Should You Visit Gruyeres? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should

Do you also think medieval fairytale cities in the middle of the scenic countryside are beautiful destinations? I think they are unmissable places to visit! In Switzerland, Gruyères is undoubtedly one of the best examples of these destinations.

On a map, you can find Gruyères in the Swiss Prealps, in the canton of Fribourg, in west-central Switzerland. It’s a 2-hour public transportation journey from Geneva or Bern. (Travel time is shorter if you have a private car)

Today, Gruyères is already 800+ years old. And it has become famous for its charming preserved medieval town and its cheese, Gruyère Cheese. But is Gruyères worth visiting? This post will let you know.

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In this article, I will help you decide if you will visit Gruyères (and La Gruyère, the district of the canton of Fribourg where the medieval town of Gruyères is) or not. 

We all have different preferences for our travel destinations. And the 10 reasons to visit Gruyères in this post shall help you learn about Gruyères and see whether it has things that fit your preferences.

To give you a quick summary of what you can experience in Gruyères and to also share my overall opinion about Gruyères, I’ll answer the question below.

Is Gruyères Worth Visiting?

Gruyères is absolutely worth visiting, especially for the fairytale experiences in its medieval town and unique exhibits in HR Giger Bar Museum or Tibet Museum. Foodies must not miss visiting Gruyères to try the authentic Gruyère cheese from La Maison du Gruyères and chocolates from Maison Cailler.

You (and everybody) should come to Gruyères also because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds Gruyères.

There’s a nearby scenic lake which you can reach quickly from Gruyères. You can also climb a mountain using a cable car for an epic view of the Prealps. Of course, you can also trek in a gorge that ends with the first double-arch dam in Europe.

Gruyeres Switzerland

Continue reading to see why you should add Gruyères to your Switzerland trip! 🙂

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10 Reasons to visit Gruyères

Switzerland, though tiny, is packed with beautiful destinations to visit. There are so many unmissable places that creating an itinerary seems challenging already.

So let’s finally end the decision-making dilemma for Gruyeres now whether to include it or exclude it in your trip to Switzerland! Here are the 10 things that you can enjoy in Gruyeres – the reasons why you will add Gruyeres in your travels to Switzerland:

  1. The cheese made from Gruyères
  2. The chocolate factory in La Gruyere
  3. The medieval town of Gruyères
  4. Gruyères’ out-of-this-world museum
  5. Fascinating mixed-culture museum in Gruyères
  6. The Castle in Gruyères
  7. Countryside scenery in La Gruyère
  8. The Gorge in La Gruyère
  9. Scenic view of the Alps in La Gruyère
  10. La Gruyère’s Magical Lake

Discover the different ways you can visit Gruyeres:

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1st Reason: The cheese made from Gruyères

In the introduction, I mentioned that Gruyères is famous for its cheese… Cheese – we all love cheese, right!? HAHAHA! 

From pizza to pasta, cheese fondue, mac & cheese – ahh, it’s hard to explain how they tickle my taste buds as I devour them during a meal! My tummy growls as I imagine eating.

Because of this, I think there’s no better way to kick off this list of reasons why visit Gruyeres than with the cheese named after the town it is made: Gruyère Cheese

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese Shelf
Gruyere cheese on the shelf

So how does Gruyère Cheese make Gruyères worth visiting?

Well, it is simple. You can taste the authentic and freshly made Gruyère Cheese in this town. There’s a twist! You can also learn how this cheese is produced. The locals themselves will show and explain to you how.

Most importantly, your trip to Switzerland or the Swiss alps would not be complete without trying one of the local’s best products. I know cheese is available everywhere, but have you tried tasting an original, unique to Switzerland Alpine cheese?

If you’re from a very far place like me, halfway around the world from Switzerland, I bet you also haven’t seen any alpine cheese ever.

So when you come to Switzerland, it will be your chance finally… and no, don’t just see or eat one. Learn how it is made – it’s a great experience, most people say!

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What is Gruyere Cheese?

Gruyere is a smooth-melting Alpine cheese from Switzerland that tastes sweet but slightly salty. It is made from whole cow’s milk, cured for half a year or longer.

