10 Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Visit Bolzano, Italy

The Dolomites is one of the ultimate destinations for mountain lovers like me. To get to the Dolomites, the best way is to have a train ride to Bolzano—the “Gateway to the Dolomites.” But is Bolzano worth visiting?

Bolzano is worth a quick visit for the interesting museum exhibits (Ötzi, the iceman) and unique natural wonders (Earth Pyramids). Aside from the breathtaking views, Bolzano also has a gorgeous church, Lüftlmalerei-embellished houses, and nearby fairytale castles some visitors like to see.

Also, Because of its location, Bolzano can be your home base for visiting some parts of the Dolomites. You can reach Santa Magdalena or Seceda (Ortisei) within 1.5 hours of driving from Bolzano.

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Ötzi, Earth Pyramids, Lüftlmalerei, Santa Magdalena, Seceda—I think they’re the main reasons you should visit Bolzano or stay in Bolzano.

Are you wondering what they are? Worry not! In this post, you’ll learn more about them and the other beautiful things/experiences in Bolzano. 

I will explain the tourist attractions and why you should see/visit them. You will also find links to the official websites of these tourist attractions, where you can find their updated visitor information.

Before anything else, let me quickly introduce Bolzano to you. What and where exactly is Bolzano?

Bolzano is the capital of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. It is the Italian Alps’ urban center, and because it’s the city closest to the iconic peaks in the Dolomites, people call Bolzano the Gateway to the Dolomites.   

Here’s the map of Bolzano:

How to get to Bolzano?

Bolzano is accessible, and it’s simple to reach whether you’re coming from Austria (Innsbruck) or Italy (Verona). Bolzano is in between these two cities. It would take only ~2 hours to reach Bolzano from Verona or Innsbruck.

Bolzano has a small airport, however. It’s connected to other European cities with a few flight connections.

So without further ado:

10 Reasons To Visit Bolzano

The fact that Bolzano is situated within the Alps is enough already to consider it an unmissable place to see. When you visit it with a reflective mind and heart, Mountains shall change you to become a better version of yourself. I have even experienced healing by climbing mountains!

Anyhow, here is the summary or list of 10 compelling reasons to visit Bolzano:

  1. Bolzano is the Gateway to the Dolomites
  2. Bolzano’s Christmas Market
  3. Historic City Center of Bolzano
  4. Bolzano Cathedral
  5. Castel Roncolo in Bolzano
  6. Museo de Arqueología del Tirol del Sur in Bolzano
  7. Earth Pyramids Renon, Bolzano
  8. Torre Panoramica del Colle overlooking Bolzano
  9. Serenity in Santa Magdalena near Bolzano
  10. Picturesque Seceda near Bolzano            

By the way, you might like to go to Bolzano for the following activities:

  • Street food walking tour
  • Guided traditional food tour
  • Historical city center guided walking tour
  • and different activities in the Dolomites

You can learn more about them and find more things to do in Bolzano here.

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Reason #1: Bolzano is the Gateway to the Dolomites

The first reason to visit Bolzano is unquestionably the Dolomites. It is clean, safe, and ideal for everyone, even if you travel solo, as a couple, or with your family. Being in the heart of this beautiful region, Bolzano offers so many fun activities to do regardless of the season.

Of course, hiking, mountain biking, etc., are the most common activities in the Dolomites. But you’ll be surprised because there’s a lot more! Just from Bolzano alone, you can already visit the castles, explore the gorge, chase waterfalls, discover new things in museums, or wander around to travel back in time!

Look in Google Maps, and you’ll see Bolzano is dotted with numerous attractions around it! I’ll mention some I find really interesting. They are (click to see the location in Google Maps): Castel RoncoloCastel MareccioTreuenstein CastlePalazzo MercantileUNESCO World Heritage GEOPARK BletterbachMuri-Gries AbbeyMuseion, and more!

Also, though Bolzano is dubbed as just the “Gateway” to the Dolomites, it does not mean you won’t see really spectacular views here yet. Surrounded by peaks of 1000 to 2000 meters (3280 to 6561 feet) high, it is the mountain’s breathtaking views that will welcome you to the city.

