10 Good Reasons Why Geneva Is A Nice Place To Visit

Geneva, the second-largest city in Switzerland—is it worth visiting? We all have different preferences for our trips. But here’s a summary of what I think about Geneva:

Geneva is worth visiting because it’s made unique by international organizations promoting human welfare and progress. Get insightful discoveries from these organizations’ museums, Geneva’s historical attractions, and the city’s gorgeous architecture. However, if it’s mainly nature and adventure you’re looking for, Geneva can be just a place where you can start your journey to those.

In this post, you will find the 10 most beautiful experiences or things in Geneva that I consider “reasons” why you should visit Geneva. Some people think that Geneva is a boring destination, but I believe it can be the opposite for the 10 reasons below. 

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Before we get deep into the discussion, let’s quickly try to understand what and where Geneva is. This way, I can introduce Geneva to you more comprehensively from the traveler’s perspective.

What is Geneva famous for? Geneva is dubbed the “Peace Capital” of the world for having numerous international organizations, including the United Nations and the Red Cross. Today, we can find 39 international organizations, all within Geneva.

Where is Geneva? Looking at the map, Geneva is obviously Switzerland’s westernmost city. It’s almost encompassed by France and only a thin land “bridge,” situated at the northern shores of Lake Geneva, connects it to the rest of Switzerland. By road distance, Geneva is much closer to French Alps than the Swiss Alps. 

Is Geneva expensive to visit? Geneva is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. Like, on average, the meals for an entire day in Geneva already cost 35 CHF to 40 CHF (1CHF = 1.1 USD). Expect to have a not-so-budget-friendly vacation or trip to Geneva.

Should I go to Geneva or Zurich? Experience and attractions-wise, Zurich and Geneva have considerable differences. Choose Geneva if you prefer traveling to learn, and Zurich if it’s nightlife and shopping. Compare Geneva with other Swiss cities here:

  1. Zurich: 15 Reasons to visit Zurich
  2. Basel: 7 Most beautiful places in Basel
  3. Bern: 22 Things to do in Bern

Personally, I definitely recommend that you go straight to the Swiss Alps and skip the cities when traveling to Switzerland. However, Swiss cities like Geneva have unique experiences to offer, which you must consider, especially if you have the resources (time and money). 

Some of these unique experiences are included in my list of 10 reasons to visit Geneva. Here is the list’s quick summary:

  1. The Historical Old Town of Geneva
  2. Unlock the Secrets of the Swiss Watch in Geneva
  3. CERN, Geneva’s Futuristic Scientific Research Center With an Impressive Science Museum.
  4. International Red Cross – Geneva and the World’s Most Inspiring and Striking Museum 
  5. More and More Museums in Geneva
  6. Irresistibly Instagrammable Spots in Geneva
  7. The Wines in Geneva
  8. Geneva’s Panoramic Views of Lake and Mountains
  9. Beautiful Day Trips in the Picturesque Lake Geneva
  10. The Gateway to the Swiss and French Alps

If you think the reasons I showed you are enough to visit Geneva, you may use this link to find the perfect place to stay in Geneva. The link will show you the best hotel deals in the city. The hotel browser has a map feature to help you find hotels at the most convenient locations.

Geneva Switzerland, Jet d'Eau
Jet d’Eau

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Reason 1. The Historical Old Town of Geneva

Did you know that Geneva is Switzerland’s biggest “historical” city?

One event that significantly gave Geneva a mark in the history of human civilization was the Reformation movement. Since then, Geneva has become known as the “Protestant Rome.”

Geneva Switzerland, Chapel of the Maccabees
Chapel of the Maccabees
Geneva Switzerland, Reformation Wall
Reformation Wall
Geneva Switzerland, L'Ancien Arsenal
L’Ancien Arsenal

Though it sounds impressive, Geneva’s epithet isn’t the only thing that serves as a reason to visit the city. From its maze-like, quaint, and narrow streets up to the scenic view from Saint Peter Cathedral’s tower, Old Town Geneva’s nostalgic atmosphere gives curiosity-inducing excitement any wandering soul will surely like.