Before aging at five months, Gruyere cheese is described as creamy and nutty. But as it matures around the 5th month, it becomes assertive, earthy, and complex. You shall see small cracks in Gruyere cheese, revealing a slightly grainy texture during that stage.

Here’s what a Gruyere cheese looks like:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese
Sliced Gruyere cheese

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Where to see Gruyere cheese in Gruyeres?

There are two places in Gruyeres where you can watch and learn how Gruyeres cheese is made:

  • La Maison du Gruyere
  • Moleson-sur-Gruyeres

Below is a summary of what you can experience from each cheese factory.

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La Maison du Gruyere

La Maison du Gruyere is the cheese factory nearest Gruyeres’ old town, located beside Gruyeres’ largest road intersection in Pringy. It is a prominent cheese factory where the secrets of the Gruyere cheese are revealed.

Inside, you can observe how the cheesemakers do their thing being the expert. 

A visit lasts for 45 minutes. After touring the factory, you can go to the Restaurant of La Maison du Gruyere to try the dishes made with Gruyere cheese. 

Here are the opening hours of La Maison du Gruyere: 

  • October to December, Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • January to September, Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The entry fee for adults is 7 CHF (6 CHF for reduced rates). A combined ticket costs 16 CHF, which includes entry to Gruyeres Castle.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Cheese Factory
Inside the cheese factory

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The Mountain Cheese Dairy (Fromagerie d’alpage) in Moleson-sur-Gruyeres should give a better experience of witnessing more traditional cheesemaking. Instead of seeing steel and machines, you watch the cheesemaker make the cheese using a huge wood-fired boiler in a 17th-century chalet.

The cheesemaking demonstrations are done twice daily and every day from May to October at 10 in the morning. They have opening hours from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m… Mountain Cheese Dairy offers you fondue and traditional macaroni after the demonstration. 

If you want to assist in cheese making, you must make a reservation by calling +41269211044. Entry is 5 CHF for adults, 2 CHF for kids 6-15 years, and 4 CHF for reduced rates. Here’s Mountain Cheese Dairy’s exact location on Google Maps.

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2nd Reason: The chocolate factory in La Gruyère

La Gruyere will awaken the sleeping food traveler within us.

Because aside from a cheese factory, we also find a chocolate factory in La Gruyere which is best to visit when traveling with your family. Definitely, it is a reason to visit La Gruyere as the kids (or the child in us) will surely love the “sweetness” that these chocolates bring.

Can you guess the name of the chocolate produced in La Gruyere? No, it’s not Toblerone or Gruyere chocolate! LOL.

The answer is Cailler chocolate. Like Gruyere cheese, these chocolates are also one of the town’s pride. The locals, the Cailler family, has been producing the chocolates for more than a century already! 

Cailler chocolates are special, as they are also made from the milk of the alpine pastures, taken care of, and nurtured by the Swiss themselves. Inside the factory (during a tour), you will find the raw materials (which you can actually touch) and observe how they undergo the chocolate manufacturing process.

The tour is comprehensive, prepared in various languages, and has different parts. You’ll learn about the history of chocolate-making in Maison Cailler, where the raw ingredients are sourced, etc.

If you have kids, you can let them join the activities in the Maison Cailler, like creating their own chocolate bars. At the end of the tour, you are given a chance to taste the chocolates produced in the factory (buffet-style alike). 

Most visitors say they were overwhelmed by the number of chocolates they found.

They were delighted with the experience as well! Definitely, it was an excellent, must-try activity. In Google reviews, it has a whopping 4.6 out of 5 rating by more than 7,000 visitors. 

Entry to the Maison Cailler factory is 15 CHF for adults, and children up to 16 years old are free to enter. It is located in Broc, La Gruyere, a few-minute drive from Gruyeres (see Google Maps location here). The factory is usually open:

  1. April to October, Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  2. November to March, Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please always check the information for updates from the previous link. 

Ultimately, isn’t it incredible that by visiting Gruyeres or La Gruyere, you can also go to the origin of the two iconic food/sweets that makes Switzerland famous? Not only that, but you also get to taste the freshest, most authentic ones!

