Things To Do in Brig Switzerland: 10+ Attractions, Landmarks

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Switzerland is well-known, but it still has many hidden spots that spark the interest of explorers like me. One such place is Brig, a small but fascinating city in the Rhone Valley. It was even named the Alpine Town of the year in 2008!

In short, Brig is a town in the southern part of Switzerland, specifically in the region known as the Canton of Valais. If you’re coming from northern Italy or Milan, Brig is the first Swiss town you’ll encounter.

Some choose to make Brig their home base for exploring the Swiss Alps because of its strategic location. From Brig, it’s easy to get to popular places like Zermatt, Montreux, and Kandersteg. Plus, other beautiful villages in the Swiss Alps.

But Brig isn’t just a starting point or a home base. It has its own interesting sights that many people don’t know about. If you’ve been to Switzerland before and are looking for something different for your second visit, exploring these sights in Brig could give you a unique Swiss experience.

Before we dive into what Brig has to offer, it’s good to first figure out if this town is the right fit for you. I’ll provide some points to think about and a quick overview of what a visit to Brig might look like.

If you decide to stay and explore Brig, remember that you can find great hotel deals here.

Is Brig Worth Visiting?

Whether you should visit or not can vary. It really depends on what kind of traveler you are and how often you’ve visited Switzerland.

But to put it simply, Brig is unique in Switzerland in its own way, with a mix of lesser-known history and attractions that are good for our well-being. The connections Brig has to the Simplon Pass, Napoleon, and the Stockalper Family, along with its thermal baths, certainly distinguish Brig from other destinations in the country.

When you visit Brig and its nearby attractions, you’ll come across some stunning views. These aren’t the usual ones you see on the internet, like the beautiful landscapes of Lauterbrunnen in the Jungfrau Region or the famous Matterhorn in Zermatt.

But keep in mind, while these views in Brig are unique, they might not be as impressive as the ones from the just-mentioned other attractions in Switzerland.

In Brig, and especially in the Simplon Pass, you’ll find some viewpoints that are quite dramatic. This area is dotted with structures and landmarks that add a touch of charm and mystery.

However, if you’re someone who’s visited the mountains a lot, particularly around cities near the Italian Dolomites like Bolzano, Trento, and Cortina d’Ampezzo, these views might seem familiar to you.

Still, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. One of them is the Stockalper Castle — a historical and architectural attraction is right in the heart of Brig. Another is the Thermalquellen Brigerbad AG which is Switzerland’s largest open-air hot spring.

Overall, I think Brig is a great place for those who love to wander and explore. It offers a chance to discover a side of Switzerland that is often not highlighted on social media.

I also think that Brig is a strategic base for exploring other attractions in southern Switzerland, not just because of its proximity. Most importantly, Brig is known for its thermal baths, which are a wonderful way to relax after a day of adventures.

Best Things to Do in Brig

One of the things that’s so nice about Brig is its town center. It’s covered in cobblestones, giving it a preserved feel. Walking around this area is quite a treat. The mountains in the distance add to the experience, blending with the view of the lovely buildings.

In Brig, you’ll also find many cafes and restaurants that provide outdoor seating. This is particularly true during certain seasons. After a day of exploring, these establishments are great places to sit down and eat. For a dining experience with a view, the eateries near and below Hotel de Londres are worth a try. They provide a stunning view of Brig’s main square.

But there’s more to Brig than just its town center. There are five attractions in and around Brig you can visit/do to make the most of your visit.

1. Stockalper Palace

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Brig, the Stockalper Palace is a great place to start. This 17th-century building is a well-known landmark in Brig. In its early days, it was the largest privately-owned building in Switzerland.

The palace was built by Kaspar Stockalper, a wealthy and influential merchant. He was a savvy businessman who employed 5000 people and controlled the salt trade via the Simplon Pass.

The Stockalper Palace is known for its three towers, each with a unique water-drop roof design. Interestingly, Stockalper named the towers after the Three Wise Men from the Bible: Caspar, Melchior, and Baltazar.

