Not Sure To Visit Bergamo? Check These 10 Reasons To Visit

Medieval cities with scenic spots are my kind of destination. They give me a complete “escapism experience” through their combined old-world vibe and awe-inspiring views. Are you searching for this kind of destination? Bergamo is an excellent choice.

Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, northern Italy, at the foot of the Italian Alps. Let’s say you are currently in Milan. Then, you’re only 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Bergamo. It’s only a train ride away!

Do you want to know if Bergamo is worth visiting? You arrived at the right post. Because here, I’ll explain to you the beautiful experiences/attractions in Bergamo—the reasons why you should visit Bergamo.

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Whenever I’m looking for a destination, the first places I check on the map are the ones beside the mountains. That is how I discovered Bergamo!

Established south of the Italian Prealps, Bergamo is the part of northern Italy where you can see the flatlands slowly shift into breathtaking mountains. The province of Bergamo even has its own mountain range called Bergamasque Prealps.

This explains why Bergamo is a scenic place and has varying landscapes.

Need help in visualizing? Here’s the map pinpointing Bergamo in Lombardy.

Can you see the portion of the map that appears dark green? Those are the Italian Alps. 

In fact, Citta Alta, Bergamo’s medieval city, is perched on a hilltop! On the other hand, Citta Bassa is Bergamo’s more modern district which you can see below Citta Alta.

Can you already imagine the view? 

No? Don’t worry. You will find pictures in this post depicting that lovely scenery.

Aside from the pictures, you will also find practical information about the tourist attractions in Bergamo, alongside the reasons why you should visit Bergamo. If you haven’t decided to visit Bergamo, I’m gonna help you decide with the help of these reasons.

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To begin, let me share my overall opinion of Bergamo by answering the question that most people are asking:

Is Bergamo Worth Visiting?

Yes, Bergamo is worth visiting for its scenic views from its Venetian Walls and architectural marvels in its picturesque medieval city, Citta Alta. Visitors can simultaneously have the awe-inspiring scenery and time-transporting experience from Campanone—Bergamo’s civic tower. It’s an unmissable destination in Northern Italy!

History lovers, architecture enthusiasts, and imaginative travelersI bet they’ll love to see Bergamo’s Venetian Walls. Bergamo was free from siege throughout its history. You can find Bergamo’s walls very well intact and original. I think it’s a fantastic discovery.

Most importantly, Bergamo won’t leave you empty-handed if it’s awe-inspiring works of art/architecture you’re looking for. The facade of Colleoni Chapel is the epitome of the beauty of Italian Renaissance architecture. Staggering embellishments await you there!

That’s only a very brief summary of what you’ll experience in Bergamo. But there’s more you can experience! 

Bergamo has an attraction that can give “a twist” to your visit. Nevertheless, Bergamo is a picturesque city, and I bet it’ll also make you feel you need to take photos all the time.

Discover them all from my list of reasons to visit Bergamo (see next section).

By the way, obviously, Bergamo isn’t the only beautiful place in Northern Italy you can try visiting. If you’re also like me, a history/architecture enthusiast and nature lover, you might want to see other places like the following:

10 Reasons to Visit Bergamo

As mentioned, Bergamo is more than a medieval city where you can find a beautiful nature-city panorama. Here are all the reasons I can think of why you should visit Bergamo:

  1. Bergamo’s Basilica of St. Mary Major
  2. Colleoni Chapel in Bergamo
  3. The scenic views of Bergamo from Citta Alta (Campanone)
  4. The Venetian walls, a UNESCO site in Bergamo
  5. The Impressive gates of Bergamo (Porta San Giacomo)
  6. Museum in Bergamo’s bastion (Rocca Museum)
  7. Natural History Museum in Bergamo
  8. Bergamo is just an absolutely picturesque city
  9. The delicious local cuisine of Bergamo
  10. Bergamo’s Proximity to Milan & Airport

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Reason #1: Bergamo’s Basilica of St. Mary Major

Bergamo Italy, Basilica Mary Major beautiful interiors
Bergamo Italy, Basilica Mary Major ceiling decoration
Bergamo Italy, Basilica Mary Major interiors

Let’s kick off this list of reasons why to visit Bergamo with Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (the Basilica of Saint Mary Major), the most admirable place that you can ever find in Bergamo.

It is a reason to visit Bergamo because of the overwhelming beauty that awaits you inside the church.

In fact, numerous visitors have already said that the Basilica of Saint Mary Major is one of the best churches they’ve seen in their entire lives!