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3rd Reason: The medieval town of Gruyères

Enough with the mouth-watering reasons why visit Gyureres.

I’m getting hungry with all these. Let’s proceed now on things we’ll have in Gruyeres that will satisfy our eyes and wanderlust within! 

… and the third reason why visit Gruyeres? Its town. The preserved, medieval old town.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Old Town

Although it is not as quaint as you might expect, the cute little town of Gruyeres can still transport you back into the past. The cobblestone streets, picturesque flower-decked chalets, ivy-covered buildings, and the scenic bastion shall give you a charming throwback feels.

The surrounding mountains could be seen from Gruyere’s main street. And they make the old town look more lovely and charming.

Stand at the Calvary Chapel in the heart of the town, and you’ll see the entire main street against the snow-capped mountains and lush green meadows in the background. It’s a shutter-presser view, most lovely when it is not crowded and sunny.

By the way, Gruyeres also has a castle, and along the way to it is the Chalet de Gruyeres. A lovely restaurant with a gorgeous facade. It’s the most popular restaurant in the town and perhaps the most beautiful building you can find in Gruyeres.

Usually, Chalet de Gruyeres is embellished with flowers. Cowbells are hanged on its balcony with the town’s coat of arms. It’s something that will catch your sight.

It is beautiful outside, but the best part awaits inside. The interiors are all wooden, and cooking tools and utensils are displayed. Expect a quaint, cozy atmosphere.

Have a glimpse of what you’ll see inside:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Chalet de Gruyeres

People who came here can’t get enough of the Raclette and meringue with double cream. Let’s make the reason why visit Gruyere visual:

Best fondue I ever had, seriously. The inside of the restaurant was very authentic swiss style and the service was quite fast and the staff members were kind. I had a dark local gruyeres bier 🍺 and it was very delicious. The price of the food and the drink was expensive but it was totally worth it.

Kuby Ebc

If you like Gruyeres for being a preserved medieval town, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the villages in the south of France. They can be an alternative for Gruyeres if you plan a European trip. Here are my top picks:

  1. Carcassonne — it’s a UNESCO site with intact double-layer fortification. Absolutely spectacular. Here are the best reasons why Carcassonne is worth visiting.
  2. Saint-Paul-de-Vence — it’s a village that is like an open museum of museums. You’ll love its quaint calade streets! See how beautiful Saint-Paul-de-Vence is.
  3. Gordes — it’s a charming village similar to Gruyeres with scenic views. It also has a castle and beautiful nearby attractions. Here’s what you can do in Gordes.

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4th Reason: Gruyères’ out-of-this-world bar and museum

I do not like to spoil you, but another reason why you should visit Gruyeres is because of more surprises that await you in town. Gruyeres has tourist attractions that seem you would not expect to see in a preserved medieval city.

One of them is HR Giger Bar Museum, and you can find it along the way to Saint Germain Castle. It is made by the Swiss artist Hans Ruedi Giger, who designed the extraterrestrial creatures in the movie Alien.

If you are looking for some kind of “twist” in your journey in Switzerland, the HR Giger bar museum is the place to be. It will give you a fascinatingly creepy sci-fi experience, absolutely contrasting the medieval atmosphere in Gruyere.

As per its name, it is both a bar and a museum. Here’s what you’ll see inside the museum:

And this is how it feels like inside the bar located just opposite the museum (try to move the 360-image to see more views):

Lastly, the entrance of the museum:

Gruyeres Switzerland, HR Giger Bar Museum
Entrance to the museum

Many people like Giger’s works. It’s impressive how creative and extensive Giger’s imagination is, really! However, some of the things you’ll see inside the museum are slightly disturbing and may not be suitable for young ones.

By the way, are you a person who likes visiting museums? Well, you should not miss Paris and Florence—they have the most precious artworks in the world. See the landmarks & museums in Paris and the exhibits and attractions in Florence.

Actually, there’s also unique art by a Japanese person in Reims. You can find it in a chapel, and I think it’s one of the reasons why you should visit Reims.

