only place with breathtaking views, fun activities, and quaint houses. If you’re looking for more places to visit, I suggest the following:

Village/Town Name Features
Gordes A scenic hilltop village with a view of the picturesque Luberon Regional Nature Park.
Eze A romantic hilltop village with an overlooking view of the coast of the French Riviera
Rocamadour A breathtaking pilgrimage site and historical village in Lot Department. I really recommend Rocamadour.
Moustiers-Sainte-Marie A village sitting by the foothills and nearest to the spectacular Verdon Gorge (Grand Canyon of France).
Aigues Mortes A walled village with imposing gates located in the wildlife-rich Camargue Regional Nature Park.
Carcassonne The village/town with 2 preserved medieval walls and 2 UNESCO sites. It’s also one of the most popular destinations in France
Chamonix The village/town with the most panoramic views of the Alps in the South of France.
Domme A quaint village in Dordogne Valley known for its honey-colored houses.
Saint-Paul de Vence A village in the French Riviera, home to countless artworks tucked in its preserved medieval narrow lanes.
Saint-Cirq Lapopie A charming village with half-timbered houses overlooking Lot River.
10 Most Beautiful Villages in the South of France

You may click the names of the villages to learn more. Alternatively, you can also read my article about the Most Beautiful Villages in the South of France for a brief summary of each village.

I also want to share with you the town called Annecy—my favorite city in France. It’s a scenic place that also has a charming historic center, where you can discover some history. I think that you’ll love hanging out at its lake (Lake Annecy). Learn more from my post “10 Reasons Why Visit Annecy.”

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Visiting Domme France (Itinerary)

With all these I mentioned, I really think that Dordogne is worth a visit, your time and money. 

You can see the highlights of the bastide of Domme in less than a day. However, it is surrounded by numerous attractions and things to do. And, obviously, a day is not enough to have all these unmissable experiences.

Here’s how I think you can spend more than a day in Domme or Dordogne:

  1. First day
    1. Morning — Tour of Domme and ride a boat/kayak/canoe to Beynac.
    2. Afternoon — Tour of Beynac and Beynac Castle. See the viewpoint!
  2. Second day
    1. Morning — Wander in La Roque-Gageac
    2. Afternoon until night — Explore and have a romantic/memorable time in Les Jardin de Marqueyssac.
  3. Third day — day for adventure (aerial tourism activities) /  Château de Castelnaud or Water Gardens of Carsac.

If you need a place to stay, you can use this link to find a hotel or accommodation in Domme or Dordogne. There you can sort the hotels based on their prices and ratings. It also has a map interface to help you find the hotel best for you regarding the location.

Some attractions and activities in Domme/Dordogne can be conveniently visited/done using a tour. For example, the first day in the itinerary I shared is already an organized tour (click here to learn more). I suggest you join only if you need assistance or don’t have time to plan/book activities (i.e., boat rides).

See more different tours to Domme and Dordogne here

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Domme, France
Domme, France

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