If you’re interested in architecture, you’ll appreciate the palace’s interior, particularly the spacious courtyard. Here, visitors can admire the stunning arcades designed in the Italian Renaissance Style, complemented by striking balusters.

To explore the palace, you’ll typically need to join a tour. Inside, you’ll find a gallery showcasing the Stockalper family, the history of the Simplon Pass, and various artifacts from the Upper Valais region. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the life of a wealthy capitalist in the 17th century.

Inside Stockalper Palace in Brig, Switzerland
Inside Stockalper Palace

One of the highlights inside the palace is a painting of Stockalper, positioned between two windows. While the palace is large, it’s not overwhelmingly so. A visit here usually lasts around 1 to 2 hours.

The palace is conveniently located in the center of Brig. If you’re staying in town, it’s just a short walk away. And don’t forget to snap a souvenir photo in the palace’s southwest gardens. You can use Google Maps for easy navigation.

I’d like to share something with you. Brig isn’t the only place in Switzerland that boasts a castle. Gruyères is another such place, and like Brig, it has a well-preserved medieval area. But Gruyères has a different charm. It’s more old-fashioned and offers a variety of cheese dishes and chocolates. So, don’t miss out on exploring Gruyères. There are so many reasons why Gruyères is a place worth visiting.

2. World Nature Forum

The World Nature Forum is a fascinating museum under the management of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It showcases the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch, the first of its kind in the Alps to be recognized by UNESCO. This museum is highly regarded in Europe and was honored with the Sustainability Award at the European Museum Forum in 2019.

If you’re in Brig, a visit to the World Nature Forum is a must.

Miniature of the Swiss Alps and photo exhibition in World Nature Forum, Brig, Switzerland
Miniature of the Swiss Alps and photo exhibition in World Nature Forum
Design and more exhibits inside World Nature Forum in Brig, Switzerland
Design and more exhibits inside World Nature Forum

The museum offers a wealth of knowledge about the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. It provides a sensory experience of what it’s like to be in the Alps, with a variety of activities to engage in. From viewing mountain photographs to watching breathtaking landscapes on a panoramic screen, and even smelling the fragrant flowers of the Swiss Alps, there’s something for everyone.

One of the standout features of the World Nature Forum is the Jungfrau railway car. This is a replica of the wagon that made its maiden voyage to Jungfraujoch in 1912.

Jungfraubahn exhibit inside World Nature Forum in Brig, Switzerland
Jungfraubahn exhibit inside World Nature Forum
Inside the Jungfrau Railway Car, World Nature Forum in Brig, Switzerland
Inside the Jungfrau Railway Car, World Nature Forum

In my Jungfrau Region Itinerary or Lauterbrunnen Itinerary, I can guide you on how to visit the most beautiful part of the Jungfrau (Jungfrau-Aletsch) region.

If you find an exhibit particularly interesting, you can “collect” it using a badge. This allows you to create a digital list of experiences you’d like to have in the Swiss Alps as you explore the museum. Upon leaving, you can receive a printed copy of your chosen experiences, which can serve as a guide for your Swiss Alps adventure.

To learn more about the World Nature Forum, you can watch the video provided. Enjoy your virtual journey and future expedition to the Swiss Alps!

The forum welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10am and 5pm. Note that it’s closed on Mondays. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, you can walk in for free. Without one, adult entry costs around 20 CHF, and for kids aged 6 to 15, it’s half that price. For more details about your visit, check out the World Nature Forum’s website.

3. Simplon Pass

If you love the outdoors or have already visited the World Nature Forum and Stockalper Palace, your next stop in Brig should be Simplon Pass. While it might seem like just another road, it’s actually one of Switzerland’s most famous scenic drives.

Simplon Pass runs from Brig all the way to the Swiss-Italian border. Along this route, you’ll come across several historical landmarks that will make your drive even more interesting.

What’s more, Simplon Pass offers a variety of activities for all seasons. You can hike in the summer, ski in the winter, and visit museums when the weather isn’t great.