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5th Reason: Fascinating mixed-culture museum in Gruyères

Another surprising thing you’ll find in Gruyere is the Tibet Museum. It was established by the Alain Bordier Foundation inside the renovated chapel of Saint Joseph, located near and between the castle and the HR Giger Museum. 

The Tibet Museum in Gruyere contains many artifacts of Hinduism and Buddhism, like the golden sculptures of Buddha, paintings of their gods, inscriptions, and so on. Perhaps It is the most bizarre place you’ll find in Gruyeres.

Here’s why:

  1. First, it’s pretty strange to see Tibetan culture in the alps. Yes, the Himalayas and the Alps are mountainous regions, but we are in Europe! The odds of seeing Tibet’s tradition and religion are almost impossible, but this.
  2. Second, since the Tibet Museum is inside a renovated church, you will see images of Jesus and Christianity displayed just above the Buddha and gods with several arms and faces.

Exploring the Tibet Museum will undoubtedly be a unique experience on your trip to Switzerland. It’s a reason why you should visit Gruyeres, right?

Above is what you’ll see inside the museum. This is a 360-image – try to swipe it around to see more views.

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The 6th reason to visit Gruyeres is the Chateau de Gruyeres, the main destination in the preserved medieval city. Built during the late 13th century, the Gruyeres Castle is the place in Gruyeres that will certainly transport you back into medieval times. 

Gruyeres Castle has perks more than just discovering historical stuff, being situated on a hilltop surrounded by mountains and beautiful vistas. It appears like a setting in a movie, and it could look very dramatic during specific times of the day, i.e., the golden hour during sunset and misty morning sunrise.

If you have been fantasizing or imagining yourself in one of the fairytales or medieval movies/series you’ve been watching (i.e., Game of Thrones, Narnia, The Hobbit). Then, this is your opportunity to make it a reality! 

The experience gets better as you enter the castle. 

Inside, you will find valuable items used by nobles and knights and things alike. Things that will further help you imagine what it was like to live in medieval times or in the fantasy you’re making. 

You can join a tour or make a DIY tour when visiting the castle. If you do it by yourself, you will be just given a handout guide to help you find the most notable items exhibited in the castle:

  1. Charles the Bold’s capes of the Order of the Golden Fleece
  2. Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot’s landscape paintings 
  3. Troubadour decorations of the Knights’ Room
  4. The wall decorations commissioned by the bailiffs under the Ancien Régime
  5. The castle’s intricate stained-glass windows that are already 500+ years old.

The wall decorations and the paintings are incredible! The level of detail will wow you. Above all, embedded in them are the stories of life during medieval times. What are the words you might say the most when you see them? “Ahh, so this is what happened; this is how it was.”

After your tour, proceed to the gardens for a refreshing breeze of mountain air. There you can find plants cut and formed into various shapes. During spring, you can see it blooming with colorful flowers.

It will be better if you come to Gruyeres Castle with a company or a partner.

You can ask them to stay on the castle’s upper floors overlooking the garden. This way, they can take photo souvenirs of you while you are in the charming castle garden with the snowcapped mountains in the background.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Castle

Check out the view from the castle’s garden! Rotate the image to see more sights:

If you join a tour, storytellers wearing medieval clothes will accompany you around the castle, telling its secrets and legends. Kids can join a treasure-hunting activity guided by the lady of the court. You can check the video I showed you earlier.

The entry is 12 CHF for adults, 25 CHF for families, and 4 CHF for kids 6 to 15 years old. They are open during the following:

  • April to October, Monday to Sunday, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.
  • November to March, Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

If you want to visit Gruyeres for its castles, perhaps you’d also like to have a trip to southern Germany! There you can find Neuschwanstein Castle and Lichtenstein Castle. Basically, they are:

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle — is the castle rumored as Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland. It’s the epitome of a real-life fairy tale castle, and you must see it! Here’s how you can visit Neuschwanstein Castle.
  2. Lichtenstein Castle — this is the castle listed by big online publications as one of the most beautiful places in Germany. You can quickly visit it from Stuttgart. Here’s how you can visit Lichtenstein Castle.