But, indeed, the ones awaiting you in the heart of the Dolomites, like in Cortina d’Ampezzo, are much better!

Actually, you can move up to the two viewpoints close to Bolzano straight from the city center and see a better view of the panorama I’m telling. One of them is called Renon, and another is Colle. The way to these places is a stunning activity already as you’ll be riding a cable car overlooking the city and the valleys.

We’ll talk about Renon and Colle later. But for now, do you know what else you’ll see as the cable car goes up aside from the city and the surrounding peaks? The vast vineyards. These expansive vineyards mean one thing: good-tasting wines await you in Bolzano. 

I can continue describing Bolzano on and on. But all I’m pointing out is that you won’t get bored in Bolzano when you visit.

There’s just a lot to do, so it is worth going to Bolzano. Stay in this post and continue reading, and you’ll learn more fascinating things about visiting Bolzano.

If you need a place to stay in Bolzano, you can find the best accommodation deals in Bolzano here. The link will send you to a hotel browser with a map feature. It can help you find the hotel located at the most convenient/accessible location in Bolzano.

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Reason #2: Bolzano’s Christmas Market

Indeed, there is a lot to do in Bolzano and the Dolomites all year round. Even in winter! Though outdoor activities and adventures will be limited to “playing in the snow,” cultural events and dazzling attractions occur, and they are your fun and magical substitutes.

In the winter season in Bolzano, Dolomites, or in South Tyrol, you’ll see most clearly the influence of German and Austrian culture in the region. Guess what it is? Christmas Markets! You’ll love the glittering lights and the plethora of glamourous locally made products.

Actually, Bolzano’s Christmas Market is “special” – and it is a beautiful reason to visit Bolzano. It is the “largest and oldest” Christmas market in Italy  jam-packed with lovely food and goods mixed with German, Austrian, and Italian cultures. 

Some performers in Bolzano Christmas Market play Christmas carols in a very European way. If you travel to Italy during the Christmas season and are from a different part of the world, don’t miss this Christmas Market! With enthusiasm, it will surely be a beautiful experience.

Lastly, never miss tasting the chocolate pretzel, Raclette, or Schaumkuss, when you visit Bolzano and its Christmas Market! Bolzano’s Christmas Market occurs in Bolzano’s well-known square, Waltherplatz, situated just 5 minutes away by foot from the train station. Check the schedule of the Christmas Market in Bolzano here.

Christmas Markets originated in Germany. Here are the places that both have charming streets and beautiful Christmas markets:

  1. Nuremberg: 15 Reasons Why Nuremberg Is Worth Visiting | Nuremberg Itinerary
  2. Rothenburg ob der Tauber: 7 Ultimate Reasons Why You Should Visit Rothenburg

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Reason #3: Historic City Center of Bolzano

Whether it’s the city center or the outskirts, Bolzano shall feed your wanderlust – that’s for sure! However, the people who love the great outdoors like me would be enticed to go out of town, see the Dolomite mountains up close immediately, and stay there “forever.”

That sweet moment at the top, where you can see almost everything so far beyond, is just an indescribable feeling. The top of the world feeling like you own everything you see feels exhilarating yet humbling. There you’ll realize how small you are compared to the world.

Even though visiting the mountains can give you this ecstatic feeling, it does not mean that you can already skip the city center. Well, of course, you can! But, the attractions in the city can be worthwhile too, and they are a reason to visit Bolzano, in my opinion.

There are nostalgic castles and thought-feeding museums in Bolzano, which I think you’ll love to see. We will discuss them later. Nevertheless, the fun in the city center of Bolzano starts in its streets. Discover the city architecture, find picturesque cobblestone lanes, and see how different cultures (German, Italian, and Austrian) interweave.

You can find historic city center tours, traditional food tours, and street food tours in Bolzano here.