The history of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major dates back to more than 900 years ago when the residents of Bergamo made a vow to the Virgin Mary.

The citizens created this church in exchange for their protection from the plague ravaging northern Italy. They built the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Piazza Vecchia (old town square), replacing an old church on the same site.

It has a small entrance from the old town square, but again, the real spectacle lies inside the church.

The interiors, both walls and ceiling of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, are full of gorgeous tapestries, frescoes, and paintings. There are overwhelming details to behold, and it seems nothing is left blank you can notice.

The artworks inside the Basilica of Saint Mary Major retell biblical stories, from the Passage of the Red Sea to the Life of Mary and the Crucifixion of Jesus.

You can also find artwork about the Last Supper and the Tree of Life. The frescoes are outlined with gold paint, giving a cherubic impression to anyone who visits. 

Entry to the Basilica of Saint Mary Major is free. It is usually open from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday (2 hours lunch break starting 12:30 pm). On Sundays, it is available from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm (2 hours lunch break from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm).

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Reason #2: Colleoni Chapel in Bergamo

Bergamo Italy, Colleoni Chapel
Bergamo Italy, Colleoni Chapel
Bergamo Italy, Colleoni Chapel

The next attraction, another reason to visit Bergamo, lies just beside the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Piazza Vecchia: the Colleoni Chapel. It is a Chapel and a mausoleum known for having an exquisite facade, a mesmerizing structure you can’t resist taking pictures of.

Colleoni Chapel was built for Bartolomeo Colleoni, one of the notable persons in Bergamo during the mid-15th century, and for his daughter as their personal shrine dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Mark.

Centuries passed, and it turned out to be more than intended.

Today it is considered the Bergamo’s most spectacular building and the city’s main tourist attraction, manifesting the bests of Italian Renaissance architecture

The facade of Colleoni Chapel was made even more spectacular by using polychrome marbles forming tarsia and eye-catching three-dimensional patterns.

Not to mention the rose window and the stone medallion of Julius Cesar and Trajan beside the window – they’re noteworthy features of the facade of Colleoni Chapel so unmissable!

Enter the Colleoni Chapel, and you’ll see the tomb of Bartolomeo Colleoni, a high altar, different artworks showing parts of Jesus Christ’s life, and more.

Like the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, the entrance to the Colleoni Chapel is free. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The opening hours vary from March to October; Colleoni Chapel is open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. From November to February9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Lunch break, from 12:30 pm until 2:00 pm.

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Reason #3: The scenic views of Bergamo from Citta Alta (Campanone)

Bergamo Italy, view of Campanone from below
Bergamo Italy, Campanone
Bergamo Italy, Campanone

The third compelling thing about Bergamo, why it is so good to visit, is the panorama awaiting you from Campanone. Campanone is the town’s civic tower which you can climb to get to the vantage point that overlooks the entire city.

The views extend from Italy’s northern central plains to the rising hills and mountains of the Alps.

What’s great is that you do not have to walk very far to get to Campanone if you’re already in Piazza Vecchia because the tower is also in the same place!

Campanone is the tower in front of the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, only a few steps away. 

The civic tower or Campanone is approximately 53 meters high (173 feet), and you can reach the top of the tower either by climbing the 230-step staircase or using the lift.

You must climb the civic tower as the panoramic views of the city isn’t the only ones you’ll see up there. But also Lombardy’s largest bell.

What’s more remarkable about the bell on top of the Campanone is that it continues to function, keeping a tradition in Bergamo alive.

Every night (10 pm) in Bergamo, the bell of Campanone still successively chimes one hundred times to remember the closing of the city walls’ gate when Bergamo was still under Venetian rule.

The view from the top of Campanone can be very dramatic, especially during hazy weather. See more towers, domes of the surrounding churches, and the tile-roof houses on top of Campanone. They shall look like a scene straight out of a movie or video game! 

The entry fee to Campanone is 5 EUR which includes entry to Palazzo del Podestà as well. You can check for the opening hours and some announcements regarding Campanone on their website.

You can enter Campanone from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am until 6 pm.

Do you need help in discovering Bergamo? You can find a local guide or join a group tour in GetYourGuide.

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Reason #4: The Venetian walls, a UNESCO site in Bergamo

Bergamo Italy, Venetian Wall promenade
Bergamo Italy, sunset view of the Venetian Wall
Bergamo Italy, sunset views of the Venetian Wall

For me, UNESCO heritage sites are one of the biggest reasons why visit a city or country. Because they are either a masterpiece to admire or exceptional traditional or cultural creations that can awe inspire you very much.