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7th Reason: Countryside scenery from Gruyères

If you are sick and tired of seeing stressful traffic and lifeless buildings in the city, it is time to get some refreshments – your 7th reason why visit Gruyeres.

By visiting the town, you send yourself closer to nature. You will also give yourself a wide-open space to breathe; indulge in your mental health peace without the bustling city vibe.

Just imagine yourself being in a place where the scenery are the total opposite of that in the city. The lush and flowery meadows, the patches of pine trees, and the animals grazing – it’s a scene that will absolutely soothe you out of your stress and anxiety, right?

With the quaintness of its medieval town, plus all the relaxing sights around it – I definitely could say that Gruyeres is a place worth visiting. Here are some of the countryside scenery you’ll see as you hike and explore the surroundings of Gruyeres:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres Countryside
Gruyeres Switzerland, Gruyeres countryside

Check out this drone shot! (Move the image around to see more views)

Aside from the castle, there are two short hiking trails around the old town of Gruyeres you can access for more beautiful vantage points of the pre-alps and of the countryside. In the old town, you can start hiking from:

  1. Bastione d’ingresso, passing the meadows and trees located down below the castle. Ends in Gruyères Castle.
  2. Église Saint-Théodule, passing the deer park and several houses. Ends in the car park at the entrance of the old town. This hike has better scenery as it’s located east of Gruyères’ old town, where the views of the mountains are.

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8th Reason: The Gorge in La Gruyère

For me, the best reason why you should visit Gruyeres is its location. You get so close to the mountains and have so many perks and remarkable experiences. 

With the mountains, Gruyeres seems like an all-in-one destination. Not only do you find medieval magical encounters, but you get picturesque views, adventures, and relaxation from nature.

Gorges de la Jogne is one of the adventures you can try in the La Gruyere region. Located just in Broc, you can quickly reach it in minutes, either by bus or private vehicle.

Hiking the gorge takes about an hour and ten minutes to finish, covering 3.5 kilometers of an easy hike. It starts in Broc and ends in Montsalvens Dam, the first double-arch dam in Europe. 

Gorges de la Jogne may not be as spectacular as the Gorges du Verdon in France or Samariá Gorge in Crete. Still, it has the stunningly picturesque Montsalvens Dam that makes the hike worth it. You will hike over wooden walkways, bridges, and tunnels in Gorges de la Jogne. 

When you reach the Montsalvens Dam, you can walk along with it and see the spectacular view of the Jogne Valley and Dents-Vertes de Charmey. You can continue hiking to Charmey by following the shore of lake Montsalvens. Once you reach Charmey, you can take the bus to Broc or Gruyeres to return.

Here are some of the views awaiting you in Gorges de la Jogne:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Gorges de la Jogne

Swipe the image to see the surroundings:

Will you visit Gruyeres for this gorge? If there’s a gorge that you must see in Europe, it’s Verdon Gorge. It is the largest canyon in Europe, and its land formation looks epic!

You can visit Verdon Gorge from Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, a quaint village similar to Gruyeres. Here are more reasons why you should visit Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

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9th Reason: Scenic view of the Alps in La Gruyère

Gruyères also has cable car stations that instantly bring visitors to a peak like almost all the towns in Switzerland with mountain ranges nearby. In the case of Gruyères, the mountain is called Moléson, and it is a 2002-meter-high mountain situated southwest of Moléson-sur-Gruyères.

Moléson is one of the reasons to visit Gruyeres because of the unique views you can see from the top, apart from the rest of the alps. Here, you see Switzerland’s three physiographic regions.

When you’re on the top of Moleson, the view of the spectacular rugged snowy peaks of the alps is the one you’ll behold when you look south. Turn around, and the verdant vistas and the towns in the Central Plateau will be all yours to behold.

In clear weather, the views extend as far as the Jura mountains beyond the Central Plateau.

If you look at the map, you will see that Moléson is located between Lake Geneva (southwest) and Lake Gruyeres (northeast). These are the lakes you’ll easily spot on top of Moléson.

Anyhow, what will fascinate you on the top is the view of the transitioning landscape of central Switzerland. From the jagged peaks of the alps to rolling hills and, finally, to flat fields – they will fill you with wonder, thinking how creative nature is.

