Gruyeres: A Guide in Discovering Why It is Worth Visiting

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Don’t you agree that medieval fairytale cities nestled in picturesque countrysides make for stunning destinations? They’re simply too enchanting to miss!

In Switzerland, Gruyères stands as a prime example of such a destination. Located in the Swiss Prealps, within the canton of Fribourg in west-central Switzerland, Gruyères is a mere 2-hour public transportation ride from Geneva or Bern (the journey is even shorter if you’re driving). With over 800 years of history, Gruyères is renowned for its beautifully preserved medieval town and its famous Gruyère Cheese.

But is a visit to Gruyères worth it? This post will provide the answer.

To summarize what experiences await you in Gruyères and to share my personal take on Gruyères, I’ll be answering the question, Is Gruyères worth visiting?

Without a doubt, Gruyères is worth visiting. It’s a must-see for the magical experiences in its medieval town that’s home to unique attractions like the HR Giger Bar Museum and Tibet Museum. And for food enthusiasts — Gruyères is a paradise — boasting authentic Gruyère cheese from La Maison du Gruyères and delectable chocolates from Maison Cailler.

Overall, Gruyères is a great destination, offering not only cultural and culinary delights but also breathtaking natural beauty. A scenic lake lies in close proximity to Gruyères, providing a tranquil retreat. For those seeking panoramic views, a cable car journey up a nearby mountain offers an unforgettable vista of the Prealps. And for the adventurous at heart, there’s a trail through a gorge that takes you to the first double-arch dam in Europe!

Gruyeres Switzerland

Switzerland may be small, but it’s filled with breathtaking places to visit. Crafting an itinerary can be daunting with so many incredible destinations such as Lauterbrunnen, Zermatt, Grindelwald, Kandersteg, Lucerne, Montreux, and many more others like Switzerland’s beautiful villages and cities near the Swiss Alps. So, let’s settle the question about including Gruyeres in your Swiss journey! Here are 10 compelling reasons to add Gruyeres to your Swiss adventure:

1. The Cheese from Gruyères

In the introduction, I touched on the fact that Gruyères is famous for its cheese.

And let’s be honest, who can resist cheese? It enhances everything from pizza to pasta, not to mention cheese fondue and mac & cheese. Just imagining these dishes makes me hungry!

Therefore, it seems appropriate to begin this list of reasons to visit Gruyères with the cheese that shares its name: Gruyère Cheese.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese Shelf
Gruyere cheese on the shelf

So, what makes Gruyère Cheese a compelling reason to visit Gruyères? The answer is simple. In this town, you can savor the authentic and freshly made Gruyère Cheese. You also get the opportunity to learn about the cheese-making process from the locals themselves. A trip to Switzerland or the Swiss Alps wouldn’t be complete without sampling one of the region’s finest products.

Sure, cheese is available everywhere, but have you ever tasted an original Alpine cheese unique to Switzerland? If you’re like me, hailing from a place halfway around the world from Switzerland, chances are you haven’t encountered Alpine cheese before.

So, when you visit Switzerland, seize the opportunity not just to taste, but also to learn about the making of this exquisite cheese – it’s an experience many find enriching!

So, what is Gruyere Cheese?

Gruyere, a Swiss Alpine cheese known for its smooth melting quality, offers a sweet yet slightly salty flavor. Crafted from whole cow’s milk and aged for six months or more, its taste profile evolves over time. At five months, Gruyere is creamy and nutty.

However, as it matures past this point, it develops a more assertive, earthy, and complex flavor. At this stage, you’ll notice small cracks in the cheese, indicating a slightly grainy texture. Here’s what a Gruyere cheese looks like:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese
Sliced Gruyere cheese

Where to see Gruyere Cheese in Gruyeres? There are two places in Gruyeres where you can watch and learn how Gruyeres cheese is made:

  • La Maison du Gruyere
  • Moleson-sur-Gruyeres

La Maison du Gruyere

Located close to the old town of Gruyeres and next to Pringy’s major road intersection, La Maison du Gruyere is a prominent cheese factory that unveils the mysteries of Gruyere cheese production. Here, you can observe expert cheesemakers in action. A tour takes approximately 45 minutes.