UNESCO sites always have this universal value which should always be worth the time and money!

In Bergamo, a UNESCO-recognized heritage site awaits you – it’s the Venetian walls surrounding the old town Bergamo. It’s 6 kilometers or 3.7 miles long, consisting of different features transporting visitors back to medieval times. 

The Venetian walls of Bergamo have two armories, four gates, fourteen bastions, one hundred embrasures for canons, underground passages, and tunnels.

This is why Bergamo is just the place to be if you want to realize your fantasies from movies and TV series set in the middle ages. Don’t you miss seeing the casemates of San Giovanni and San Michele during your visit!

The walls of Bergamo were built in the late 16th century to protect the city from invasion.

However, fate has been favorable to Bergamo that a single battle never happened on its doorsteps and the walls remained intact throughout the centuries. The walls you’ll see are mostly the original version, that’s why it’s a bit more special.

From the walls, you can see the scenic views of the lower town.

It’s the best place to watch the sunset and take time-lapse shots of the city from Golden hour to dusk to evening. There are random benches along the walls where you can hang out and chill to witness that spectacular hour in Bergamo.

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Reason #5: The Impressive gates of Bergamo (Porta San Giacomo)

Bergamo Italy, Porta San Giacomo
Bergamo Italy, Porta San Giacomo
Bergamo Italy, Porta San Giacomo

The most beautiful gate of the Venetian Wall, Porta San Giacomo, is impressive enough to be a reason why you should visit Bergamo. It is the main entrance to Citta Alta, where people from Milan used to pass going back centuries ago.

Porta San Giacomo stands out from the rest of Bergamo’s Venetian Wall because of the particular material used in its construction.

Unlike the wall built from ordinary stone, Porta San Giacomo is made with white marble from Zandobbio’s quarries located 15 kilometers east of Bergamo. 

The architecture of Porta San Giacomo is quite simple.

But because of its white material, it spectacularly gathers attention from the scene, especially on a bright sunny day. Catch it turn golden during sunset or sunrise!

At night, Porte San Giacomo is flashed with lights of different colors, virtually painting the gate with different hues.

If you are lucky, you can witness the projections of different images to the gate, which could be so amazing to watch. It usually happens when there is an event in Bergamo.

Whether it is day or night, you can find Porte San Giacomo, one of the most picturesque places in Bergamo.

Because of its elevated position overlooking the lower town, you can find it very romantic as well. The gate has a masonry bridge over a moat which adds to the overall medieval experience of exploring the area.

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Reason #6: Museum in Bergamo’s bastion (Rocca Museum)

Bergamo Italy, Rocca Bastion
Bergamo Italy, View from Rocca Bastion
Bergamo Italy, Rocca Bastion

Bastions, aside from walls, are another part of any medieval city’s defenses. Bergamo has a few of them too. However, in Bergamo, there’s one called Rocca, which is more unique than the others. Thus, a reason why visit Bergamo.

Rocca is a 14th-century bastion or fortress located east of Citta Alta, where traces of Bermago’s military might remain. Here you can see cannons and tanks, explore a bombardier’s house and patrol walkways, and pretend that it is not the 21st century.

What makes Rocca unique is the museum you will find inside the bastion.

Rocca Museum houses not only things that give insight into Bergamo. But also into one of the most important parts of Italian history: the unification of Italy. It is why Rocca Museum is also called the museum of the 19th century.

Do you want to learn how Bergamo shifted into a nation-integrated city from an old rule? Go inside the halls of the museum of the 19th century, and you’ll find all the details.

See exhibits of various interesting things, from simple items used by the locals in their everyday life to artworks and muzzle-loading rifles. Dive deep into history and learn how patriotic the Italian people are.

Overall it’s a remarkable fortress where you can learn so much about the city and Italian history. You can also stroll in the complex’s gardens and walls during your visit, climb the tower, and see epic views

Rocca isn’t that busy and crowded compared to the town’s square.

The bastion’s surroundings are an excellent place for a peaceful walk and a little time for introspection or self-reflection after visiting the museum.

You can visit Rocca every day, but not on Mondays. Opening hours vary per season, but it should already be open by 10:00 am; 6:00 pm closing time. The site has a lunch break from 1:00 until 2:30 pm.

Check Bergamo’s website for the exact opening hours and announcements.