Old Town Geneva alone has multiple attractions to satisfy history lover tourists.

Here, you can find Geneva’s 8-century-old Saint Pierre Cathedral (Saint Peter’s Cathedral), drop by the most famous luxurious Hotel de Ville, or learn the entire history of Geneva in the Maison Travel museum.

In traveling to Europe, admiring the impressive detailed architecture and fascinating artworks of the churches in the cities sounds cliche. But don’t get me wrong, I think each church is unique, and there’s always new you can discover from each.

Like Saint Peter Cathedral, aside from its mixed ancient and gothic architectural design, it has an archeological museum with mosaic paintings and parts of the 4th-century basilica that once stood on the same site.

Most importantly, on the cathedral’s southwest wing, you can find the Chapel of the Maccabees, which I think is one of the main reasons to visit Geneva.

You must see the Chapel of the Maccabees because it’s so majestic and utterly spectacular, especially when the light enters its stained glass windows. Watch out for your mouth because the details in the chapel’s ornate ceiling, walls, and tympanum will make your jaws drop!

It seems like a mixed castle and church vibe inside, indescribable.

You can check the previous links to learn more about Saint Peter’s Cathedral and the Chapel of Maccabees (opening hours, entry fee, and so on).

These attractions are probably the highlights of visiting the old town of Geneva, but there are more. By just wandering along the narrow lanes of old town Geneva, you can find gems like L’Ancien Arsenal, located beside Maison Travel Museum

L’Ancien Arsenal often surprises travelers when they discover it, as this museum isn’t often mentioned in the books. But here, you can find colorful mosaics depicting different scenery during the middle ages in Geneva. The museum also houses vintage canons – some have beautifully embossed designs.

The fun of exploring the Old Town of Geneva extends outward outside its perimeter.

A few-minute walk to the south, you’ll arrive at Bastions Parc, where the famous Reformation Wall is. Old Town Geneva’s shopping street, Rue du Marche, is just minutes from the district’s center. 

If I am asked: what’s more beautiful, the historic town center of Geneva or Bern? I will choose Bern. You can see why from the attractions and things to do in Bern.

Geneva is also close to other cities with charming historic town centers. The three I can recommend you to see are Annecy, Strasbourg, and Colmar.

  1. Go to Annecy if you want to visit a historic town center with a lake view and scenery of the French Alps. Here are the reasons to visit Annecy.
  2. Choose Colmar if you want to visit a historic center that’s an epitome of a fairytale town in real life. Discover Colmar and the reasons why you should go there.
  3. Visit Strasbourg if you want a historic town center that can transport you to the middle ages. When you step out of the old town center, you are then transported to the industrial age and then to the future! See the 22 reasons to see Strasbourg.

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Reason 2. Unlock the Secrets of the Swiss Watch in Geneva

There are two things I know where Swiss people excel in creating. First, Building train infrastructure. Second, making watches. 

Go to the mountains, particularly in the Jungfrau region, to see how remarkable the Swiss trains are. But, in the case of Swiss watches, it’s Geneva which you must visit. To discover watchmaking’s history and technology is also one of the main reasons why you should come to Geneva.

Geneva Switzerland, Patek Philippe Museum
Patek Philippe Museum

Did you know that the whole watchmaking industry in Switzerland began in Geneva?

Impressively, it dates back as early as the 16th century! And if you think, with the technology available during that time, wasn’t it impossible to make watches work?  

It’s a headscratcher, especially if you put into the equation the discovery of electricity in 1752 and the invention of batteries in 1800. If you are curious about horology, designing a watch, and want to discover it in person, come to Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

Patel Philippe Museum offers you an experience of the world of watchmaking, starting from its horological heritage to engraving, guilloché work, enameling, gem-setting, and more!

It’s a prestige museum with 4 floors – an hour isn’t enough to see all the glittering watches in all shapes and glamor inside. 