Once you’ve toured the factory, don’t miss the opportunity to taste dishes featuring Gruyere cheese at the La Maison du Gruyere restaurant.

For more information about La Maison du Gruyere, you can visit their official website. It provides the most recent updates on their opening hours and the current admission fee for their factory. Tip: Get the combined ticket to La Maison du Gruyere which includes entry to Gruyeres Castle.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese Factory
Inside the cheese factory


For a more traditional cheesemaking experience, consider visiting the Mountain Cheese Dairy (Fromagerie d’alpage) in Moleson-sur-Gruyeres. Here, instead of modern machinery, you’ll witness a cheesemaker crafting cheese using a large wood-fired boiler in a 17th-century chalet.

Cheesemaking demonstrations are held twice daily from May to October at 10 a.m. The dairy is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. After the demonstration, you can enjoy fondue and traditional macaroni. For more information, please check their official page. Here’s Mountain Cheese Dairy’s exact location on Google Maps.

2. The Chocolate Factory in La Gruyère

La Gruyere is sure to stir the dormant food traveler in all of us. Not only does it boast a cheese factory, but it also houses a chocolate factory, making it an ideal destination for family trips.

The sweetness of the chocolates produced here is sure to delight both children and adults alike. You might be wondering about the name of this local chocolate. It’s not Toblerone or Gruyere chocolate, but Cailler chocolate! This confectionery delight, like Gruyere cheese, is a source of local pride. The Cailler family has been crafting these chocolates for over a century!

Cailler chocolates hold a special place in the confectionery world, as they are crafted from milk sourced from alpine pastures, meticulously cared for by the Swiss themselves. During a factory tour, you’ll encounter the raw ingredients used in the chocolate-making process, which you can actually touch.

The tour is comprehensive and multilingual, covering various aspects of production. You’ll delve into the history of chocolate-making at Maison Cailler, learn about the origin of the raw ingredients, and more.

If you’re visiting with children, they can participate in activities like creating their own chocolate bars. The tour culminates in a tasting session where you can sample an array of chocolates produced in the factory, much like a buffet. Many visitors have expressed delight at the sheer variety of chocolates on offer and highly recommend this immersive experience.

Maison Cailler Factory is located in Broc, La Gruyere, a few-minute drive from Gruyeres (see Google Maps location here). For details like when they open and how much it costs to get in, you should check out their official website.

Isn’t it remarkable that a visit to Gruyeres or La Gruyere allows you to explore the origins of two iconic Swiss delicacies? Plus, you get to savor them in their freshest and most authentic forms!

3. Time Travel: The Medieval Gruyères

Enough about the delicious reasons to visit Gruyeres, they’re making my stomach rumble!

Let’s move on to the visual and adventurous delights that Gruyeres has in store. And the third reason to make the trip? The town itself. A wonderfully preserved medieval old town.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town

Gruyeres might not be as quaint as anticipated, but this adorable town can certainly transport you back in time. The cobblestone lanes, charming chalets bedecked with flowers, buildings covered in ivy, and the picturesque bastion all evoke a sense of delightful nostalgia. The mountains encircling the town can be seen from Gruyere’s main street, adding to its allure.

Standing at the Calvary Chapel in the town center, you’ll be treated to a view of the entire main street against a backdrop of snow-dusted mountains and lush meadows. It’s a sight worth capturing, particularly when the weather is sunny and the streets are less crowded.

By the way, Gruyères is also home to a castle, and en route to it, you’ll find the Chalet de Gruyères. This charming restaurant, with its stunning façade, is the town’s most popular dining spot and arguably the most beautiful building in Gruyères.