Here are the views in Moléson during pleasant weather:

Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson
Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson
Gruyeres Switzerland, Moléson

Here are the steps to reach the summit of Moléson from Gruyeres:

  1. From Gruyeres, take the bus 263 to Moléson-sur-Gruyères.
  2. In Moléson-sur-Gruyères, ride the funicular to Plan Francey.
  3. From Plan Francey, hop on a cable car to the summit station in Moléson.

Hiking is an alternative, but it could take you 2 hours just to reach the summit from Moléson-sur-Gruyères.

When you reach Moleson’s peak, you’ll see the French Alps—a fantastic place to also visit, especially for outdoor and nature lovers. If you’re in Gruyeres (western Switzerland), the beautiful towns/villages in the French Alps are not too far anymore.

Let’s say you’re visiting Gruyeres on a day trip from Geneva now. Tomorrow, you can also have a day trip to Chamonix and Annecy. They are the two best places to visit in the French Alps. Why?

  1. Annecy — it is the city called the Venice of the Alps. It has romantic spots with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. Here are more reasons why you should visit Annecy.
  2. Chamonix — it is the town nearest to Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the alps. You can even spot some spectacular glaciers right from Chamonix’s town center. Learn here why Chamonix is worth visiting.

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10th Reason: La Gruyère’s Magical Lake

Last but not least on this list of reasons to visit Gruyeres is the nearby lake called the Lake of Gruyere, an artificial lake created by the construction of the Rossens Dam in 1948. 

Lake of Gruyere, though artificial, seems mysterious at times. Thanks to the castle ruins and the chapel built on one of the five islets of the lake called Ile d’Ogoz. The castle and chapel were a promontory overlooking the valley and Sarine River before it was flooded by the presence of Rossens Dam.

Usually, tourists go to the castle ruins by boat. However, during the dry season, the water level of Lake Gruyeres drops, and a land bridge connecting the island and the shore appears.

Regardless, the lake has beautiful scenery of the pre-alps. You can expect to see the rolling hills surrounding the lake on a stroll on its shores or visit its islands.

Travelers can hike around the lake or rent a boat/kayak to explore the surroundings. If you plan to hike, you can expect to hear cowbells ringing as you pass by some alpine farms and meadows. It will be just one relaxing hike, certainly.

Gruyeres Switzerland, Lake Gruyere
Gruyeres Switzerland, Lake Gruyere

Here is the view of Lake Gruyere from one of the towers of the ruins you can see when you visit:

Try to swipe the image to see more views or click the arrows to explore the island.

I just want to share that I like lakes so much. They just give me some peace of mind whenever I see them. Do you also? If yes, you should also visit the “special lakes” below:

  1. Lake Konigssee in Berchtesgaden — it’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany (also the cleanest)! The chapel beside this lake with the Watzmann mountain in the backdrop has become an icon of Germany’s natural attractions. See all the reasons to visit Berchtesgaden from this link.
  2. Lake Como — it’s a lake in northern Italy with picturesque villas built on its shores. Some people think it’s a picture of “paradise.” See all the beautiful places in Lake Como in this post.
  3. Lake Garda — it’s Italy’s largest lake, and there’s a lot to see here! Lake Garda is worth visiting for its lovely lakeside villages, castles, scenic hikes, ancient ruins, and more. Discover all the reasons why you should visit Lake Garda.

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When to Visit Gruyères?

The best time to visit Gruyeres is during late spring, early summer, or April to June. Not only is it the shoulder season when there isn’t much crowd in Gruyeres, but it is also the time when the preserved medieval town is at its most picturesque state.

The view of the snowcapped mountains and blooming flowers on the fields and the houses’ windows will absolutely fill the scenery in Gruyeres with cuteness and countryside charm.

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How long to spend in La Gruyère?

One day is enough to see everything inside the preserved medieval city of Gruyeres, including the tour of the cheese or chocolate factory and the castle. However, if you also want to see the natural attractions in Gruyeres, you will need at least two days.