Today, it is still a classic museum with classic display cases. But don’t underestimate it, as it’s probably the most spectacular and most exquisite horological museum you can ever find in the entire world. 

The watches exhibited inside the museum are totally one of a kind – utterly luxurious.

Photography isn’t allowed inside the museum for security purposes, so I cannot give you sample photos of what’s inside. You can check the website of Patek Philippe to see sample exhibited items and learn the visitor’s information.

A more insightful experience of the museum can be done with the help of guided tours.

However, they only occur every Saturday at 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm. The 2:30 pm is conducted in English, and the 2:00 pm is in French. Both are a journey from the 16th century to the present – each lasts 2 hours.

Are you a museum-lover-type traveler? I am one hundred percent sure you’ll love visiting Paris and Florence. It’s in those cities you can find some of the most famous artworks in the world! Click the cities’ names to learn more.

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Reason 3. CERN, Geneva’s Futuristic Scientific Research Center With an Impressive Science Museum.

If you’re working in the field of science and engineering (like I used to), perhaps one of your dreams is to visit Geneva because of CERN and LHC (Large Hadron Collider). I think it is the European counterpart of NASA in the USA in terms of how-amazing-science-can-be, and of course, a reason to visit Geneva.

CERN? LHC? What are those?

Basically, CERN or Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire is a European research organization that operates the Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. 

I first heard CERN and LHC from a Youtube science documentary video that randomly shows up when you’re about to end up scrolling your feed tirelessly before going to sleep. From what I can remember, that video made me so curious about how humans can create a “tiny” sun and make it a source of clean and unlimited energy.

The video explained how CERN scientists perform nuclear fusion, the fundamental idea behind this unlimited energy. It is the same event that’s happening inside our sun. Describing how it works can go very deep with scientific terms, which only experts can explain. 

Although CERN and LHC are all about technology and science, it does not mean that only knowledgeable people can have fun visiting the research facilities.

In my opinion, CERN is a must-visit, as it will help us get informed of how much progress in the future humanity has made

Another reason to see CERN in Geneva is to engage with the questions CERN wants to answer. Like, where did the universe come from? How is the universe behaving? Is antimatter real?

It can’t give you every exact answer to some questions yet, but sure you will learn so many things when you come. CERN has two museums you can visit with or without joining a guided tour. First is the Globe of Science and Innovation, and another is the Microcosm.

One nice thing about them? Entry is free.

In CERN’s two museums, you will be introduced well to CERN and to the projects they work with. They offer tours, but they won’t bring you to the actual collider – it’s 17 kilometers long, by the way. But if you really want to see LHC, you can check this procedure from wikihow.com.

On the first floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation, you can find the Universe of Particles, the immersive interactive museum of CERN. Inside, they play videos about the big bang with spectacular effects to amuse you as you learn about the beginning of the universe.

If you want to learn how LHC works and discover what happens when LHC makes the particles collide, Microcosm is the museum to visit. If you want to learn more about CERN, its different exhibitions, and visitors’ information, you can check CERN’s website here.

Are you fascinated by modern museums and their interactive gadgets? You must visit Lyon for Musée des Confluences, Munich for BMW, and Stuttgart for Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Their museums are in the future!

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Reason 4. International Red Cross – Geneva and the World’s Most Inspiring and Striking Museum 

It’s amusing to think how Geneva can transport you to different periods. Attractions in the city will not give you a glimpse of the medieval age but farther back, more at the beginning of the universe with CERN.

But did you know that you can also become more aware of what’s currently happening by visiting Geneva?

No, it is not about the toxic and biased news we hear daily. Instead, you will be virtually immersed in the different touching events in human history and humanity’s most commendable works

All those beautiful, touching, and eye-opening experiences are exhibited in the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (MICR). Apparently, it can probably be the most meaningful reason to visit Geneva. 

The International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent portrays a totally unique museography.

Aside from exhibiting just knowledge, history, and expressive artworks, the museum has collections to also touch emotions. It’s an inspiring, moving place or perhaps more of an eye-opener that gives deeper substance to visiting Geneva.