The Chalet de Gruyères is typically adorned with flowers, and cowbells hang from its balcony alongside the town’s coat of arms – a sight that’s sure to catch your eye. While its exterior is undoubtedly beautiful, the real charm lies within. The interior is all wood, with cooking tools and utensils on display, creating a quaint and cozy atmosphere.

Have a glimpse of what you’ll see inside:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Chalet de Gruyeres

People who came here can’t get enough of the Raclette and meringue with double cream. Let’s make the reason why visit Gruyere visual:

Best fondue I ever had, seriously. The inside of the restaurant was very authentic swiss style and the service was quite fast and the staff members were kind. I had a dark local gruyeres bier 🍺 and it was very delicious. The price of the food and the drink was expensive but it was totally worth it.

Kuby Ebc

If you’re drawn to Gruyeres for its well-preserved medieval charm, you’ll undoubtedly find the villages in the south of France equally captivating. They could serve as excellent alternatives to Gruyeres for your European adventure. Here are my top recommendations: First up is Carcassonne, a UNESCO site boasting an intact double-layer fortification – truly a sight to behold. Next is Saint-Paul-de-Vence, a village that doubles as an open-air museum. Its quaint calade streets are sure to charm you! Lastly, there’s Gordes, a picturesque village reminiscent of Gruyeres, complete with scenic views, a castle, and stunning nearby attractions.

4. Out-of-This-World: Gruyères’ Bar and Museum

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but another compelling reason to visit Gruyeres is the unexpected treasures hidden within this town. Despite its medieval backdrop, Gruyeres is home to attractions that seem out of place yet intriguing.

The HR Giger Bar Museum is one such attraction, nestled on the way to Saint Germain Castle. It’s the brainchild of Swiss artist Hans Ruedi Giger, known for designing the alien creatures in the film Alien.

If you’re looking for an unusual twist to your Swiss adventure, the HR Giger Bar Museum is worth a visit. It provides a uniquely unsettling sci-fi experience that stands in stark contrast to Gruyere’s medieval charm.

True to its name, it functions as both a bar and a museum. Here’s what awaits you inside:

This is a glimpse of the ambiance inside the bar, which is conveniently located opposite the museum (you can move around the 360-image for a more comprehensive view)

Lastly, the entrance of the museum:

Gruyeres Switzerland, HR Giger Bar Museum
Entrance to the museum

Giger’s works have garnered a significant following due to their impressive creativity and extensive imagination. However, some exhibits within the museum can be somewhat unsettling and might not be appropriate for younger audiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about Giger’s Museum, I recommend checking out its official website. It provides updates, a preview of current exhibits, and useful information for prospective visitors.

Are you someone who enjoys exploring museums? If so, Paris and Florence are destinations you shouldn’t miss—they’re home to some of the world’s most treasured artworks. Looking for something a bit different? You might find it intriguing to uncover what I’ve discovered in Reims.

5. A Hidden Gem: Gruyères’ Fascinating Mixed-Culture Museum

Another unexpected gem in Gruyere is the Tibet Museum. Established by the Alain Bordier Foundation, it’s housed in the renovated Saint Joseph chapel, nestled between the castle and the HR Giger Museum.

The Tibet Museum showcases a wealth of Hindu and Buddhist artifacts, including golden Buddha sculptures, paintings of deities, and inscriptions. It might just be the most unusual place you’ll discover in Gruyeres. Here’s why:

Firstly, it’s somewhat surreal to encounter Tibetan culture amidst the Alps. While both the Himalayas and the Alps are mountainous regions, we’re in Europe after all! The chances of encountering Tibetan traditions and religion here seem slim, yet here we are.

Secondly, the Tibet Museum is located within a refurbished church, so you’ll find Christian imagery displayed alongside Buddha figures and multi-armed, multi-faced gods. A visit to the Tibet Museum will undoubtedly add a unique dimension to your Swiss journey. It’s another compelling reason to visit Gruyeres.

he above image offers a sneak peek into the museum’s interior. Remember, it’s a 360-image – you can swipe it around to get a more comprehensive view.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Tibet Museum in Gruyeres, I recommend checking out its official website. It provides visitor information and a link to a smartphone app that can help you discover the museum’s highlight exhibits.