When you visit Simplon Pass, make sure to check out the landmarks. Don’t forget to take a photo or a selfie as a memento of your visit to this scenic drive.

Brig Switzerland, Hiking Trail in Simplon Pass
Hiking Trail in Simplon Pass
Brig Switzerland, Sceneries in Simplon Pass
The scenery in Simplon Pass

There are three landmarks to see, all in scenic locations. So, it is really compelling to come and visit them:

Ganter Bridge

Ganter Bridge

Nestled between two mountains, a bridge serves as a link — Ganter Bridge. This impressive structure, built in a smooth, unbroken frame system, stands out due to its light color.

Interestingly, there are two versions of this bridge, known as the Ganter Bridge.

The new Ganter Bridge, larger than its predecessor, is the first one you’ll see if you’re coming from Brig. It’s situated ahead of the old Ganter Bridge, which is further into the valley. To reach the old bridge from the new one, simply travel 800 meters east.

The old Ganter Bridge, constructed of bricks, has a nostalgic feel to it. A pathway can be found beneath it. The views from either bridge are worth capturing, particularly on a clear, sunny day.

While sightseeing, remember to take a moment to appreciate the surroundings. The landscape is stunning, and the air is refreshingly clean. Take a deep breath and savor the experience.

Simplon Adler

Brig Switzerland, Simplon Adler in Simplon Pass
Simplon Adler

As you ascend the Simplon Pass, the iconic Simplon Adler comes into view. This granite eagle statue, constructed during World War II, stands as a symbol of vigilance. It was erected by the 11 Mountain Brigade in honor of the “Watch of the Simplon.”

The Simplon Adler is located in a stunning area of the Simplon Pass. It’s conveniently situated near the tourist information center for Simplonpass, as well as a cafe and a hotel. If you’re hiking up to the pass, this spot is ideal for a break and some refreshments.

Save the Google Maps Location of Simplon Adler through this coordinates link to the landmark.

Altes Spittel

Brig Switzerland, Altes Spittel in Simplon Pass
Altes Spittel

A short distance from the Simplon Adler, as you continue south on the Simplon Pass, you’ll come across Altes Spittel. This five-story granite building, constructed by Kaspar Stockalper, once provided shelter for travelers and merchants. Despite its age, the building remains in use and can house groups of 20 to 66 people.

While it’s unclear whether anyone can enter, the exterior alone is worth a look. Like the Simplon Adler, it’s situated in a breathtaking location.

Visiting such a historic site offers a unique opportunity. It allows you to momentarily step away from the present and imagine a different era. It’s as if you’re starring in your own film, set in the past. So, take a moment to truly experience the feeling of being alive.


Brig Switzerland, Stockalperweg in Simplon Pass

In the past, when Altes Spittel served as a refuge for merchants and travelers, they would traverse a mule track in the Simplon Pass. This path is now known as Stockalperweg. In English, Stockalperweg is referred to as the Stockalper Trail. If you’re keen to explore the Simplon Pass in depth, hiking along the Stockalperweg is a great option.

Today, the trail remains open to the public. While it’s no longer used for trade, it’s become a popular spot for leisurely hikes.

This trail has three stages, according to the official website of Brig-Simplon Tourismus. And if you have plans to hike the Simplon Pass, you will traverse these parts of the scenic drive:

First Stage: Brig to Simplon Pass 

  • Hike Duration: 6 hours
  • Distance: 11.9 kilometers
  • Overall Elevation Gain: 1606 meters
  • Sceneries to see: Saltinaschlucht Gorge, Taverntal valley, Simplonpass
  • Landmarks to see: Stockalper Palace, Hospice

Second Stage: Simplon Pass to Simplon Dorf

  • Hike Duration: 3.25 hours
  • Distance: 9 kilometers
  • Overall Elevation Gain: -540 meters 
  • Sceneries to see: Small Alp settlements and hamlets, Simplon Dorf Village, Alpine cultural landscape

Third Stage: Simplon Dorf to Gondo (Swiss-Italian Border)

  • Hike Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 8.6 kilometers
  • Overall Elevation Gain: -850 meters
  • Sceneries to see: Gondoschlucht gorge, Old Army Barracks perched in breathtaking mountain scenery, Gondo Stockalperturm Hotel Restaurant
Brig Switzerland, Stockalperweg in Simplon Pass

Hiking would only be tiring during the first stage. However, the pass has several bus stops. You can skip all the steep parts of the Simplon Pass if you want.