Different issues affecting humanity are well presented in MICR. Mostly, you’ll find numerous stories of political prisoners, prisoners of war, and survivors of natural disasters & genocide. There will be interactive boards to hear their stories and how the Red Cross alleviated their situations.

The MICR uses technology to give spectacular effects to the exhibits. 

Two best examples of it are the dramatic scene in the Chamber of Witnesses and the room with holographs. The stories portrayed in these exhibits, amplified by modern effects, make a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

In my opinion, it’s a great way to effectively retain the organization’s message in the minds of the visitors.

Basically, the permanent exhibition of the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent wants to deliver the messages of different witnesses, emphasize the importance of human dignity, reduction of the risks of natural calamities, and restoration of family links.

If you plan to visit Geneva and the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, you can check the museum’s visitors’ information page from this link. All the information you’ll need is there, from entry requirements to opening hours, entry fees, guided tours, etc.

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Reason 5. More and More Museums in Geneva

You can literally learn so much in Geneva from the museums mentioned previously – but it does not end there! More museums are waiting for you in this city, and you will discover unique things still.

If you love going to museums, you got more reasons to visit Geneva.

More than 35 beautiful museums (galleries excluded) are in Geneva. It ranges from natural history to archeology, contemporary art to marionettes, etc. Fans of sports may also find fun in Geneva with the Olympic Museum.

Geneva Switzerland, Ariana Museum
Ariana Museum

Aside from CERN, Maison Travel, International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, and Patek Philippe Museum (mentioned earlier), the following famous museums are also located in Geneva:

  1. International Museum of Reformation
  2. Modern Art Museum
  3. Carouge Museum
  4. Museum of the History of Science
  5. Olympic Museum
  6. Ariana Museum
  7. Barbier-Mueller Museum
  8. Marionette Museum
  9. Rath Museum
  10. Botanical Gardens and Conservatory
  11. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  12. Art and History museum

The list goes on… But among them, in my opinion, the three that are mentioned below are the most interesting.

If you have kids, I think they will love the life-size model of different animals from around the globe exhibited in the Natural History Museum. Although the museum has hundreds of stuffed animals, it also has real ones. Actually, one of them is absolutely rare – they named it Janus, a two-headed Turtle.

Do you love archeology?

Don’t miss Geneva because of Barbier-Mueller Museum. More than 7000 items depicting primitive art collected by Josef Mueller and Jean-Paul Barbier, the two famous Swiss collectors, are in this museum. See enchanting designs of various jars, statues, and masks from Africa, Oceania, and Asia.

Again, if you have kids or are just curious about how people from the 17th to 19th centuries do science, I suggest you visit the Museum of the History of Science. 

It exhibits all the tools used by early scientists in studying the world and the universe, from astronomy to electricity and microscopy to meteorology. You should see sundials and astrolabes in the museum!

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Reason 6. Irresistibly Instagrammable Spots in Geneva

If you plan to do museum-hopping in Geneva, there is a high chance that you will also see beautiful architecture, picturesque scenery, and extraordinary landmarks along the way.

Exploring Geneva, you’ll realize that it’s a beautiful, sophisticated city, an Instagrammable cosmopolitan.

And if you like taking photos, you’ll like Geneva most probably! As a city where international communities meet, with preserved cultural heritage, and continually moving into the future, Geneva lets you see a wide range of scenery and objects that are a good subject for photography.

Geneva Switzerland, Palais des Nations
Palais des Nations

Capture the influences of other nations may be seen from its streets. Make mesmerizing photos of the city’s elegant buildings. Photograph futuristic structures’ stunning appearances. Here is a list of the most picturesque spots in Geneva that you must see:

  1. Schtroumph Buildings – A colorful set of buildings with odd shapes and curves. They are the houses behind the railway station straight out of a movie! See what they look like and where they are on Google Maps.
  2. Bâtiment des Forces Motrices – Perhaps one of the most picturesque buildings in Geneva in terms of exterior appearance. It is situated along the Rhone river, reflecting its array of windows. That’s the scene you must capture from this location.
  3. St. Pierre Cathedral – The photos of the facade of this church that looks like a Greek temple, its spire, the colorful stained glass mosaic, and the chapel inside shall fill up your camera’s storage real quick! I’ll pinpoint its location from this link.
  4. Ariana Museum is an elegant museum you’ll love to photograph, from its neoclassical appearance outside to the symmetric arches and columns inside. Don’t miss capturing the main building with its lovely fountain! Check its appearance from Google Maps.
  5. Hans-Wilsdorf Bridge – It’s a modern bridge composed of interlaced elliptic rings and linear elements. If you have an Instagram page featuring beautiful architectural works, a photo of this bridge can be included in your collections. It is right here in these coordinates.
  6. The Ferris Wheel (Swiss Wheel) – Have a romantic photoshoot while on the Swiss Wheel. Glamorous city lights are in the background. Its exact location is right here.
  7. United Nations Headquarters – Have an epic shot of yourself in the middle of the symmetric, long array of flags in front of the simply stunning Palais des Nations or UN Headquarters Geneva. It has a fountain that reflects The Celestial Sphere on it, with Palais des Nations in the backdrop. Here are the Google Maps coordinates.
  8. Viaduc de la Jonction – Behold and capture the spectacular joining of Arve and Rhone Rivers. In good weather, the colors of the two rivers don’t mix right away! Check the view from Google Maps.
  9. Carouge – A charming district with colorful streets similar to Italian towns. Colorful umbrellas (sometimes flags) are hung above its streets, like in Rue Saint Joseph. It’s a view you won’t resist posting on your Instagram!
  10. Jet D’eau Fountain – is the iconic fountain of Geneva (also one of the world’s tallest). It’s beautiful day and night. See it glow with different colors at night or watch it create a rainbow when sunlight hits it. See its superb appearance here.

I suggest you bookmark this page or save it on Pinterest so you can get back to this list of Instagrammable spots in Geneva if you decide to come. The links will bring you to their exact location in Google Maps. Here are their photos for your inspiration:

10 Reasons to visit Geneva: Bâtiment des Forces Motrices
10 Reasons to visit Geneva: Jet D'eau Fountain
10 Reasons to visit Geneva: Tower of Saint Peter's Cathedral

Hey! If you’re looking for really picturesque destinations, your search might end if you see my post about the most beautiful villages in the south of France. They are not only charming. These villages are historical and scenic too. Check that out! 😉

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Reason 7. The Wines in Geneva

I’m not a fan of wines, but if you are, you have another reason to visit Geneva.

Did you know that Geneva isn’t only one of Switzerland’s top wine-producing cantons, but the wine growers in this region have won awards in many international wine competitions? The last time I checked, they had success in making wines from classic grapes, like Chardonnay.

In Geneva, you can find and drink wines produced with quality and quantity.

One reason behind it is its location, which is perfect for cultivating grapes. Geneva and the surrounding regions are located near the Jura mountains, responsible for creating favorable microclimates that help in growing vineyards. 

Geneva Switzerland, Wines
Geneva Switzerland, Vineyards

The nutrient-rich water of Rhone and Arve streaming down from the alps acts as supplements to the vineyards in Geneva. They leave alluvial and moraine deposits, which keep the vines healthy and flourishing with fruit grapes.

Another reason why wines taste so good in Geneva is that winemaking has been one of the key industries in the region for centuries. They are in practice as early as the 12th century, specifically when the locals created the Lavaux Vineyard at the shores of Lake Geneva.  

If you visit the outskirts of Geneva, you can find vast vineyards covering large portions of the rolling landscapes like a green carpet, golden in some seasons.

In the area near Geneva, the most modern wine-producing techniques are used.