6. A Magical Experience: Chateau de Gruyeres

Another compelling reason to visit Gruyeres is the Chateau de Gruyeres, the centerpiece of this well-preserved medieval city. Erected in the late 13th century, a visit to Gruyeres Castle is akin to stepping into a time machine and being transported back to the Middle Ages.

Gruyères Castle offers more than just a journey through history. Perched atop a hill and surrounded by mountains and stunning landscapes, it resembles a scene straight out of a movie. Its dramatic appeal is observed more during specific times of the day, such as the golden hour at sunset or the misty sunrise.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself in one of the fairytales or medieval films or series you’ve watched (like Game of Thrones, Narnia, or The Hobbit), this is your chance to bring that fantasy to life!

The experience gets better as you cross the threshold of the castle.

Inside, you’ll encounter precious relics from the past, used by nobles and knights, that help bring the medieval era to life. You can opt for a guided tour or embark on a self-guided exploration. If you choose the latter, you’ll be provided with a handy guide to help you locate the most noteworthy exhibits in the castle:

  1. Charles the Bold’s capes of the Order of the Golden Fleece
  2. Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot’s landscape paintings 
  3. Troubadour decorations of the Knights’ Room
  4. The wall decorations commissioned by the bailiffs under the Ancien Régime
  5. The castle’s intricate stained-glass windows that are already 500+ years old.

The decorations and artwork on the walls are simply stunning inside the castle! The meticulous detail will certainly impress you. But what’s even more fascinating is that these works tell stories of life in the medieval era. You might often catch yourself saying, “Oh, so that’s what happened; that’s how it was.”

Following your tour, head to the gardens for a refreshing dose of mountain air. You’ll see plants pruned into a variety of shapes. And in the springtime, the garden comes alive with vibrant flowers.

It’s a wonderful idea to explore Gruyères Castle with a friend or partner. You can suggest that they station themselves on the upper floors of the castle, which offer a panoramic view of the garden. This way, they can snap souvenir photos of you in the picturesque castle garden, set against the stunning backdrop of snow-dusted mountains.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Castle

Check out the view from the castle’s garden! Rotate the image to see more sights:

Should you choose to join a tour, you’ll be escorted around the castle by storytellers donned in medieval clothing, regaling you with tales of the castle’s mysteries and legends. There’s also a treasure-hunting activity for kids, guided by the lady of the court. You might want to check out the video I shared earlier.

For up-to-date announcements and visiting information, do check out the official website of the castle.

If you’re drawn to Gruyeres for its castles, you might also enjoy a trip to southern Germany. There, you’ll find Neuschwanstein Castle, rumored to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland. It’s the epitome of a fairy tale castle brought to life, and it’s a must-see, especially since it’s easily accessible from Munich! Additionally, there’s Lichtenstein Castle, hailed by numerous online publications as one of Germany’s most beautiful places. It’s conveniently located near Stuttgart and well worth a visit.

7. Relax: Gruyères Countryside Scenery

If you’re fed up with the constant traffic and dull buildings in the city, it’s time for a change – your seventh reason to visit Gruyeres.

By heading to this town, you’re bringing yourself closer to nature. It’s a chance to breathe in wide-open spaces and enjoy some peace of mind, far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Picture yourself in a place that’s the complete opposite of the city. Imagine lush, flower-filled meadows, clusters of pine trees, and animals peacefully grazing. It’s a sight that’s sure to melt away your stress and anxiety, don’t you think?