Bolzano city center has four lovely parts. They are the Piazza del Municipio Rathausplatz, Via dei Portici, Via dei Bottaiand Piazza Walther. These streets and squares are the most Instagrammable parts of the city too. So, prepare your cameras as you visit!

From its name, Piazza del Municipio Rathausplatz is where you can find the Townhall of Bolzano. In this Piazza in Bolzano, the two most beautiful lanes intersect, the Via dei Bottai and Via dei Portici.

Piazza del Municipio Rathausplatz is just a little square, though. The flower-embellished windows of the town hall’s facade and its gorgeous bas-relief decorations will be the main subject of your visit. The town hall has a clock tower with a good-looking pinnacle, too.

In the Via dei Bottai, situated on the left side (or east) of the town hall, you’ll find the most charming houses in the city. Proceed to the lane going north or away from the town hall to see them. You will uncover meticulously architectured and fascinating Lüftlmalerei-painted facades along your stroll in Via dei Bottai.

Lüftlmalerei is a mural art mostly found in Tyrol and southern Germany. These murals are painted on the facades of the houses. Usually, Lüftlmalerei depicts the daily lives of the residents living in the community or their favorite saints, and many more.

The street across the town hall of Bolzano is called Via dei Portici. Stroll into it to see countless shops, restaurants, and boutiques, all within tens of arcades. This shopping district is also one of the most photo-worthy spots in Bolzano – you have to stay in the middle of the lane to see the picturesque angle/view.

The main square of the city, Piazza Walther, never goes off the list of unmissable places to see in Bolzano. Wide open, it lets you see the gorgeous mountains surrounding the town – so refreshing to the eyes! But most importantly, here you can find the Bolzano Cathedral, which is another reason to visit Bolzano.

Do you like wandering in beautiful historic city centers? If yes, you should see Bern. Its town center is a UNESCO heritage site, and you’ll love the scenes on its streets. Discover cute fountains, impressive astronomical clocks, and more: Bern 1, 2, 3-Day Itinerary: 22 Best Things To Do In Bern

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Reason #4: Bolzano Cathedral

Duomo di Bolzano (Bolzano Cathedral) adds to the worthiness of a visit to Bolzano. You’ll like to see it, particularly if you’re buffed in discovering unusual architecture. Its unique ornate roof and elaborated steeple are absolutely eye-magnets!

The history of this church dates back almost 850 years ago when it was consecrated in the year 1180. It was built on Romanesque architecture until the 14th century when the church was reconstructed in Gothic style.

Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral is the other name of Bolzano Cathedral. And according to my sources, this cathedral is the first Gothic church with a long central nave and two side naves built in the form of a cross in history of architecture. 

Of course, the churches in primary Italian cities look better than Bolzano Cathedral. But, it does not mean that the cathedral can’t be a reason to visit Bolzano.

Come inside Bolzano Cathedral to see more impressive things other than its exteriors. You shall first notice its expansive and picturesque vaulted three-nave interior. The benches, columns, and ceiling form beautiful proportions and leading lines – they are photography elements that undoubtedly please the spectators’ eyes.

Actually, things shall interest you even before you enter the cathedral from the side of Piazza Walther. The entrance or portal called “Leitacher Törl” is known as one of the finest High Gothic portals in Tyrol. But before you enter, look up, and you’ll see the gargoyles (that they say) similar to Notre Dame in Paris.

The single-pillar pulpit shall also capture your attention when you enter the Bolzano Cathedral alongside the photogenic interior, the beautiful high altar, and century-old murals. It is heavily elaborated with a bas-relief, mainly depicting the four evangelists.

A visit to Bolzano Cathedral is incomplete without peeking into the Cathedral Treasury located at the foot of the tower. The Cathedral Treasury houses Tyrol’s oldest, most sacred, most precious religious items! Definitely, it is a must-see place.

The items inside the Cathedral Treasury are literally expensive. Some of them are made of silver and gold. One best example is the 136-centimeter (4.5 feet) monstrance made of 13 kilos of solid silver coated with gold.