Visitors of Geneva can experience wines in three ways, hiking into the winegrowing villages of Geneva, shopping for wines, and dining with wines. Here are some of the recommended activities concerning the wines:

  1. Hiking in the region called Rive Droite, situated at the right of the Rhone River. It’s a 26-kilometer-6-hour hike passing through Satigny (Geneva’s largest winegrowing village), Meyrin, Dardagny, Celigny, and Collex-Bossy. The hiking trail includes idyllic Swiss countryside scenery any laidback adventurers will love! Check route information here.
  2. Wine tasting in Mövenpick Wines in Meyrin. It’s where you can taste as many wines as you wish – no time limit, and they don’t pressure you to buy. Mövenpick Wines has a wide selection of wines from all sorts of red to white. The friendly staff can share comprehensive descriptions of each wine to help you choose which wines to buy. Check for visiting information, events, etc., from their website.
  3. Dine in the restaurant Le Rouge et le Blanc. This restaurant is perhaps one of the most romantic places in Geneva, with stunning views of Lake Geneva, including Jet d’Eau, and the Jura Mountains. Enjoy the view with international cuisine partnered with a fantastic selection of local wines on their menu. Check the atmosphere and menu from the restaurant’s website or Instagram.

If you’re traveling for wines, you’re perhaps now interested in Geneva. But before you go to Geneva, make sure you check these reasons to visit Reims first. Reims is one of the centers of the UNESCO Champagne region, which might be better for you to see.

You can also try visiting Wurzburg. It’s a city with a lot of stunning Rococo buildings and wines! Importantly, Wurzburg is one of the towns in Franconia, a region in southern Germany famous for wines.

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Reason 8. Geneva’s Panoramic Views of Lake and Mountains

For me, what’s appealing about Geneva as a travel destination?

It’s a place where you not only find unique city experiences (i.e., advanced museums, moving exhibitions, beautiful medieval architecture). But there is the countryside and nature too! 

Geneva, as a canton, has vineyards, which were mentioned previously, and its own lake. Although the mountains are situated beyond the french border, visiting these mountains is absolutely doable from the city. The stunning scenery of these places is enough to be a reason to visit Geneva.

Geneva Switzerland, Mount Salève 
Mount Salève 

Sure, the views aren’t as good as the ones you’ll see in the Alps, but I think there are only a few metropolises in Europe where you can see such panoramas right away within a city. In Switzerland, Zurich is the country’s largest city, and it has similar geography to Geneva.

The lovely views of lakes and mountains start at Geneva’s cute garden, Jardin Anglais, to the peaceful countryside of the wine villages I mentioned in the previous section. For me, however, Mont Salève is the ultimate breathtaking spot you can visit right away from Geneva. I’ll tell you later why.

Actually, you do not have to hike or spend time traveling away from the city just to see panoramic sights. Picturesque views await you right there in Old Town Geneva at the top of Saint Peter’s Cathedral’s tower.

The way to the top of Saint Peter’s Cathedral tower involves climbing 157-step stairs.

But don’t let it discourage you! The effort will reward you with panoramic 360-views of the entire city, surrounding mountains, and lakes.

If you plan to spend more than a day in Geneva, Mont Salève in France is a destination to add to your itinerary.

It sounds far from Geneva because it’s in France, but technically it’s just one bus ride (bus #8 heading to the French border or Veyrier) and one cable car ride away (see exact location here).

Mont Salève is the closest mountain to Geneva, and its peak rises to 1379 meters above sea level. From its top, you get an overlooking view of the entire city of Geneva.

The gigantic Jet d’Eau will look like a tiny sprout in the ground up there!

By getting that day trip to Mont Salève from Geneva, you unlock adventures found in other parts of the Alps. You can go hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and cross-country skiing in winter.

It’s a good substitute destination if you do not have enough time to go to and explore the Swiss or French Alps.

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Reason 9. Beautiful Day Trips in the Picturesque Lake Geneva

Previously I mentioned different day trips from Geneva. There are vineyards you can explore and a mountain to hike. But we must not forget to mention its lake, which is home to two of the most charming attractions in Switzerland: Lavaux Vineyard and Chillon Castle.