With its charming medieval town and calming surroundings, Gruyères is undoubtedly a destination worth considering. Here are some of the countryside views you can expect as you hike and explore around Gruyères:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Countryside
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres countryside

Check out this drone shot! (Move the image around to see more views)

Beyond the castle, Gruyeres offers two brief hiking trails around the old town that lead to stunning viewpoints of the pre-alps and countryside. In the old town, your hiking journey can begin from two locations:

  1. Bastione d’ingresso, where the trail meanders through meadows and trees situated below the castle, ending at Gruyeres Castle.
  2. Église Saint-Théodule, where the path passes a deer park and several houses, concluding at the car park at the entrance of the old town. This hike offers superior scenery as it’s located east of Gruyeres’ old town, providing breathtaking views of the mountains.

8. More Nature: The Gorge in La Gruyère

For me, the one of the best reasons why you should visit Gruyeres is its location. You get so close to the mountains and have so many perks and remarkable experiences.

With the mountains, Gruyeres seems like an all-in-one destination. Not only do you find medieval magical encounters, but you get picturesque views, adventures, and relaxation from nature.

Gorges de la Jogne is one of the adventures you can embark on in the La Gruyère region. Situated in Broc, it’s just a short journey away, whether by bus or private vehicle. The hike through the gorge covers a distance of 3.5 kilometers and typically takes about an hour and ten minutes to complete.

The trail begins in Broc and concludes at Montsalvens Dam, Europe’s first double-arch dam. While Gorges de la Jogne may not be as grand as France’s Gorges du Verdon or Crete’s Samariá Gorge, the picturesque Montsalvens Dam adds a unique charm to the hike. The journey will take you across wooden walkways, bridges, and through tunnels.

Upon reaching Montsalvens Dam, you can stroll along its length and take in the breathtaking view of the Jogne Valley and Dents-Vertes de Charmey. You can extend your hike to Charmey by following the shoreline of Lake Montsalvens. Once you arrive in Charmey, you can catch a bus back to Broc or Gruyères.

Here are some of the views awaiting you in Gorges de la Jogne:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gorges de la Jogne

Swipe the image to see the surroundings:

Before you go hiking, please read this article from the official website of Fribourg. It has everything that you need to know when visiting the gorge.

Would you consider visiting Gruyeres to see this gorge? If there’s one gorge in Europe that’s a must-see, it’s the Verdon Gorge. As the largest canyon in Europe, its land formations are truly awe-inspiring! You can access Verdon Gorge from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a charming village reminiscent of Gruyeres.

9. Feast for The Eyes: La Gruyère Scenic View of The Alps

Like many Swiss towns nestled near mountain ranges, Gruyères boasts cable car stations that whisk visitors to breathtaking peaks in an instant.

One such peak is Moléson, a majestic mountain standing 2002 meters high and located southwest of Moléson-sur-Gruyères. A visit to Gruyères is incomplete without a trip to Moléson, where you can enjoy unparalleled views that extend beyond the Alps and encompass Switzerland’s three physiographic regions.

From the summit of Moleson, feast your eyes on the majestic, snow-dusted peaks of the Alps to the south. Swivel around to see the verdant scenery and charming towns dotting the Central Plateau. In favorable weather conditions, your view can stretch all the way to the Jura mountains beyond the Central Plateau.

Upon examining the map, one can see that Moléson is situated between Lake Geneva (southwest) and Lake Gruyères (northeast), both of which can be clearly seen from Moléson’s peak. Yet, what will truly mesmerize you at the summit is the breathtaking view of central Switzerland’s transitioning landscape. From the rugged peaks of the Alps, across undulating hills, and down to the flat fields, it’s a testament to nature’s boundless creativity.

Here are the views in Moléson during pleasant weather:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson
Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson
Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson

Here are the steps to reach the summit of Moléson from Gruyeres:

  1. From Gruyeres, take the bus 263 to Moléson-sur-Gruyères.
  2. In Moléson-sur-Gruyères, ride the funicular to Plan Francey.
  3. From Plan Francey, hop on a cable car to the summit station in Moléson.

Opting for a hike could mean a two-hour journey to the summit from Moléson-sur-Gruyères. Once you conquer Moleson’s peak, the French Alps unfurl before you—a haven for those who have a penchant for the outdoors and nature.