That will involve visiting Moléson and admiring the views, hiking in the Gorges de la Jogne, or exploring Lake Gruyere.

You can find the best hotel deals in Gruyeres from this link. The hotel browser has a map feature that can help you find the hotels in the most convenient/accessible locations.

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How do you get to Gruyères?

Gruyères is not too far from some of the main Switzerland cities. From these cities (Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux, Geneva), it is possible to make a day trip to Gruyères because of their proximity and efficient train/public transit commute.

Discover these cities from the links below.

You might also want to learn more about Zurich (15 reasons to visit Zurich), the largest city in Switzerland. It’s where most Switzerland trips begin.

Below is the table showing the distance, travel time, and commute from the cities closest to Gruyères to Gruyères:

Using a car to visit Gruyères

You can click on the links in the table to see the driving routes from each city to Gruyères in Google Maps.

Cities Near Gruyères Road Distance Travel Time
(Private Vehicle)
Montreux 40.6 km 33m
Lausanne 56 km 47m
Bern 65.1 km 45m
Geneva 119 km 1h 26m
Basel 161 km 1h 50m
Travel distance between Gruyères and the cities in Switzerland (private car)

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Using public transportation to visit Gruyères

You can click on the links in the table to see the public transportation routes from each city to Gruyères in Google Maps.

Cities Near Gruyères Commute Travel Time
Montreux 2 train rides 1h 15m
Lausanne 3 train rides 1h 8m
Bern 2 train rides 1h 27m
Geneva 3 train rides 1h 53m
Basel 4 train rides 2h 31m
Travel distance between Gruyères and the cities in Switzerland (public transportation)

Please note that these are only estimates. Several factors may affect it to change, like traffic, weather, road repairs, and so on. Lastly, under the commute column, the quickest routes are indicated. The availability of the train/bus may differ for mornings, afternoons, and nights.

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Joining a tour to visit Gruyeres

Another way you can visit Gruyeres is through the tours that can spoonfeed you with all the highlights of Gruyeres, no hassle, just enjoy! Here are some of the tours you can try:

Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyere

If you are coming from Montreux or Laussane, one fantastic way you can visit Gruyeres is through the “Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyère with Fondue Tasting.”

On this tour, you will be riding on a comfy bus with massive windows featuring views of the Gruyere countryside along the way. The tour guide introduces you to the Swiss cheesemaking culture as you watch the lovely countryside. Of course, there’s authentic Swiss fondue tasting when you reach Gruyeres!

Learn more about the Panoramic Cheese Tour to Gruyère with Fondue Tasting from

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Cheese and Chocolate Factory Tour

Suppose you will be coming from Geneva and planning to visit Gruyeres with your family or friends. In that case, you can try the “Gruyère Day Trip – Cheese & Chocolate Factory Tour.”

The tour includes a visit to Chocolate Factory – Maison de Cailler, La Maison du Gruyère Cheese Factory, and Gruyère Old Town. There’s more! You will also visit the Wine Terrace in Lavaux, a UNESCO heritage site near Montreux.

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Chocolate Tasting & Gruyères Medieval Village Tour

However, if it’s only the Swiss chocolates and the old town of Gruyeres you want to discover and explore, you can check the “Chocolate Tasting & Gruyères Medieval Village Tour.” (The tour starts from Geneva).

On this tour, you will be given the experience of how chocolates are made in the Maison de Cailler chocolate factory and taste up to 30 kinds of chocolates. Of course, you will also see the old town of Gruyeres. Bonus: a visit to the Lavaux vineyards.

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Where to next after Gruyeres?

If you need ideas about where to go next in Switzerland, I have many suggestions for you. For a summary, you can check my article, How To Spend 3, 7, 10, and 14 Days Switzerland Itinerary.

Here are my other recommended tourist attractions in Switzerland (complete list: Beautiful Villages in the Swiss Alps):

You might also want to discover the cities near the Swiss Alps. These cities are in proximity to the best tourist attractions in the Swiss Alps. They can be an alternative home base for Switzerland’s major cities.

Get inspiration to visit more places in Switzerland:

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Gruyeres, Switzerland
Gruyeres, Switzerland

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