Geneva Switzerland, Lavaux Vineyard 
Lavaux Vineyard 
Geneva Switzerland, Chillon Castle
Chillon Castle

You can ride the train or cruise from Geneva to Lavaux Vineyard and Chillon Castle. Use the trains for much faster travel; best to do if you have limited time. Bonus, the trains pass by an area where you’ll see spectacular, terraced vineyards that can be lush or gold, depending on the season. 

However, get the cruise for a slow but almost endless gorgeous scenery on the lake. Lake Geneva has a crescent shape hugging the French Alps to the south. Sometimes the lake can be so serene and misty that you’ll see the snowy peaks seamlessly transition into a smooth wavy lake.

From Geneva, Lavaux Vineyard is the first you can reach. So, what is Lavaux Vineyard?

Lavaux Vineyard is a terraced vineyard that has been considered a UNESCO heritage site since 2007. This impressive 30-kilometer-long, 830-hectare winemaking paradise has hiking trails, wine shops, restaurants, and stunning views perfect for a romantic nature getaway you can easily have in Geneva. 

Though Lavaux Vineyard is a beautiful destination, Chillon Castle gets more attention because of its timeless charm and spectacular location. Being an island castle situated on the eastern coast of Lake Geneva, it gives you a view like no other. 

The mightiness of the French Alps, the serenity of Lake Geneva, and the medieval flair of Chillon Castle are all combined to give you a fairytale experience you won’t forget! There’s more than just the view – artifacts and historical objects are exhibited inside the castle for an insight into the region’s history.

After you visit Chillon Castle, you can go back to Geneva or drop by Montreux, the musical city of Switzerland. The fantastic Queen band has a dedicated museum in the city – and it’s a must-see if you’re a fan!

Learn more about Montreux from my other post (10 Reasons to visit)

If you also like lakes with castles built beside them, you must see Lake Thun from Interlaken or Thun, Lake Como, and Lake Garda in northern Italy.

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Reason 10. The Gateway to the Swiss and French Alps

Geneva does not have the most spectacular views in Switzerland, yet it’s one of the cities you can select to begin your journey to the rest of the country. This city can serve as a jumpstart location for French Alps trips because of its proximity to Annecy (Read: Reasons to visit Annecy) and Chamonix (Discover: Reasons to visit Chamonix).

After visiting all the beautiful museums and city attractions, the main reason to visit Geneva, you can quickly go to more breathtaking places in France and Switzerland. The convenience Geneva offers traveler is a factor in coming to this city. 

Here are some of the day trips you can have from Geneva:

Have a look at this table to see how quickly you can get to more beautiful attractions in the region:

Next Destination Road Distance
Travel Time
(private car)
Public Transportation Travel Time
(public transportation)
Laussane 63.3 54m 1 train ride 48m
Montreux 93.3 1h 12m 1 train ride 1h 11m
Gruyeres 120 1h 25m 2 train, 1 bus rides 2h 30m
Annecy 40.8 31m 1 train ride 1h
Chamonix 81.8 56m 1 bus ride 1h 10m
Traveling from Geneva to nearby attractions in Switzerland and France

You can find the best hotel deals in Geneva here.

If you need ideas about where to go next in Switzerland, I have many suggestions for you. For a summary, you can check my article, How To Spend 3, 7, 10, and 14 Days Switzerland Itinerary.

Anyhow, here are two destinations in Switzerland near Geneva:

  • Montreux. A beautiful city beside lake Geneva. Come here to see Chillon Castle and Lavaux vineyard. Check this out: 10 reasons to visit Montreux.
  • Gruyeres. A preserved medieval village in the Prealps. Come to taste authentic Gruyeres Cheese and unlimited chocolates! Discover: 10 Reasons to visit Gruyeres.

Here are my other recommended tourist attractions in Switzerland (complete list: Beautiful Villages in the Swiss Alps):

You might also want to discover the cities near the Swiss Alps. These cities are in proximity to the best tourist attractions in the Swiss Alps. They can be an alternative home base for Switzerland’s major cities.

Get inspiration to visit more places in Switzerland:

Save it on Pinterest.

Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland

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