With all these mentioned, it’s now clear that the cathedral is indeed a reason to visit Bolzano.

So, planning to visit? Bolzano Cathedral’s opening hours are from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm, with a 2-hour break starting from 12:00 noon. However, the Cathedral Treasury is only open from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon. Both are open for visitors Monday to Saturday

Unquestionably, the Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral is an icon of Bolzano. But, believe it or not, an archeological museum in this city is more famous than this beautiful cathedral. It is called the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, and obviously, it is a reason to visit Bolzano.

By the way, are you interested in architecture, churches, and other historical sites? A few of my favorites are in France. They are the following:

  1. Sainte-Chapelle in Paris (it has extraordinary stained glass windows). Learn more: 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Paris
  2. Reims Cathedral in Reims (it is where the kings of France held their coronation). See it here: 10 Best Reasons Why Reims Is Worth Visiting
  3. Strasbourg Minster in Strasbourg (it is one of the tallest in Europe). Check it out: 22 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Strasbourg
  4. La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon (it has stunning interiors). See: 14 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Lyon

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Reason #5: Museo de Arqueología del Tirol del Sur in Bolzano

Time-traveling may still be fiction today, but our imagination can bring us to the past with preserved centuries-old buildings and objects we discover in traveling. In Bolzano, you will not only be transported back to medieval times. With the help of Ötzi, the iceman, you can reach as far as the copper age!

So who is Ötzi? He is Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy found in the Alps, along the borders of Italy and Austria. From the studies conducted in Innsbruck, it was estimated that he lived sometime between 3350 and 3105 BC. That’s unbelievably 5000 years ago! 

Today, he and his belongings are kept on the third floor of the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, making the museum and Bolzano known to people everywhere. Well, that’s not true for every one of us, of course! But to the scientists and enthusiasts, it’s most likely.   

Whether you are interested or not, we can consider the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology as a reason to visit Bolzano for the unique discovery awaiting the visitors inside. I think it’s best to see if you have your kids with you when you go to Italy. 

Outside, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology looks like an ordinary building in Bolzano. You can quickly notice it because of a tarp with the image of a prehistoric man. It is located along Via Museo, one block from River Talfer and a 7-minute walk from the Piazza Walther. Here is the exact location of the museum on Google Maps.

The museum is well-organized, and it has a mobile app audio guide for easy understanding of the museum’s contents. You can see the opening hours, admission, and requirements on the iceman’s website

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Reason #6: Castel Roncolo in Bolzano

Northern Italy has castles dotted its territory if you look at the map. Some sit beside a lake, and some are perched on top of the hill. Either way, they are truly magical and fairytale-ish. Because of them, visiting the region appears more worth doing.

Actually, you can already find more than 10 castles just around the city of Bolzano. Few are already in ruins, but most of them are still intact. In fact, some of the castles that are still standing are now being used as event venues.

But, among the castles in and around Bolzano, what do I think is worth a visit? It’s Castel Roncolo, a picturesque medieval castle from the 13th century perched on a hill. Other people call it by its German name, Runkelstein Castle. Don’t get confused!

You can find Castel Roncolo north of the city of Bolzano at the entrance of Sarentino Valley. It’s a 30-minute walk from Bolzano city center, but you can conveniently ride a shuttle bus from Piazza Walther.

We can consider Castel Roncolo a reason to visit Bolzano for three things. First, for its breathtaking location. Second, it’s a lovely place to photograph and just wander around, and lastly, for its famous story-telling medieval frescoes. 

Of the three, it’s wandering around and getting the feeling that I’m in an actual castle is the experience I want. I’ve watched movies set in medieval times, and I always wonder what it feels like to be in their story. Anyhow, it’s seeing the frescoes in Roncolo Castle that will be the highlight of a visit to the castle.  

The frescoes in Roncolo Castle are one of South Tyrol’s primary attractions. They are known to be one of the most “comprehensive” fresco cycles of the middle ages. Stories of noblemen, court ladies, and hinting scenes are well depicted in these frescoes.