Museo Sempione

As you journey through the scenic Simplon Pass in Switzerland, you’ll encounter charming settlements nestled amidst the picturesque Swiss countryside. One such place is the town of Simplon Dorf.

In this town, there’s a unique museum known as Museo Sempione. This museum houses a collection of artifacts from the Simplon Pass and photographs depicting the lives of the local inhabitants. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s history and is a great find for those interested in uncovering lesser-known historical gems.

Photos of the village and the things used by the villagers of Simplon Dorf inside Museo Sempione, Brig, Switzerland
Photos of the village and the things used by the villagers of Simplon Dorf inside Museo Sempione
Photos and posters inside Museo Sempione in Simplon Dorf, Brig, Switzerland
Photos and posters inside Museo Sempione in Simplon Dorf
Photos of Simplon Dorf and panorama painting of the mountains inside Museo Sempione, Brig, Switzerland
Photos of Simplon Dorf and panorama painting of the mountains inside Museo Sempione

For your convenience, here are the map coordinates of Museo Sempione. Enjoy your exploration!

Fort Gondo

Fort Gondo is another museum you can visit in Simplon Pass. In the past, it served as a defense station to guard the country from potential invasions.

Fort Gondo along Simplon Pass, Brig, Switzerland
Fort Gondo along Simplon Pass

Now, it’s a museum that displays the military life of yesteryears. Inside, you’ll find several machine guns that you can even hold for a selfie.

You’ll also get the opportunity to step through the metal doors of the heavily fortified barracks. A visit to Fort Gondo might give you the feeling of gearing up for a zombie apocalypse, with the mountains acting as your final sanctuary.

The exhibits here are diverse. They include everything from military kitchens to underground escape tunnels.

For more information, kindly check Switzerland Tourism official website.

4. Rosswald​

When you’re in Brig, you don’t need to go far for an outdoor adventure.

Just take bus #632 to Ried Brig, Rufigraben bus station. From there, it’s a short walk to the Ried Brig cable car station, which takes you straight to Rosswald. This small, car-free village sits atop a mountain and offers a unique atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. It’s also a great place for outdoor activities during your stay in Brig.

Rosswald overlooking Brig and the surrounding mountains in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland
Rosswald overlooking Brig and the surrounding mountains in the Swiss Alps

In the winter, Rosswald transforms into a snowy paradise with beautiful chalets and wooden houses that look stunning against the white landscape. If you’re traveling with children, they’ll love the Kinderland Rosswald event. The village becomes a large snow playground where kids aged 2 and above can have fun.

For more information, please check Switzerland Tourism official website.

5. Thermalquellen Brigerbad AG

After a day of physical activities in the city or at Simplon Pass, a thermal bath at Brigerbad is a great way to unwind. This is one of the things you can do in Brig. Brigerbad is the largest open-air hot spring in Switzerland. Its warm waters are rich in minerals like lithium, sodium, calcium, and sulfate.

The water temperature at Brigerbad varies from 21 to 50 degrees Celsius. This range is ideal for easing muscle tension and can help alleviate various health issues. What’s nicer? The waters at Brigerbad can help with conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders, chronic bronchitis, and cardiovascular diseases.

Brigerbad is more than just a hot spring, though. It also has a thermal spa, outdoor and indoor pools, a wellness and beauty center, and a restaurant. Best of all, it’s open every day of the year. For more information, kindly check Thermalquellen Brigerbad official website.