If you find yourself in Gruyeres, nestled in western Switzerland, the charming towns and villages of the French Alps are just a stone’s throw away.

Suppose you’re currently enjoying a day trip to Gruyères from Geneva. For tomorrow’s adventure, why not consider day trips to Chamonix and Annecy? These are two of the most beautiful destinations in the French Alps.

Annecy is known as the Venice of the Alps and boasts romantic locales with breathtaking vistas of the lake and mountains. Chamonix is nestled near Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in the Alps, and offers spectacular views of glaciers right from its town center.

10. Happy Exploring: La Gruyère’s Magical Lake

Concluding our list of reasons to visit Gruyères is the nearby Lake of Gruyère. Created by the Rossens Dam in 1948, it holds its own as a must-visit spot in the region.

The Lake of Gruyere, although artificial, carries a certain mystique. This is attributed to the remnants of a castle and a chapel situated on Ile d’Ogoz, one of the five islets dotting the lake. Prior to the inundation of the valley and Sarine River by the Rossens Dam, these edifices graced a promontory, offering panoramic views of the valley below.

Typically, visitors journey to the castle ruins by boat. Yet, during the dry season, the receding water levels of Lake Gruyères reveal a land bridge that connects the island to the shore. Regardless of how you choose to explore, the lake offers stunning views of the pre-Alps. Whether you’re strolling along its shores or visiting its islands, you’ll be treated to a picturesque panorama of the surrounding rolling hills.

Visitors have the option to either hike around the lake or rent a boat or kayak to delve deeper into the surroundings. Should you choose to hike, the soothing sound of cowbells from nearby alpine farms and meadows will be your constant companion, promising a serene experience.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Lake Gruyere
Gruyeres Switzerland, Lake Gruyere

Here is the view of Lake Gruyere from one of the towers of the ruins you can see when you visit:

Try to swipe the image to see more views or click the arrows to explore the island.

If lakes are your thing, you might enjoy Lake Konigssee in Berchtesgaden, Germany. It’s one of Germany’s most beautiful and cleanest lakes! The iconic chapel next to this lake, set against the Watzmann mountain, is a testament to Germany’s natural wonders. Lake Como is another gem – a lake in northern Italy that’s so beautiful with its scenic villas that some say it looks like “paradise.” And then there’s Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy. It offers plenty to explore, including lovely lakeside villages, castles, scenic trails, ancient ruins, and more.

When to Visit Gruyères?

The ideal time to explore Gruyères is during the late spring or early summer months, specifically from April to June. This shoulder season not only offers a respite from the crowds but also showcases the preserved medieval town in all its glory.

With snow-capped mountains forming a stunning backdrop and flowers blooming in the fields and adorning the windows of houses, Gruyères transforms into a scene straight out of a storybook, brimming with quaint charm.

How Long to Spend In La Gruyère?

You can comfortably explore the preserved medieval city of Gruyères, including the cheese or chocolate factory and the castle, in just one day. But if you’re keen on discovering Gruyères’ natural wonders, you’ll need at least two days. This extra time will enable you to visit Moléson and appreciate its stunning views, trek in the Gorges de la Jogne, and wander around Lake Gruyère.

Considering an overnight stay in Gruyères? This link will guide you to the top hotel deals in Gruyeres. Make use of the map feature on the hotel browser to pinpoint hotels situated in the most favorable and easy-to-reach locations.

How do you get to Gruyères?

Gruyères is not too far from some of the main Switzerland cities. From these cities (Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux, Geneva), it is possible to make a day trip to Gruyères because of their proximity and efficient train/public transit commute.

Below is the table showing the distance, travel time, and commute from the cities closest to Gruyères.

Using a car to visit Gruyères

You can click on the links in the table to see the driving routes from each city to Gruyères in Google Maps.