It has rooms painted with colorful images. Some frescoes also illustrate classical literature, like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The most notable ones are located in the west wing of the castle

You can find the visitor’s information, like the opening hours and admission fee, from Roncolo Castle’s official website. I recommend you read the entire page to see recent announcements regarding entry requirements. Here’s a summary of the visiting information as of this writing:

  • Admission Fee: 8 EUR for adults, 16 EUR for families, and 5.50 EUR for students and senior citizens.
  • Summer opening hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (5:30 pm last entry), Tuesday to Sunday
  • Winter opening hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (last entry is 4:30 pm), Tuesday to Sunday
  • Closed on December 24,25, 31, and January 1.

Roncolo Castle is just one of the scenic places you can easily visit from the city center. Renon and Colle are another two that are breathtaking, too. You can get to them even without a car. 

If you want to visit the most beautiful castles, you must consider visiting Germany. Below are Germany’s two of its most beautiful castles:

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle: Visit Neuschwanstein Castle (Viewpoints & Nearby Attractions)
  2. Lichtenstein Castle: Lichtenstein Castle in Germany and 5 Things to Do Nearby

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Reason #7: Earth Pyramids Renon

One of the most visited breathtaking places in Bolzano is called Renon. It is a high plateau of 1000 to 1300 meters in elevation, situated northeast, and overlooking the city. People usually come here to get some peace and have wholesome nature walks.

Renon looks very idyllic. You shall see beautiful verdant vistas with stunning blue mountains in the background during spring or summer. It’s no wonder why people love going to Renon. The view in Renon is enough to be considered a reason to get to Bolzano and visit this.

Several villages are in Renon, each connected with scenic hiking paths.

These trails are well-marked, passing woods, alpine pastures, and little lakes. In some parts, like Trail B or the Panoramic Trail, a jaw-dropping 360 degrees view of the Dolomite Alps awaits. 

Below is a printable brochure from the official website of Renon, where all the information you need to visit Renon (peak) is written. 

You can find cable car ride prices to different attractions, bus schedules, and more from this brochure. It also has information about the length of time needed to finish the hiking trails and the difficulty, bus stops, parking lots, and restaurant locations.

Aside from the eye-pleasing views of the idyllic Renon, another reason why people come to this place? The earth pyramids. They are mysterious-looking cone-shaped pillars of clay – some have boulders on top. 

The earth pyramids in Renon in Europe’s tallest. Studies say it took mother nature 25,000 years to create these earth pyramids. They are located in different parts of Renon, in the Katzenbach-creek gorge below Soprabolzano, in the Gasters gorge in Auna di Sotto, and in the Finsterbach creek between Longomoso and Monte di Mezzo.

One of the earth pyramids in Renon is a 40-minute hike from the village of Collalbo. The vantage point from Collalbo includes a view of the earth pyramids and Odle and Sciliar Dolomites in the background. The lovely houses and church in the middle of a picturesque meadowy hill are also in the scene.

Getting to Renon is easy and quick, 12 minutes from the city center by cable car. Here is the Google Map location link of the cable car station (Talstation Rittner Seilbahn) heading to Renon. It is just 5 to 10 minutes from the city’s main terminal on foot.

Renon is a day trip or two-day visit from Bolzano for a maximized experience. If you want to see stunning views of the alps without getting too far away from Bolzano city center, check the Kohlern-Colle discussed below.

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Reason #8: Torre Panoramica del Colle overlooking Bolzano

Bolzano, actually, has its own mountain located very close to the city center. This mountain is called Monte Pozza and near its peak is Kohlern-Colle, one of the city’s districts. Have a 360-degree view of Kohlern-Colle below:

In my perspective, Kohnlern-Colle is the smaller version of Renon without the earth pyramids. 

Like Renon, Kohlern-Colle is connected to the Bolzano city center with an aerial lift. This aerial lift, called Funivia del Colle or Kohlerer Bahn (in German), is considered the world’s first aerial lift built for passenger use. Believe it or not, Funivia del Colle is already more than 100 years old, being inaugurated on June 29, 1908.