More Things to Do in Brig: Day Trips

Brig might not have the most famous attractions in Switzerland. However, if you’re staying in Brig, you’re just a train ride away from some of the most stunning places in the Swiss Alps. You can travel to west or east of Brig, Montreux and Andermatt. Or you can go south or north of Brig, Zermatt and Jungfrau Region. In this section, I’ll specifically show you where you can go for a day trip from Brig.

Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley, often overlooked due to Switzerland’s more famous attractions, is more than just Swiss towns, villages, and stunning mountain passes.

Did you know that from this region, you can see the lower end of the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in the Alps? You can get the view from the mountain village of Bettmeralp. It’s just a 12-minute bus ride (#142) and a cable car ride away from Brig.

There’s so much more to explore in Rhone Valley. You can start your journey with my list of the most picturesque villages in the Swiss Alps.


Zermatt, a popular spot in Switzerland, is just a short 1 hour and 25 minute journey from Brig. This town in the mountains serves as the entrance to the Matterhorn, one of the most well-known mountains in Switzerland. If you’ve ever had a Toblerone chocolate, you’ve seen the Matterhorn – it’s the mountain pictured on the box.

But there’s more to Zermatt than just the Matterhorn. Zermatt is home to a variety of hidden gems, from small hamlets to beautiful alpine lakes. These places are definitely worth a visit. To make your trip to Zermatt even better, check out my guide on visiting Zermatt.


Kandersteg, like Zermatt, is an alpine village that serves as an entrance to another Swiss gem – Oeschinensee. This lake, encircled by mountains that reach up to three thousand meters high, is a sight to see. It’s especially beautiful during calm weather when the lake surface mirrors the rugged mountain faces around it.

But Oeschinensee isn’t just about the view. It’s also a great place for hiking, with trails that offer stunning and sometimes thrilling experiences. The lake shores are ideal for picnics, and in the summer, you can enjoy watersports like kayaking and swimming in the scenic surroundings.

But there’s more to Kandersteg than just Oeschinensee. There are many other activities and attractions that make a visit to Kandersteg worthwhile.

What’s great about Kandersteg as a destination from Brig? It’s the easy and fast travel. You can get from Brig to Kandersteg on a direct train that only takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

Jungfrau Region

If you’re planning a trip to Switzerland, don’t miss out on the Jungfrau Region. This area is home to the stunning Lauterbrunnen valley, the end of the Aletsch Glacier, the vibrant blue Lake Brienz, the fairytale-like Lake Thun, and the exciting Grindelwald.

What’s great is that it’s just a short 1 to 1.5 hour train journey from Brig to Interlaken. Interlaken serves as the main hub for all the attractions in the Jungfrau Region.

But remember, if you have the time, it’s worth spending a few extra days in this region. There’s so much to see and do. To help plan your trip, check out my post on How Many Days to Spend in Interlaken & Jungfrau Region. It can help you decide how long to stay in the Jungfrau Region.


Brig and Sion are both in the Canton of Valais and are not far apart. Sion, the capital of the canton of Valais, is just a 45-minute train ride from Brig. Sion is unique because of its historical landmarks, including a castle and a church. These sites sit on a hill and offer views of the town and the surrounding mountains. Sion is a place that wanderers would enjoy.

For photographers, Sion offers dramatic scenes, especially from the viewpoints on the hilltop landmarks. And if you visit the cathedral on the hill, remember to look at the organ. It’s one of the oldest organs in the world that can still be played. To find out the best things to do in Sion, you can check out my guide.


Montreux is a beautiful city near the Swiss Alps, and it’s just a quick 1.5-hour train ride from Brig. This town, nestled between Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, is a must-visit, especially during the summer Jazz festival which adds to its charm.

But there’s more to Montreux than just the stunning scenery. The town is home to unique attractions and offers remarkable experiences. If you’re a Freddie Mercury fan, you’ll enjoy the museum dedicated to him in Montreux. If you’re a wine lover, the Lavaux Vineyard on the outskirts of Montreux is a great place to visit.

One of the highlights of Montreux is the Chillon Castle. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, this castle offers a glimpse into the past. It’s a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Discover all the reasons that make Montreux worth visiting.

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