Cities Near Gruyères Road Distance Travel Time
(Private Vehicle)
Montreux 40.6 km 33m
Lausanne 56 km 47m
Bern 65.1 km 45m
Geneva 119 km 1h 26m
Basel 161 km 1h 50m
Travel distance between Gruyères and the cities in Switzerland (private car)

Using public transportation to visit Gruyères

You can click on the links in the table to see the public transportation routes from each city to Gruyères in Google Maps.

Cities Near Gruyères Commute Travel Time
Montreux 2 train rides 1h 15m
Lausanne 3 train rides 1h 8m
Bern 2 train rides 1h 27m
Geneva 3 train rides 1h 53m
Basel 4 train rides 2h 31m
Travel distance between Gruyères and the cities in Switzerland (public transportation)

Please bear in mind that these are merely estimates. Various factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and road repairs could potentially alter these timings. Lastly, the fastest routes are highlighted under the commute column. However, the availability of trains or buses may vary depending on whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night.

Joining a tour to visit Gruyeres

An alternative way to explore Gruyères is through guided tours that effortlessly showcase all the highlights of the town. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy! Here are some tours you might want to consider.

Firstly, Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyeres.

If you’re traveling from Montreux or Lausanne, a fantastic option to explore Gruyères is the “Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyère with Fondue Tasting.” This tour offers a comfortable bus ride with large windows that frame the beautiful Gruyère countryside. As you take in the scenic views, the tour guide will introduce you to the Swiss cheesemaking culture. And the cherry on top? A tasting of authentic Swiss fondue upon your arrival in Gruyères!

Learn more about the Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyère with Fondue Tasting from

Secondly, Cheese and Chocolate Factory Tour.

Should you be journeying from Geneva to Gruyères with a group of family or friends, the “Gruyère Day Trip – Cheese & Chocolate Factory Tour” is a fantastic option. This tour encompasses a visit to the Chocolate Factory – Maison de Cailler, La Maison du Gruyère Cheese Factory, and the historic Gruyère Old Town. Plus, it includes a stop at the Wine Terrace in Lavaux, a UNESCO heritage site located near Montreux.

Learn more about Gruyère Day Trip – Cheese & Chocolate Factory Tour from

Lastly, Chocolate Tasting & Gruyères Medieval Village Tour.

If your main interests lie in Swiss chocolates and the historic town of Gruyères, consider the “Chocolate Tasting & Gruyères Medieval Village Tour” (starting from Geneva). This tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Maison de Cailler chocolate factory, where you’ll learn about the chocolate-making process and sample up to 30 different varieties. Of course, a visit to the old town of Gruyères is also included. As a bonus, you’ll get to explore the Lavaux vineyards.

See the details of the Chocolate Tasting & Gruyères Medieval Village Tour on

Where to next after Gruyeres?

If you’re on the hunt for your next Swiss escapade, I’ve got a wealth of suggestions. For a quick rundown, take a peek at my Switzerland Itinerary.

Here are a few other must-see spots in Switzerland:

  1. The Jungfrau Region is a top pick in the Swiss Alps with thrilling adventures, scenic train rides, and amazing mountaintop sights. It includes the town of Interlaken, known for its stunning lakes, Lauterbrunnen, a heavenly valley with quaint villages, and Grindelwald, the go-to place for outdoor activities and thrilling adventures.
  2. Kandersteg is a charming village near Oeschinensee, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful lakes.
  3. Zermatt is an alpine village that doubles as a ski resort and hiking destination, offering the best view of the iconic Matterhorn mountain.

You might find it interesting to visit the cities near the Swiss Alps. These cities are within easy reach of some of the top attractions in the Swiss Alps and could offer an alternative base to Switzerland’s major cities.

In addition to Montreux, there’s Sion, Valais’ capital with its hilltop church and chapel. Thun, a picturesque city that boasts the oldest panorama painting and several castles. Brig, known as the gateway city to Italy where you can see Stockalper Palace and the picturesque Simplon Pass. And Lucerne, a captivating city with notable landmarks such as Chapel Bridge and Lion Monument, and located near Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus.

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Gruyeres, Switzerland
Gruyeres, Switzerland

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