The view inside the Funivia del Colle’s gondola is already stunning. You get an overlooking scenery of the city and a sight of Renon and its villages during the ride. However, what awaits you on top shall look even better. 

The main attraction on Kohlern-Colle is a rustic tower called Torre Panoramica del Colle. Visitors climb up to the top of this tower for an absolutely panoramic 360-degree view of the surroundings! The city of Bolzano, the Renon Plateau, Adige Valley, Monte Alto, Monte Tondo, and more will be all yours to see from the top.

Torre Panoramica del Colle is made of wood and was constructed about 80 to 90 years ago. Knowing that it is not made of steel or cement, climbing it can be a bit worrying, but it’s totally safe! It has been repaired and restored into good shape just recently, not more than 30 years ago.

Climbing the tower can give you a sense of a unique experience because it is made of wood. Like, where else can you find a wooden lookout on top of a mountain nowadays?

The Torre Panoramica del Colle is open for visitors from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm. The best part? You can enter for free! It’s best to visit the tower during the afternoon to watch the sunset and the golden hour over Bolzano.

Another beautiful place or structure to see in Kohlern-Colle is the beautiful castle-like chalet called Villa Bittner, located at the farthest end of Kohlern-Colle. I think it is private property, but it can be a quick stop/look before you go back to Bolzano after enjoying the rest of Kohlern-Colle.

For me, Kohlern-Colle is a reason to visit Bolzano because it gives you easy access/opportunity to see the breathtaking views of the Dolomites without too much effort. You do not have to hike for hours or rent a car, drive, and so on – it’s one of the best places to be if you have limited time in northern Italy.

Yet, of course, the scenery is better if you can get closer to the heart of the Dolomites. The two places next in our discussion shall explain why.

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Reason #9: Serenity in Santa Magdalena near Bolzano

Being the “Gateway of the Dolomites,” Bolzano is already close to the most picturesque and stunning locations in the Italian Alps. One of these places is called Santa Magdalena. It’s a place you’d thought heaven because of its indescribable beauty.

I’ll just leave pictures of Santa Magdalena below because it’s absolutely unjust to describe it with words. The village of Santa Magdalena and the church with the peaks of Odle mountains in the background is one of the most photographed spots in the Dolomites.

Find activities and day trips from Bolzano to the Dolomites here.

Santa Magdalena can be reached by public transport and private car from Bolzano. By driving, it can easily be reached within 40 minutes. Using public transportation, you can follow this route:

  1. From Bolzano train station, ride a regional train heading to Bressanone Brixen. The trip lasts 30 minutes, and the trains depart hourly.
  2. When you reach Bressanone Brixen, transfer to bus #330, which services the village of Santa Magdalena. The bus ride lasts 30 minutes, and buses depart every hour. 

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Reason #10: Picturesque Seceda near Bolzano 

Last, but perhaps the most breathtaking place in this post, is Seceda. Like Santa Magdalena, it is also the place in the Dolomites, which I think was photographed a million times already! Just in my case, it’s never out of my Instagram feed every day.

Seceda is a ridge located on the sunny side of Val Gardena within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Places around it turn into a skiing paradise during winter and a heavenly nature idyll during summer. Apparently, it really has spectacular views that are absolutely breathtaking!

Again, this place is honestly indescribable, so I’ll just leave photos for your mountain lover self to drool over. Just kidding! To make you inspired, of course! 😉

Find activities and day trips from Bolzano to the Dolomites here.

Since Seceda is on top of the mountains, you cannot go directly to it using a car. You have to make several transfers using public transportation from Bolzano. You can follow the steps below to reach Seceda or see complete information from the official website of Seceda.