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Reason #7: Natural History Museum in Bergamo

What’s cool about Bergamo?

Within the medieval town, a museum about prehistoric animals exists. It’s a twist in the journey in a historical city, giving fun experiences to curious minds.

It is called the Museum of Natural History and is currently located at Piazza Cittadella.

The museum’s full name is Civic Museum of Natural Science Enrico Caffi (Museo Civico Scienze Naturali Enrico Caffi in Italian). It is home to 55000 different artifacts, ranging from fossils to preserved in wax animals and plants. 

The most amusing things exhibited in the Civic Museum of Natural Science are the reconstructed skeletal system of a dinosaur and a massive mammoth figure. Not to mention the room full of heads of different deers and alpine animals! They’re so cool.

Though the Civic Museum of Natural Science isn’t perfectly fit with the medieval flair of Bergamo, it’s still a reason to visit Bergamo. That is, especially if you’re traveling with your kids. They will surely enjoy the exhibition.

The information boards in the museum are written in Italian.

It’s better to download Google Translate to your phone to understand the description indicated for each exhibited artifact and animal as you explore.

The Civic Museum of Natural Science in Bergamo has irregular opening hours changing with the season. However, it should already be open from 10:00 am. I suggest that you come before 5:00 pm. It is open every day except Mondays. Check for announcements and exact opening hours from the museum’s website

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Reason #8: Bergamo is an absolutely picturesque City

Being a medieval city, the scenery we can see in Bergamo will always look like something straight out of a movie or a fairytale.

The beautiful architecture of the buildings in the town’s square, the view from the tower and bastion, and the cobblestone lanes, arches, and old houses within the city walls will make your finger press that shutter!

Bergamo is, yes, picturesque, but it surely will satisfy the wanderlust within us as well. Below are the inspiring photos of Bergamo you’ll consider a reason why you’ll visit Bergamo:

Bergamo Italy, sculpture in front of the church
Bergamo Italy, church towers and spires
Bergamo Italy, overlooking views of Bergamo
Bergamo Italy, houses and beautiful lanterns
Bergamo Italy, View of the houses from the wall

You can find and join city tours from here.

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Reason #9: Delicious local cuisine of Bergamo

Another reason why visit Bergamo? Northern Italian Cuisine.

Unlike the rest of the country in southern and central Italy, the cuisine offered in Bergamo has main ingredients that grow in a colder climate. You can expect meat instead of fish and dairy instead of olive oil on your meals in Bergamo. 

Some of the dishes you might want to try are Polenta Taragna, Casoncelli, and Scarpinocc.

But among these three, Polenta Taragna is the most famous and what we can consider Bergamo’s food specialty.

Polenta Taragna is a variation in the recipe of the Polenta, a common accompaniment to some dishes in some parts of Italy. Other restaurants pair Polenta with fried fish and braised dishes as an alternative to bread. 

However, in Bergamo, instead of serving Polenta with its base ingredients, it is made into Polenta Taragna with the addition of cheeses, milk, and butter. And unlike the rest of Italy, Polenta Taragna is served as a main course instead of just a complimentary meal.

Here’s a picture of Polenta Taragna: 

Bergamo Italy, Polenta Taragna

You can find different dining experiences in Bergamo here.

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Reason #10: Bergamo’s Proximity to Milan & Airport

The last reason to visit Bergamo is simply because of its location, which is scenic and easy to access. It even has its own airport (Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport), less than 10 kilometers from the city center. 

To get to Bergamo Citta Alta from Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport, hop on bus #1. You should arrive at Bergamo upper town 33 minutes after departing from the airport.

Milan is very close to Bergamo (some people from TripAdvisor and other travel forums even recommend Bergamo over Milan). If you plan to visit Bergamo from Milan, you need to do two steps: (1) Ride on a train to Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport. (2) Hop on bus #1 to reach Citta Alta. Overall, it will be an hour and 30-minute commute.

You can visit Bergamo on a day trip from Milan. But if you want to stay in Bergamo for more than a day (because you love slow travel, trying the best restaurants, and discovering little details), you may use this link to find the best hotel deals in Bergamo.

Also, if you want:

  1. Bergamo traditional food tour
  2. Wine-tasting tours
  3. Private tour and guides
  4. Bus transfer to/from Milan
  5. Airport transfers

You may get one from GetYourGuide.

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Bergamo, Italy, 10 Reasons to Visit
Bergamo, Italy, 10 Reasons to Visit

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