  1. From Bolzano, you have to go to Ortisei first via bus or train. Drop off at the Piazza S. Antonio, Ortisei village center. You shall see signs giving directions to Seceda.
  2. You shall find a small street between Calzature Rabanser Di Senoner Emilia shoe store and Sparkasse Ortisei Bank. Proceed to it and take the covered “La Curta” escalator going up.
  3. At the end of the escalator, find the conveyor belt walkway. It shall lead you to the Seceda cableway valley station.
  4. There will be two cable car rides before you reach Seceda. Ortisei-Furnes, and then Furnes-Seceda. Furnes is the middle station, and Seceda is the top station. You will be asked at the counter where you want to go.

Parking information can be found in the previous link I gave.

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How Many Days to Stay in Bolzano?

One day is enough for exploring the city of Bolzano. However, I would recommend 3 to 4 days of stay in Bolzano if you want to see the natural spectacles around the city too. That includes day trips to the most beautiful places in the Dolomites, such as Seceda and Santa Magdalena.

If you need a place to stay in Bolzano, you can find the best accommodation deals in Bolzano here.

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How to Visit Bolzano?

Bolzano is linked to nearby cities in Italy and Austria by bus and train. Here is the table that shows the distances and commute rides from the surrounding major cities:

From City Private car (km)
Travel Time
Public Transportation
Travel Time
Milan 270.9 km, 2h 30m 2 trains, 3h Milan to Bolzano
Venice 266.5 km, 2h 30m 1 train, 3h Venice to Bolzano
Verona 151.5 km, 1h 30m 1 train, 1h 30m Verona to Bolzano
Bergamo 234 km, 2h 30m 1 bus, 3h 20m Bergamo to Bolzano
Rome 638.5 km, 6h 1 train, 5h Rome to Bolzano
Innsbruck 122.1 km, 1h 30m 1 bus, 2h Innsbruck to Bolzano
Drive and Public Transport Going to Bolzano

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Day Trips from Bolzano

Bolzano and the Dolomites are such beautiful places! Don’t you agree? 🙂 Here is a list of activities and tours you can join if you need help and guidance in visiting Bolzano.

See the list of day trips from Bolzano to the Dolomites from this link.

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Where To Go After Bolzano?

Since Bolzano is in northern Italy (10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Northern Italy), I suggest you also don’t miss the following places:

  1. Cortina d’Ampezzo. It’s the town in the Dolomites in the middle of the best natural wonders of the Dolomites. You must go here after Bolzano. Learn more: 10 Beautiful Places Around Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy To Visit.
  2. Trento. It is the city south of Bolzano. It has a castle and fascinating museums, too! Discover Trento here: 15 Worthy Things To Do in Trento.
  3. Lake Garda. The largest lake in Italy. Full of beautiful scenery, from mountains to lakeside fortifications. You must not miss its beautiful lakeside towns! See it here: 10 Reasons Why Lake Garda Is Worth a Visit.
  4. Lake Como. A heaven-touched lake in northwest Italy. It has many picturesque villas and scenic views best for social media sharing. Look how beautiful it is here: 10 Unmissable Places To Visit In Lake Como.
  5. Cinque Terre. The most scenic and charming coastal region in Northern Italy. It has 5 colorful villages that appear magical during the sunset! Check it out: 10 Spots With The Best Views of Cinque Terre (w/ Google Maps)
  6. Florence. This is the city where the Renaissance started. It’s filled with art and stunning architectural marvels. Definitely a bucket list destination. Learn more: 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Florence.

If you like visiting beautiful alpine towns and villages like Bolzano, I suggest you also see the following destinations in Europe:

  1. Bavarian Alps in southern Germany — they have beautiful streets with houses painted with Lüftlmalerei, vibrant Bavarian culture, and Germany’s most spectacular natural wonders:
  2. Towns/Villages in the Swiss Alps — rustic villages perched on breathtaking locations:
  3. Cities near the Swiss Alps — They are a strategic home base for visiting different attractions in the Swiss Alps. Come to have a mixed experience: medieval architecture, adventure, wines, scenic views, and more. I recommend you don’t miss:
  4. Destinations in the French Alps:

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10 Reasons To Visit Bolzano, Italy - Is It Worth Visiting?
10 Reasons To Visit Bolzano, Italy - Is It Worth Visiting?

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